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Biyahe Lokal, a passion-driven travel agency, believes that adventure knows no boundaries. It is the motivating force that fuels the team in exploring different horizons to make adventures available and affordable to every traveler. Each year, Biyahe Lokal is on the look out for new destinations to provide its growing community of patrons a diverse array of unique and awesome adventures – and they have a backpack full for 2016. Go as far north to the beaches of Ilocos Norte to a remote island in Quezon on the deep south. Climb as high as Mount Pulag or dive into the depths of Anilao’s rich marine environment. Here’s what Biyahe Lokal has in store for you:

Crystal Beach Resort Zambales travel package

biyahe lokal cheap travel packages zambales crystal beach

1. Crystal Beach Resort (San Narciso, Zambales)

Being conveniently located within a three-hour proximity from Metro Manila makes Zambales a perfect quick getaway for weekenders. And if you want somewhere easy and laid-back, you can’t go wrong with Crystal Beach Resort. Accommodations inspired by native design, an eco-friendly environment, a wide expanse of gray sand shores, and beginner-friendly surfs – a collage of quaint features that makes Crystal Beach a favorite beach destination to chill and derail yourselves from the daily grind without straying far from the city.

silanguin cove zambales anawangin nagsasa biyahe lokal travel packages



2. Anawangin, Nagsasa, Talisayin, & Silanguin Coves (San Antonio, Zambales)

San Antonio, also in Zambales, comes up with a different formula that brings travelers an inch closer to Mother Nature’s embrace. The town prides of coves – Anawangin, Nagsasa, Talisayin, and Silanguin – tucked deep behind its colossal mountain ranges. No road access, no resorts, no network signals – it’s just you, the beach, and the mountains on your back. San Antonio redefines the meaning of a true blue beach camping experience – because some simply like it rough.

ilocos travel package paoay biyahe lokal ruins

ilocos travel package kapurpurawan biyahe lokal ruins

3. Ilocos (Ilocos Sur, Ilocos Norte)

It’s a “hop on, hop off” tour with Ilocos Sur and Ilocos Norte‘s plethora of destinations ranging from historic sites, man-made marvels to natural wonders. Even the awesome scenery along the road bound north is a destination itself. To enumerate and describe each and every tourist attraction Ilocos has requires an article on its own. There’s simply too many to mention. But if you’re not convinced, maybe these twelve reasons will change your mind.

ditumabo falls biyahe lokal travel package baler

baler biyahe lokal travel package

4. Baler (Baler, Aurora Province)

Baler – it is the cradle of Philippine surfing. Its world-class Pacific waves has carved the name of the iconic destination among the top surf spots in the country and, without a doubt, Baler delivers. But if you’re not into the sport, you could also delve deep into the town’s rich past through its historical sites, or visit the nearby natural wonders such as San Luis’ Mother Falls or the century-old tree of Maria Aurora.

bagasbas beach travel biyahe lokal camarines norte daet

biyahe lokal daet camarines norte bagasbas travel package

5. Bagasbas Beach (Daet, Camarines Norte)

Bagasbas Beach is all about water and water sports. This well-known South Luzon surfing destination features powerful waves that swell from beginner-friendly 3-footers and can peak to massive 10-foot double overheads during the surf season from October to March. It is a haven for surfers, skimboarders, and kitesurfers. No wonder Bagasbas is regarded by many as the “watersports mecca” in the Bicol Region.

calaguas biyahe lokal travel package

calaguas biyahe lokal travel packag

6. Calaguas Island (Vinzons, Camarines Norte)

Everyone is drawn to the paradisaical allure of Calaguas Island’s Mahabang Buhangin Beach regardless of the long haul. Powdery soft white sand stretches from one end of Mahabang Buhangin to the other – the sand so white it seems to sparkle from a distance. The water as clear as glass that you can vividly see the bottom. The panorama is a pleasant mixture of colors that soothes the eyes even under the harsh summer sun. Be warned! Calaguas’ surreal beauty binds its visitors in a spell that keeps them coming back.

cagbalete island biyahe lokal travel package

cagbalete island biyahe lokal trael package

7. Cagbalete Island (Mauban, Quezon)

Known for white sand beaches, mangrove forests, and sandbars stretching for kilometers, Cagbalete Island offers an idyllic island destination minus the long hours on the road and on the sea. Being only three hours from Manila and 45 minutes off Mauban coast, Cagbalete is easily accessible and makes it a perfect quick getaway for our weekend warriors.

sagada mountain province biyahe lokal travel package

sagada banaue biyahe lokal travel package

8. Sagada (Sagada, Mountain Province)

On a craggy valley in Mountain Province lies a peculiar town cloaked in a verdant blanket of tall pine trees, with limestone cliffs that pierce through the lush green foliage. This is Sagada, a world-renowned tourist destination known for its burial caves, waterfalls, hanging coffins, and its unique Filipino culture. The town caters to any type of traveler with establishments complete from inns, restaurants, shops and everything in between.

Alibijaban island san andres quezon biyahe lokal travel package

alibijaban island travel package quezon san andres

9. Alibijaban Island (San Andres, Quezon)

Going to Alibijaban Island is as difficult as remembering or pronouncing the island’s name. But Biyahe Lokal loves the sound of “off the beaten track” as much as you do. For that matter, Biyahe Lokal brings you to a lesser-known remote island sprawling with white sand and mangrove forests – locals call it A-li-bi-ha-ban, Alibijaban. It is a fishing village only 15 minutes from the Port of San Andres, but a grueling 8-hour drive from Manila. But then again, long journeys has its own rewards.


fortune island biyahe lokal travel package

10. Fortune Island (Nasugbu, Batangas)

The Ionic columns of Fortune Island is a homage to the imposing structures of ancient Greece and these pillars are the key features that attracts visitors to the island off the coast of Nasugbu. Fortune Island was formerly a private luxury resort, once fully-equipped with amenities that now lay in ruins, before the new owners opened its doors for the public to enjoy. A jagged cliff behind the island serves as a playground for daredevils looking for a dash of thrill on this tiny island.

mount batulao hiking batangas travel package biyahe lokal

mount batulao hiking batangas travel package biyahe lokal

11. Mount Batulao (Nasugbu, Batangas)

Biyahe Lokal soars to new heights in including extensive hikes to their arsenal of adventures – one of them is Mount Batulao. The 811-meter high mountain features well-established trails but would require dabs of effort to reach the summit. It’s easy yet challenging which makes Batulao suitable for beginners and seasoned hikers.


12. Mount Daraitan & Tinipak River (Tanay, Rizal)

Tanay offers intrepid travelers an alternative getaway without getting any further than the outskirts of the city. Deep into the heartlands of town is a small neighborhood who prides with unique attractions that augmented the already flourishing tourism industry of Tanay. This is Daraitan. Here, bizarre limestone rock formations scattered throughout Tinipak River can easily awe visitors by its peculiar charm. Those feeling a bit more adventurous can trek 2-3 hours up Mount Daraitan and bewilder themselves with the spectacular vista of the mountainous realm of Rizal Province.

mount pulag biyahe lokal travel package

biyahe lokal mount pulag travel package

13. Mount Pulag (Bokod, Benguet)

Many have endured the long trek and the freezing cold just to witness the spectacles Mount Pulag has to offer. This 2,922 MASL peak dominates the vast ocean of mountains in the Cordillera Region and it towers the Luzon Island. Mount Pulag’s astonishing sunrise, the phenomenal sea of clouds, and the entire hiking experience are the main reasons that draws in hikers of all sorts. Indeed, Pulag is a benchmark in Philippine mountaineering.

14. Anilao (Mabini, Batangas)

From up the mountains and into the depths of the sea. Biyahe Lokal created an avenue for travelers who wants to explore the Philippines from 10 feet deep, or so, beneath the ocean surface. Over the years, Anilao has established itself as an epicenter for SCUBA diving for its diverse marine environment. As they say, it’s a different world down there, thus, SCUBA diving is worth an experience.

Biyahe Lokal On Improving Services

Professionally organizing trips for four years gave Biyahe Lokal the essential skills and experience in providing better travel services. To improved even further, the team attended seminars, with regards to the industry, provided by the Department of Tourism. They also completed their first aid and basic life support training under the Philippine Red Cross. Each participant is also provided with an individual travel insurance for every trip. For Biyahe Lokal, the safety of the clientele is paramount.

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Biyahe Lokal highly encourages early bookings to give them ample time to prepare for your awesome vacations. In addition, slots run out quick especially during peak seasons. Secure your reservation with a down payment thru Biyahe Lokal’s Banco De Oro (BDO) account.

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