Danao City, Cebu: Choose Your Own Adventure at Danasan Eco-Adventure Park

Wakeboarding Danasan Eco-Park Adventure Danao City Cebu

Concealed in a blanket of lush green foliage above the rugged highlands of Danao City, Cebu lies a remote hub for both thrill-seeking adventurers and nature lovers. A playground packed with a diverse range of activities, set on a backdrop of towering mountains and thick jungles – a paradise for intrepid travelers. All you have to do now is to choose what defines your perfect adventure, here at Danasan Eco-Adventure Park.

Danasan Eco-adventure park danao city cebu mountains

An adventure pass grants visitors access to each activities which has a corresponding value. Most activities cost one (1) adventure pass, while some few cost two (2). In my case, I availed the day-use package inclusive of four (4 ) adventure tickets, a shuttle from Park Mall in Cebu City to Danasan Eco-Adventure Park and back, use of infinity pool, and entrance fee. As much as I wanted to try everything, I limited myself to activities I haven’t tried before.

Danasan Eco-Adventure Park Danao City Cebu wakeboarding

Wakeboarding (1 adventure ticket)

Ok, I lied. I’ve tried this before but I haven’t tried wakeboarding in Danasan Eco-Adventure Park – one of two wake parks in the island of Cebu.  Danasan’s wake park features a System 2.0 wherein the cable is  strung in between two anchor points (similar to Liloan’s Cebu Wake Park) over a man-made lake. While one lake caters mostly to first-timers and beginners, the second lake is equipped with ramps and obstacles for more advance wake boarders and wake skaters. Awesome instructors teaches visitors the basics, as well as a few tricks which actually got me spending another pass on my second day. (1 adventure ticket)

Tyrolean Traverse (1 adventure ticket)

\tə-ˈrō-lē-ən, tī-\. The tyrolean traverse is so new to me I find the word itself hard to pronounce at first. This method of crossing requires a cable fixed in between two elevated points, and a safety harness (or your lifeline). Now with all equipment in place, it’s between you against gravity and a lot of unwanted imagination.

tyrolean traverse danasan eco-park danao city cebu

waterfalls rappelling danasan eco-adventure park danao city cebu

Rappelling (1 adventure ticket)

Rappel means to rope down. Now I’ve tried rappelling before on an artificial wall but Danasan Eco-Adventure Park added a little twist into it. Same theories apply but the only lurking hazard would probably be to slip and lose control. That’s why an instructor, on a separate rope, will guide your every step. I capped the descend by throwing myself into the crystalline waters of the catch basin from about 10-15 feet up.

Rappelling waterfalls danasan eco-adventure park danao city cebu

waterfalls danasan eco adventure park danao city cebu

Hiking (free)

No more adventure tickets? That’s fine, I have a pair of legs ready for trekking. I woke up early the next morning and followed the ATV trail which lead to the highest peak in Danasan. The viewpoint offers a scenic picture of Danasan’s vast mountain ranges and a bird’s eye view of park premises.

Danasan Eco-Adventure Park Danao Cebu City

Swimming (included in day-use package)

After all the adrenalin-induced and tiresome activities, ease the exhaustion with a nice cold dip into the the park’s infinity pool which faces a breath-taking view of the far-reaching uplands of Danasan. No adventure tickets required if you avail the day-use package.

infinity pool mountains danasan eco-adventure park

Opening Danasan Eco-Adventure Park did not only added attraction to Danao City’s tourism industry but also provided job opportunities to the local residents. Danasan is quite the long haul from the town proper, even further from the city. Having a job only a stone throw away from the neighborhood definitely saves time and money.

Danasan Eco-adventure park danao city cebu

Every person define their own type of adventure in various ways, and that’s what Danasan Eco-Adventure Park offers. You alone define what activity gives you the rush, what keeps your heart pounding and your adrenalin pumping. Whether you travel alone, or with a company, they have something that will truly get you going. Satisfy your hunger for one-of-a-kind experiences, get a dose of adventure here in Danasan Eco-Adventure Park.

wakeboarding Danasan Eco-adventure park danao city cebu


1. Directions to Danasan Eco-Adventure Park: The best option would be to take their shuttle to and from Park Mall. Alternatively, you could take any bus going to the north and get off at Danao City town proper. There’s also a jeep from Cebu City to Danao, jeep no. 27. From the town proper, you could take a habal-habal going up to the mountain.

2. Danasan Eco-Adventure Park is located at Brgy. Danasan, Danao City, Cebu. For further inquiries, you can reach them via e-mail or via mobile 0917 301 31-71 or 0922 865 5779 They also have an office at Park Mall in Cebu City.

3. If you’re staying for the night, they have rooms/cottages which costs from as low as P1,200 only, and it’s good for 3 persons. For accommodation options and rates, check out their website.

4. Other activities include a 400 meter zipline, 4×4 ATV ride, horse-back riding, trekking 3 waterfalls, spelunking, a rope course, an 8×8 off-road vehicle. Each cost one adventure ticket. The rappelling and tyrolean traverse is a package which cost 2 adventure tickets.

5. Danasan Eco-Adventure Park also has a restaurant.

6. This is my 2nd post in the adventures of North Cebu series.

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10. Enjoy.


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  1. Hi Biyaherong Barat,

    I’m a budding blogger in Cebu and my next blog focuses on infinity pools in Cebu. I came across your photo and love the composition. With this, Id like to feature your photo of danasan eco park’s infinity pool.. Credit to you of course. Will also include your blog page. Would that be ok?

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