Liloan, Cebu: Bagacay Point Lighthouse, Liloan Church, & Cebu Wake Park

Liloan Church San Fernando Rey Parish Liloan Cebu

We’ve witnessed a myriad of priceless heritage treasures and a plethora of natural spectacles in South Cebu which left us in awe. This time, let’s wander north beginning with Liloan, a coastal town on the outskirts of the Queen City. It was merely my odd obsession for lighthouses that lead me to Liloan, but later on, I found out that the iconic structure was only the tip of the iceberg.

San Fernando Rey Parish Church Liloan CebuSan Fernando Rey Parish Church

Contrary to most churches on Cebu’s eastern coast, the mid-19th century San Fernando Rey Parish Church has the rising sun on its back and the stone-faced facade towards the mountains on the west. This peculiar but effective sun-proofing technique makes hearing morning mass more pleasant and comfortable, according to theorists. San Fernando Rey Parish, or commonly known as Liloan Church, is located at the heart of the quaint town, and this is our jump-off point to the next attraction.

Bagacay Point Lighthouse Liloan CebuThe road leading to Bagacay Point Lighthouse.

A 72-foot solitary sentry perched on top of a hill has been watching over vessels cruising Mactan Channel for more than a hundred years. The incandescent beam coming from the six-sided stone masonry reaches as far as 17 miles that guides the men of the sea towards safety. This is Bagacay Point Lighthouse, the emblematic edifice of Liloan.

Bagacay Point Lighthouse Liloan CebuBagacay Point Lighthouse in Brgy. Catarman, Liloan.

Wakeboarding is a fast developing water sport in the Philippines – and with it came an increasing number of wake parks in the country which caters to the growing community of local wakeboarders and enthusiasts. Cebu alone enjoys two wake parks, and one of them, Cebu Wake Park, is conveniently located within the premises of Papa Kit’s Marina & Fishing Lagoon, a 90-hectare eco-tourism and adventure destination in Silot Bay, Liloan.

Cebu Wake Park wakeboarding liloan cebuCebu Wake Park

The Board Shop Pinas Cebu Wake Park Liloan WakeboardingCheck out The Board Shop Pinas for all your board-riding needs.

Cebu Wake Park features a Sesitec System 2.0 or a two-tower system which basically utilizes a straight line cable fastened to opposing poles. The lake is also equipped with ramps for more advanced techniques and tricks. Beginners need not to worry since friendly wakeboarding coaches and instructors are around to give out pointers and safety precautions so all you have to do is enjoy the ride.

Cebu Wake Park Liloan Cebu Papa KitsPapa Kit’s Marina also has accommodations if you’re planning to stay within the park.

The series of hard landings and rough wipeouts didn’t stop me from getting back on the handle. I grew more confident with advises and cheers coming from the awesome crew of Cebu Wake Park. After mustering all courage, I took on a kicker and during those few seconds in the air, I felt my heart stop – everything seemed to slow down. And as quick as a blink, everything switched back to fast forward again. I glanced on my feet, then to my shaking hand gripping the handle tight. I felt the pull on the cable as my board, surprisingly,  still gliding over the glassy surface. I burst into a euphoric state of triumph as I edge for a turn, with that undeniable thrill of accomplishment painted all over my face. This was my sixth time on the cables, and for a beginner, that small feat made this the best wake session so far. Cebu Wake Park was, beyond question, the highlight of this Liloan adventure.

Thank you, guys. Keep shredding.

Wakeboarding Cebu Wake Park Liloan CebuOne of jumps that didn’t turn out well. This photo was shot by the instructor.


1. Directions to Liloan: At SM Cebu, I took a jeep bound for Danao City (No. 27) and got off at Liloan town proper. Alternatively, you could take any Ceres bus headed north and tell the conductor you’re getting off at Liloan. I think there’s also a jeepney that goes directly to Liloan from Cebu City. You’ll see the replica of Bagacay Point Lighthouse

2. You can easily spot the San Fernando Rey Parish Church when you get off at the town proper.

3. Tricycles or single motorcycles are available in front of San Fernando Rey Parish Church which will take you to Bagacay Point Lighthouse.

4. Cebu Wake Park is located at Papa Kit’s, Silot Bay, Liloan. If you’re walking, better take the entrance along Cebu-North Coastal Road which is nearer to the wake park. For inquiries, you can reach them via mobile +63 933 549 1086. Check out their website and Facebook page.

5. The wake park is open from 9AM to 5PM on weekdays, and from 8AM to 5PM during weekends.

6. One ride costs P100.00 and an hour’s ride costs P400.00. Both includes board rental (with slip-on bindings), vest, helmet, and wake park usage. An additional P100.00 provides you with closed toe or open toe bindings. For more information about rates and promos, click here.

7. If you plan to stay within the area, check out Papa Kit’s Marina’s website.

8. This is my 1st post in the adventures of North Cebu series.

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12. Enjoy.

Cebu Wake Park stickerAnd, thank you very much for the Cebu Wake Park sticker.


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