Kansai Region, Japan: Travel Guide To The Heart Of Japan

osaka japan cebu pacific city urban landscape

Centuries of trade and foreign influence – thanks to the ancient Silk Road – shaped Kansai Region into a booming economic bastion in Japan today. Yet the region and its people has remained steadfast to its roots paving way for an eclectic balance between heritage and technology, traditional and pop culture, the old and the new. Perhaps some sort of fusion that gave Kansai a character distinct from many other in the Land of the Rising Sun.

The Japanese call Kansai Region the heart of Japan – and it beats to a rhythm of its own. (more…)

Osaka, Japan: Fun, Frolic, & Festivals in Universal Studios Japan

Solsona, Ilocos Norte: The Anatomy Of A Mount Sicapoo Traverse

Mount Sicapoo Traverse solsona ilocos norte 9/9 pine forest

Entrenched at the very heart of an immense mountain complex in Solsona, Ilocos Norte is a mountain of fierce reputation. Of the many hiking destinations the Philippines has to offer, this colossus ranks among the extremely challenging few. Locals call it Mount Sicapoo and its apex rises more than 2,300 meters in altitude making Sicapoo the highest peak in Region I. (more…)

Baganga, Davao Oriental: San Victor Island & Carolina Lake

Mati City, Davao Oriental: Dahican – All About Water

San Felipe, Zambales: 190 KMS To Liwliwa

biking to zambales philippines beach san felipe liwliwa

It took 12 hours of saddle time, 197.7 kilometers of road, five 15-30 minute rest breaks, three 18-oz. cups of 7-Eleven’s Gulp, a bar of Cloud 9 Salted Caramel, and a tapsilog to reach San Felipe, Zambales. Liwliwa seemed so far – and it certainly is when you’re on a bicycle. (more…)

San Andres, Quezon: Where The Heck Is Alibijaban Island?

Alibijaban Island San Andres Quezon beach mangrove

Alibijaban. Say that again – A-li-bi-ha-ban. Pronouncing its tongue-twisting name is a struggle as going to this remote island. It involves an 8-hour land journey to the far reaches of Bondoc Peninsula in a town called San Andres, which is surprisingly within Quezon Province despite the long hours on the road. Dirt roads, zigzag roads, roads in the middle of nowhere – it seems endless. But if the off-beaten track to lesser-known beach destinations is what you seek, Alibijaban Island will not disappoint. (more…)

Bontoc, Mountain Province: Maligcong Rice Terraces and Mount Kupapey


Bontoc has seen decades of development in order to catch up with the changing times. Given its status as an economic and trade center in the heart of the Cordillera Region, to succumb to modernization is a just necessity. While Bontoc bustles day in day out, some of its villages sit quiet on the outskirts. Maligcong, for example, doesn’t have much in terms of business establishments, however, this lack of modern-day luxuries sustained its charm, the lush environment, culture, and heritage over the years, maybe centuries. (more…)

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