Barlig, Mountain Province: Do You Really Want To Trek The Mount Amuyao Traverse Barlig – Batad?

Mount Amuyao summit traverse barlig to batad hiking cordillera philippines

No other words could best describe the Mount Amuyao Traverse but difficult. This route involves a 30-km trek that will make you realize how fragile we human beings are. Here, ones physical, mental, even emotional boundaries will be pushed past thresholds. Hiking the Mount Amuyao Traverse, from Barlig, Mountain Province to Batad, Ifugao is not for the weak of heart (and knees). This post, as lengthy as the traverse itself, summarizes the dreadful journey you are about to embark on and will make you think twice before pushing thru with this hike.


Digos City, Davao Del Sur: The Apex Of Mount Apo

Lake Venado Mount Apo Digos Davao Kapatagan trail side trip

Mount Apo – to summit this colossus is a pinnacle in every local mountaineer’s dream. Standing at a staggering 2,954 meters, Mount Apo ranks as the country’s highest peak. This mountain is a giant that towers over the Philippine islands; the solitary sentinel that dominates the vast landscapes of three provinces. The sheer size of this dormant volcano can easily awe and intimidate at the same time. (more…)

New Busuanga, Palawan: Off The Grid in Ocamocam

Coron, Palawan: Majesty In Myriad Forms

A Summit To Sea Review of the ASUS Zenfone 2 Laser

Nasugbu, Batangas: Mount Batulao – Why I Love Camping Over Day Hikes

Mt Batulao summit sunset nasugbu batangas camping

To compare the differences between camping and day hikes with a blunt title apparently suggesting a firm standpoint is a comparison already concluded before you even started reading the first line. However, this post is not to rationalize why one method is better than the other. Traveling is a preference which can be defined by none other than yourself. You are your own adventure anyway – and camping happens to be my type of adventure. (more…)

San Rafael, Bulacan: Inside Malangaan Cave

Malangaan Cave spelunking san rafael

A heavy muffled thud from a distance broke the rural reticence of this outlying village in San Rafael, Bulacan. Quite alarming at first, but for  locals, the low-pitched pounding is just another average day in a far-flung neighborhood in Tukod – some remote hamlet that produces tons and truckloads of enormous limestone blocks one loud thud after the other. This valuable sedimentary rock can probably generate a handsome paycheck for the quarry operators, but for the locals, it may not be as much. Instead, some villagers, young or old, earn meager amounts from guiding a handful of visitors into the depths of Malangaan Cave. (more…)

Pililla, Rizal: The Thief of Mount Sembrano

Pililla Rizal Mount Sembrano mountaineering Cases of theft left Mount Sembrano of Pililla, Rizal with an infamous reputation among mountaineering circles. Unfortunate incidents have turned a good night’s sleep in Mother Nature’s arms into dreadful nightmares. Supposedly fun weekend hikes became haunting experiences. Scan the internet regarding theft incidents and you’ll stumble several articles that serve as warnings to future visitors. Sembrano comes with a notorious impression for a mountain that brims with rugged beauty only overshadowed by its mishaps. (more…)

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