Angeles City, Pampanga: Places To Visit

Church in Angeles City Pampanga

Back in college, I used to spend almost my entire week in Laguna and no time (and money, in my case) to go back home spend time with, or attend friends’ birthdays. On the other hand, Laguna seemed like a stone throw away when friends come by and visit. Such small occasional visits are really something. Now, I’m back here, and some friends outside the metro. It’s my turn to give them the heart warming visits I felt back then. For us, birthdays are really hard to miss and personally, it’s sad to celebrate ones birthday alone. Today, I’m visiting a friend, some place not far North to celebrate his birthday and take the opportunity to see life in a city outside THE city. Today, we’re going to get lost… lost in Angeles – Angeles City, Pampanga.

So later that afternoon, we took a Bataan Transit bus at the Five Star terminal in Cubao and got off in San Fernando Junction. From the intersection, we rode a jeep to Angeles City. Being caught by the rush hour got us a three-hour trip but we were asleep anyway. When we arrived that night, we greeted happy birthdays and spent the occasion over a few drinks before we went out for a late night cap in Angeles. Though out of regular city night spots, we found ourselves knocking back shot glasses in one of the Metro’s popular bars, Central BBQ Boy Grill – Angeles City Branch. On its wooden picnic tables, we sat and drank their trademark cocktails as we celebrate the annual occasion. After a few pitchers, we called it a night and went to the hotel.

Central BBQ and Grill Angeles City PampangaMr. Birthday Boy and cousin in Central BBQ Boy Grill – Angeles Pampanga.

That morning, I got up on my travel toes and peeped through the east window. An thin line of amber stretches out over the horizon. Light was good, weather was fair, I grabbed my packed and went out for a shoot.

Aside from attending my friend’s birthday, I took the opportunity to go around, and see for myself what Angeles City has to offer. I left the hotel alone and took a jeep towards Bayanihan Park then rode another jeep to the Holy Rosary Parish Church of Angeles City. Distinct for its symmetrical characteristic from exterior to interior, this two-towered church it stood as Angeles City’s most famous landmark. Not just an architectural marvel but it also witnessed history unfold in this Pampangueño city. Spanish colonials imposed the construction of this structure through “polo y servicio” wherein our brothers from Angeles City were the victims of this inhumane act.

Holy Rosary Church of Angeles City PampangaThe twin towered facade of Holy Rosary Church.

Holy Rosary Church arch Angeles City PampangaChurch gates’ arch.

Holy Rosary Church's symmetrical featureThe Holy Rosary Church’s symmetrical feature from it’s arches, windows, pillars, etc.

Holy Rosary Church Angeles City PampangaBird’s eye view of the church’s interior.

Across this historical church is the 1920 vintage Museo Ning Angeles telling stories of the town’s heritage, traditions and culture.  I’m a bit too early for the opening hours so instead, I researched bits and pieces of history of this building. Once the Municipio Building since the American Colonial days during the term of Atty. Juan Nepomoceno, a significant and interesting person in Angeles City’s history, and yes, they started Nepo Mall.

Museo Ning Angeles City Pampanga museumsMuseo Ning Angeles

In search of the famous sisig, I started walking around to ask directions. Different people gave me different instructions on which jeep to ride or should I walk. Finally, I asked a kind local police officer who even hailed a color coded jeep for me and talked to the driver where to drop me off.

If Narra is the Philippine national tree, and Sampaguita is the national flower, the nation’s widely known Sisig is a cut above all the other beer matches in the menu. Most, if not all, bars in the country serves the old Kapampangan dish as a complement to beer lovers, thanks to Lucita Cunanan, popularly known as, Aling Lucing. Angeles made its way to the maps because of her dish made from  minced grilled pig’s cheek, some liver, onions, and chili. Located by the old railroad tracks, Aling Lucing’s Sisig still continues to serve this well-loved dish by the Filipinos since 1974.

Aling Lucing's Sisig Angeles PampangaAling Lucing’s Sisig

Earlier on my way to the church, I passed by this interesting park and decided to drop by instead before I went back to the hotel. As I walked through Bayanihan Park‘s ground that sunny morning, there were lots going on, everyone was minding their own business and activities. This park seems to be everybody’s place where people from all walks of life spend or kill time, doing what they have to do. Some were jogging and exercising, others simply sat on benches reading, while some preferred to sit down under the comfort and shade of this huge tree.

Aside from being just a park, it also has amenities like basketball and volleyball courts, a path for joggers, and wide ground area for holding occasions and events such as Close Up’s Lovapalooza. Bayanihan Park, foremerly known as Astro Park, also has a stage called Salakot Arch since the roof is shaped like a ‘salakot’ (a traditional wide-brimmed hat made from rattan).Bayanihan Park is definitely some place locals should be proud of. I hope we could have a same kind of park here in Cainta.

Salakot arch bayanihan park angeles pampangaBayanihan Park Marker & Salakot Arch

salakot arch angeles city pampangaPath for joggers.

Benches in Bayanihan Park Angeles City PampangaBenches under a shade.

tree in bayanihan park angeles city pampangaTree all dried up somewhere in the middle of the park grounds

trees in bayanihan park angeles pampangaSeek shade under this huge tree

I love going to the beach, but exploring new places like a city or a province also gives me the thrill. Seeing something new excites me. Angeles City is a city away from THE city. I just love the city-province vibe. The next time I’ll be here, I would feature food and other Kampangan’s delicacies.


Now, here are some fast facts that may help you on your trip:

1. To reach Angeles via commute, take a Bataan Transit Bus or Genesis bound to Mariveles, Balanga, or Bataan which will pass by San Fernando, Pampanga. Get off at the intersection and ride a jeep to Angeles.

2. Go around the city by tricycle or their color coded jeepneys which varies upon destinations.

3. More photos in Biyaherong Barat Multiply.

4. Enjoy and have a safe trip.

Bday Boy Jamjam ManalangHappy Birthday, Majmaj!


10 thoughts on “Angeles City, Pampanga: Places To Visit

  1. Hi Im looking for pictures of this church to be used for my Nephew’s wedding video. i dont have a spare time to actually go to there to take pics and i must say that your shots are really good. May i please use some?

    • Hi Juliet,

      First of all, I’d like to congratulate your nephew and his future bride in advance.

      Regarding the photos, of course, Ma’am. It would be of great pleasure to share some of my works. Feel free to grab some photos and thank you very much giving full credits to my work.

      Hope to see the video after being released. Once again, thank you and congratulations.

  2. Jed,

    Your travel posts and photos are amazing and I have to say you have given my hometown justice with this entry, good stuff!

    I read that you took the San Fernando route going to Angeles but as an alternative and much quicker route one can ride a bus from Fivestar, Victory Liner, Dagupan Bus Line or Genesis from Cubao going north bound like Dagupan and Baguio with “via Dau” sign board. Upon the bus passing San Fernando it will only take 20 mins. to Dau and from there one can take the jeepney to Angeles which only takes 10-20 minutes depends on traffic – compared to San Fernando it’s a full hour or so from the intersection 😀

    Keep traveling!!

    • Hello Lloyd,

      Thank you very much for that tip. As I’m bound again for Angeles for my friend’s birthday (he also lives there). I think we took the long route. hehe. But thank you very much for the advice.

      Angeles is a nice city. It is a city but still rooted to its culture, and definitely, the flavor. On my next trip to Angeles, I’m looking forward to a food adventure.

      Thank you very much Lloyd for visiting my blog. Happy travels to you also. =)

  3. Beautiful shots Sir! When you have plans to return, try visiting atchi Lillian Borromeo, a living legend and custodian of Capampangan dishes. There are many old churches dotting Pampanga. Food trip is a lot cheaper here too. You can go bird watching in Candaba marshes, during season. Mt. Arayat stands there waiting should you wish to assault its summit. 🙂

    I followed your blog. Cheers for more and more and more travels!

    • Maraming salamat sa advise sir. Noted. Gusto ko talaga makabalik ng Pampanga. I’ve always wanted to see the flock of birds in Candaba and climb Mount Arayat.

      Maraming salamat po ulit.

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