Nasugbu, Batangas: Mount Batulao – Why I Love Camping Over Day Hikes

Mt Batulao summit sunset nasugbu batangas camping

To compare the differences between camping and day hikes with a blunt title apparently suggesting a firm standpoint is a comparison already concluded before you even started reading the first line. However, this post is not to rationalize why one method is better than the other. Traveling is a preference which can be defined by none other than yourself. You are your own adventure anyway – and camping happens to be my type of adventure.

The few mountains that I’ve been to require no more than a day to complete the hike – some perhaps just a few hours – from jump-off point to summit and back. Yet I’m trekking full gear, inclined on spending the night inside a temporary shelter made from bent metal sticks and flimsy-looking sheets of cloth. This makes an easy hike twice the difficulty but the experience always repays the struggle and I can’t emphasize it more during my camping trip to Mount Batulao in Nasugbu, Batangas.

Quick Profile of Mt. Batulao

Just hop on a Nasugbu-bound bus and 2-3 hours later you’ll be standing at Mount Batulao‘s jump-off point. Its very convenient proximity and easy access from the city makes Batulao a fitting destination for those seeking a quick adventure fix. The 811-meter high mountain features well-established trails with a slightly friendly, mildly challenging 4/9 difficulty that may demand dabs of effort, here and there, to make the summit. Hikers can still enjoy the view while sweating out a few pounds especially on tough segments of the climb. For campers, choose either the New Trail Campsite or Old Trail Campsite – both have spacious grounds and sari-sari store delights readily available next door. These factors make Mount Batulao a favorite trekking destination among budding climbers, seasoned mountaineers, trail runners, weekend (or weekday) warriors, and campers.

Photographic Opportunities

In photography, the “magic hours” are short-lived spectacles that happen only during sunrises and sunsets. These short windows of opportunity brings a vivid spectrum of colors that dramatically creates surreal landscapes. These times of day is essentially vital in landscape photography. Camping gives me ample time to scout the location, assess, anticipate, set-up, frame, shoot, and so on.

However, you don’t need to grasp the complexities of apertures and ISO’s to understand how astonishing sunsets and sunrises are. Just witnessing the world from high above as it unfold on a different light is simply an absolute pleasure in itself which makes the long haul rewarding. Truly, it’s magical.

The Essence

Living comfortably in seemingly uncomfortable places with merely basic needs and commodities is, in my opinion, the quintessential aspect of a true outdoor adventure. Through this experience, we learn to value only a handful of things and making the most out of it. Through this experience, we learn to appreciate the tiniest features that surrounds us like the sound of crickets chirping, the greenness of the grass, the fragrance of crisp mountain air – it’s just amazing how  powerful our senses perceive diminutive details like these. In this tranquil atmosphere, our mind drifts far past summits. We can think, we can feel. No disturbance, no distractions – just you, your temporary home, and the humbling grandeur of planet Earth. Camping is the closest I could get to being one with nature.


1. Commuting to Mount Batulao:

From Buendia, take a DLTB bus bound for Nasugbu which costs around P120. Travel time is 2-3 hours. There are also other bus companies with the same route coming from Buendia and Cubao like San Agustin. Get off at Evercrest, which is only a few kilometers from Tagaytay City. From Evercrest, you could either begin the hike or take the tricycle the registration area P100.00.

2. There are two registration posts along the trail. First registration/log book is at jump-off point (not Evercrest) which is free. Second registration would be in Peak 8 campsite which cost P30.00 for camping.

3. The first segment of the trail runs along a community. It begins with gradual inclines until the ridge. The jagged ridge has a series of steep climbs, up and down. Ropes are installed in some parts. Overall, the Mt. Batulao is fairly easy but still challenging.

4. The ridge is widely exposed to sunlight so bring protection from the heat such as hats or sunscreen.

5. Be extra careful during the rainy season since the trail could get really muddy and slippery. Bring a rain coat and waterproof electronic gadgets.

6. Both New Trail and Old Trail have campsites. Our campsite was in Peak 7 (New Trail). It has a store a few meters from where we pitched.

7. Guides are not required but optional.

8. No water source along the trail but you could buy water from the stores.

9. Always be mindful of your trash – ALWAYS.

10. For cheap travel package to Mount Batulao, contact Biyahe Lokal (0998 95 56525).

11. More about Batangas

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15. Happy climbing everyone. Be safe.

mt batulao rainy season nasugbu batangas


camping mt batulao batangas peak 7 nasugbu

rainy season trail mt batulao nasugbu batangas

rope segments mt batulao nasugbu batangas

Mt. batulao nasugbu batangas summit

mt batulao nasugbu batangas camping peak 7 stars

camp breakfast mt batulao batangas nasugbu

maculot view from mt batulao nasugbu batangas

Mt Batulao summit stars nasugbu batangas

view mt batulao batangas nasugbu

Mt Batulao sunset nasugbu batangas summit view

Mount Batulao ridge nasugbu batangas

27 thoughts on “Nasugbu, Batangas: Mount Batulao – Why I Love Camping Over Day Hikes

  1. I love the dramatic scene of the sunset and the low-lying fogs. But your sunset image was superb. I can just stare at it for forever! Pang-National Geographic level po! Awesome post, as usual. 🙂

        • Hindi naman po Sir Jeff, medyo nag-a-aral pa rin po ako mag-photography. Kaya niyo rin po itong mga ginagawa ko, madalas lang po ako magbasa ng mga tutorial dito sa net at bumibili din po ako ng mga photography books. Malaking tulong po yung books at magandang investment kaysa sa mga camera equipment.

          • Actually gustong-gusto ko rin mapag-aralan ang photography, yung pang-professional level pero sa ngayon mobile phone palang meron ako kaya tiyag2 na muna. Pero iba talaga mga kuha mo eh! Galing talaga. 🙂

  2. Gorgeous pictures! I guess I’ll have to be content with admiring mountain pics. 🙂 I tried climbing a mountain once, not in the caliber of Mt. Batulao by the way, and it was pure hell for me. I almost passed out on my way to the peak. Never again. haha.

  3. “Camping is the closest I could get to being one with nature.” How true. Camping is an enlightening experience. It certainly isn’t comfortable but I did enjoy the few times I camped. Gorgeous photos, btw. Now I wanna go to Batulao.

  4. Good day ask ko lang ko if magkanu lahat aabutin lahat ng tricycle, registration and guide? Puro student lang po kc kmi kaya budgeted lng, tnx for quick response.

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  6. Wow! Ang gaganda naman po ng mga photos nyo! Pwede pong malaman kung anung gamit nyo na camera? And about po sa papuntang Mt. Batulao, meron po kayang bus paNasugbu sa Pasay? Thank you po in Advance!

  7. Hi. I would like to ask if your entertaining interviews? Because your blog post is related to our study. Thank you.

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