Glan, Sarangani: Gone For Gumasa

Sunset in Gumasa White Sand Beach Glan Sarangani

Do you believe in luck? I certainly do, especially when I travel. Yes, decision-making plays a crucial role, but sometimes, when everything seems to fall into the right place, at the right time – circumstances are just too good to be true, it makes you think twice. Unfortunately, same thing goes when luck shift south – when it rains, it pours, and it’s pouring heavily on me while in Glan, Sarangani. This is my story in Gumasa Beach.

Sunsets, Sands, & SarBay Fest

Gumasa Beach serves as the epicenter of the annual Sarangani Bay Festival (Sarbay Fest), one of the country’s biggest beach party in the country. Over 40,000 attendees from all over the country, including foreign visitors, party non-stop for 3 days and 2 nights in Glan’s renowned attraction. But when the music dies down, the fishing village switches back to its paradisaical state. Only the orchestra of waves sweeping the powdery shores, the sweet chirps of birds, and the bristles of swaying coconut trees filled the airwaves. Fiery sunsets, tranquil tides, and two kilometers of white sand – Gumasa Beach in its purest form.

Gumasa Beach Glan Sarangani Davak Ridge Beach Resort

Glan Sarangani

The Plot

I arrived in Glan around noon. No reservations were made. No budget rooms available. Well-known resorts in Gumasa have campsite areas but it comes with a price beyond what I can afford.

Glan to Gumasa is roughly 6-8 kilometers and the tricycle ride cost me P80.00. When the resort idea didn’t work, hitching back with the tricycle driver on the way back to the highway cost me an additional P20.00 since the resort prohibited me to cross their premises on my way to the beach. Rules. I understand.

My luck dwindled down and my budget headed towards the same unwanted direction. I was homeless. I was clueless. I was able to find P60.00 dormitory type lodges and P20.00 camp fees in previous destinations. But no, my friend, not this time. Lady luck has left my side.

Crossing the bamboo-made boom gate of the fenced private lot was the only clear access to the beach. No one was there. I cut across, went down the beach, and sat under a tree. It offered me a temporary respite from the midday’s blaring heat while I figure out my next move. The mesmerizing rawness of this beautiful beach convinced me to find a way that I’ll be waking up to this wonderful view for the next 5 days.

Glan Gumasa beach Sarangani white sand

Premature Objectives

I tread the white sand beach, march along the highway, stopping by each resort I pass by, relentlessly inquiring the cheapest possible ways I could stay in their area – that includes asking permission to pitch my tent in local residences. Finding my temporary home for the next 5 days proved to be a struggle.

But I was determined and determination lead me to Davak Ridge Beach Resort. I met resort caretaker Ate Bet, with her family, and told her the truth – I don’t have enough money to rent a room, but I have a tent. I paid P500.00 for my 5-day stay on their beach front campsite.

Problem solved.

Davak Ridge Beach Resort Glan Sarangani Gumasa white sand

Luck V Decision-Making

We always find ourselves in tight spots when faced with unwanted circumstances. My situation is no different from other problems regardless of gravity or scale, and just like any other problem, there’s always a solution.

It’s either we face the facts and act on our objectives or, we could also abandon the main objectives and shift interest to something else. We could also find short term remedies, face the problem another day – live today, fight tomorrow.

Solutions can be found everywhere – sometimes it’s on plain sight, but sometimes it would require moving boulders. But whichever solution we choose, remember that this will determine the consequences. It also matters how we look at our problems – one thing I know is for sure, pessimism won’t get you any closer to the solution, so let’s keep a positive mind.

Perhaps being unlucky from time to time is not so bad. Misfortunes remind us that we are humans – we are rational beings. we can think, we look for solutions, and we make decisions. We have the ability to be determine our own fate. That’s why we are on top of the food chain and it’s neither by chance nor luck.

Glan Sarangani gumasa white sand beach sunset


1. Directions to Glan, Sarangani: From General Santos City, there are jeeps and vans in Lagao Terminal bound for Glan. Travel time is approximately 1 hour. When you arrive in Glan’s terminal, there are tricycles or habal-habal that may take you to Gumasa. They charge tourist at least P100.00. However, you could ask the van or jeepney driver to drop you off at the Taluya habal-habal terminal. It’s more or less than a kilometer from Glan’s terminal. Taluya to Gumasa would only cost you, P35.00 if you’re alone, P20.00 each, if there’s two of you.

2. There are many resorts in Gumasa, but for a solo traveler, the rates were above my budget. And then I found Davak Ridge Beach Resort which lies on the boundary of Baranggay’s Gumasa and Taluya.

3. Davak Ridge Beach Resort rates:

Entrance Fee – P50.00/person

Open Cottage  – P500.00

Closed Cottage – P2,000.00

Air-conditioned Rooms – P1,200.00

Fan Rooms – P800.00

I think they have the cheapest rates but has a very wonderful spot. If I’m going back to Glan, I definitely stay there.

4. I noticed that Davak Ridge’s beach front was really clean. Every morning I see the staff clean not only the beach front but the whole resort – and the premises was quite big. They also have a sari-sari store.

5. Davak Ridge Beach Resort is safe as well. I spent 5 days on the beach’s campsite area on a tent.

6. I would like to extend my sincerest gratitude to Ate Bet and her family, the staff of Davak Ridge Beach Resort, for the kindness and hospitality. It was really nice to meet everyone. Maraming salamat po.

7. For reservations in Davak Ridge Beach Resort, contact 09098108435

8. More about  The 12th Paradise series. Next destination, Glan, Sarangani.

9. More destinations in Sarangani.

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12. Be safe and happy travels.


9 thoughts on “Glan, Sarangani: Gone For Gumasa

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  3. Nice post, what is the fastest way to go in Davak Ridge Beach Resort from Metro Manila? The price of this resort looks reasonable for me. Is there any restaurant on that resort? Or can we cook? I am vegetarian and it is very important for me to know.

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