Badian, Cebu: The Captivating Kawasan Falls

badian kawasan falls cebu

The southern region of Cebu offers an array of countless attractions wherein every town prides of something unique. Dalaguete‘s vegetable basket, the rich heritage of Boljoon, and Oslob‘s whale sharks. Just when you thought you’ve already witnessed south Cebu‘s grandeur, come next town, it awes beholders with something different. From Oslob, we shifted our course northward, now traversing the western coast starting with Badian where another waterfalls called Kawasan is rumored to be a bit out of the ordinary.

Badian Cebu Kawasan Falls

Hidden beneath an enclave of luscious greens on the foothills of Baranggay Matutinao lies the famed Kawasan Falls, a bizarrely beautiful waterfalls known for its perfectly clear water running down from the mountains of South Cebu. The crisp and cool spring water flows into a series of streams, cascades through multiple boulders and vigorously plunges into a fairly deep pool dyed in azure blue. The natural pool is so vibrant blue, it seems artificial (but it’s not). No wonder Kawasan Falls is on every south Cebu itinerary of both local and foreign travelers.

badian kawasan falls cebu

Do you know what makes the captivating Kawasan Falls even better?ย  Two more falls connected to the previous can be reached by those who dare to explore. A moderate trail which involves a steep ascend using a rope and a dirt path flanked by a overgrown trees, lead to the a second waterfalls surrounded by a more “concrete” environment. The most challenging would be the way to the third which requires canyoneering (which we’re saving for our next visit) and an infinite hunger for adventure.

You might feel mislead by this post when you arrive in Kawasan Falls and see those “developments” made such as the resort, restaurant, and sari-sari store, etc which stands only a few meters away from the natural pool of exceptional features. The establishments seem to be out-of-place in this out-of-the-ordinary paradise, in my own unprofessional opinion, but of course these may also mean convenience for other travelers. I leave the judgement to you. But for now, we’re in a hurry to catch the sunset in Moalboal.


1. Directions to Kawasan Falls: From South Bus Terminal, take a Ceres Bus bound for BATO VIA BARILI which passes by the jump-off point to Kawasan Falls (Note, this is important: Don’t take the bus bound for BATO via OSLOB because that bus will pass by on the eastern side. Badian is on the west). Travel time is approximately 3 hours.

2. When you get off the bus, locals will swarm around you offering guiding services which is NOT necessary. The 30 minute trail to Kawasan Falls is well-established.

3.ย  Wearing hiking sandals would be advisable especially when it’s raining or going up to the second and third falls. You will want that extra friction on your feet.

4. The pool of the first waterfalls is deep so if you don’t know how to swim, you could rent a life vest for P50.00

5. There is a resort and restaurant within the area but according to other posts it’s a bit overpriced. But you could also bring your own food and drinks.

6. Entrance fee to Kawasan Falls is P10.00

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8. This is my 4th post in the Southern Cebu Sojourn series.

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25 thoughts on “Badian, Cebu: The Captivating Kawasan Falls

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  2. Hello!

    Any idea on how to get to Kawasan Falls from Oslob? Like which bus to take and all. We are planning to go straight to the falls after the whale shark diving.


  3. Hi! I have a question. ๐Ÿ™‚ So di kayo nag hire ng tour guide nyo? On your own lang kayo? Do you have any idea kung magkano i hire ang tour guide for day tour? or if not, mag kano ang budget nyo from South Bus Terminal to Bato? (excluding food) Thank you! ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. Been tempted to go for this, was it very troublesome to have brought your camera and tripod along while trying to enjoy the place? I am unsure whether to bring some of my stuff to shoot or not. Could you advice?

  5. Hi i really like your photos it magical, how we can visit kawasan me and my husband is planning a cebu trip on Nov. can we do the canyoneering and kawasan falls in 1 day? can you guide me on how to do the activity,

    Day 1 6:00am arrival in cebu can we go straight to Kawasan? or there is another place for canyoneering?
    We are planing to stay overnight in Kawasan falls then visit Bohol or other attraction in cebu on the 2nd day.

  6. hi.. i really like ur blog… did u use an app for ur pictures? May i know what app please.. thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Has anyone.looked into the new Badian Heights Resort that is supposed to be breaking ground next month? Ultra modem villas and condos right in the beach. Check out It’s a German developer, just not sure it’s real!

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