Datu Saudi Ampatuan, Maguindanao: The Pink Mosque of Peace

Masjid Dimaukom Pink Mosque Datu Saudi Ampatuan Maguindanao

Pink is the the mild pigment of the aggressive red – a soft-toned color of passion that embodies nurture, care, and unconditional love. While the gentle shade pertains to this universal context, the color pink also suggest different meanings as viewed from different parts of the world. While many see it as a feminine hue, in Japan, pink has a masculine quality. In Korea, pink is associated with trust while Thailand associates the color with Tuesday. In the Philippines, specifically in Datu Saudi Ampatuan, Maguindanao, a noteworthy mosque that stands for peace has become quite a spectacular attraction. Can you guess what color? Yes. This is the Pink Mosque, or formally called, Masjid Dimaukom.

Masjid Dimaukom, Datu Saudi Ampatuan Maguindanao Pink Mosque

Masjid Dimaukom is clad in vibrant shades of pink – from the carnation-colored walls adorned by golden arches of its glass windows, to the lively cerise domes accented with silver spires, as well as silver star and crescents that face east. But that’s not it. The spacious interiors dominated by pink hues from its walls to the high ceilings, the shiny carmine of the tiled flooring, the bold golden pillars – the inside is equally captivating. This edifice is certainly an eye candy from inside out.

Masjid Dimaukom Pink Mosque Datu Saudi Ampatuan Maguindanao

Beyond the structure’s aesthetic appeal, the Pink Mosque was built, primarily, as a sacred place of prayer, and also a symbol of peace. A unique structure that exemplifies harmony among Filipinos, regardless of religion, ethnicity, culture, and social class. The mosque is a brainchild of a man who believes in his love for the country, its people, and above all, the love for Allah.


1. Directions to Pink Mosque: The national highway that connects Cotabato City and Isulan passes by Datu Saudi Ampatuan. There are vans coming from Cotabato City bound for Tacurong City or Isulan. There are also vans coming from Kalamansig or Lebak, Sultan Kudarat. But I went to Datu Saudi Ampatuan coming from Isulan. There’s a jeepney at the Isulan “roundball” (a roundabout) which costs around P60.00. The jeepney is bound for Cotabato City. First trip leaves around 7:00 AM. Tell the driver you’ll get off at Datu Saudi, because there’s also a town called Ampatuan. Get off at the town proper, and it’s a walking distance from there. You’ll never miss the town, because there’s a lot of pink buildings.

2. Observe mosque etiquette.

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