Oslob, Cebu: 5 Tourist Attractions of Oslob

Oslob instantaneously gained worldwide popularity in the tourism industry, thanks to the gigantic migratory fish that put the fishing town on the limelight. But even before these magnificent creatures came to the shores of southern Cebu, Oslob teems with attractions not to be left out in your itinerary. We checked out some Spanish-era structures, a majestic falls, and of course, swam with whale sharks to make the most out of this day-visit to Oslob.

Oslob CebuWe accidentally took a wrong turn which got us in Brgy. Mainit where we met his young man who was celebrating his birthday that day.

beer na beer mainit oslob cebu…so we celebrated his birthday with an ice cold bottle of Beer Na Beer Mucho King (you wouldn’t see much of this brand in Manila, add this on your list of things to do)

Cuartel (Poblacion)

The cuartel was built to house Spanish troops assigned in Oslob, but when the Americans came to our doorstep, Spain left, and construction was terminated – forever. Nevertheless, the unfinished barracks, which is made up of thick coral blocks,  remained intact after enduring another war, and, withstanding earthquakes and frequent typhoons.

Cuartel Poblacion Oslob, Cebu southThe use of arches emphasized on the facade of Cuartel.

Parish Church of Immaculate Conception (Poblacion)

Remember Fr. Julian Bermejo from the previous Boljoon post – the guy who completed Boljoon’s church and the brains behind south Cebu’s defense network system? He is also the guy responsible for the construction of this 19th century Parish Church of Immaculate Conception. This church has suffered and survived fire damages during the Japanese occupation in 1942, and two other  incidents which dated 1955 and 2008.

Parish Church of Immaculate Conception Oslob CebuParish Church of Immaculate Conception in Oslob.

Baluarte (Poblacion)

Seven fortified watchtowers were installed along the coastline of Oslob as a defensive strategem against Moro attacks. The defense system prove efficiency in 1815 when a pirate offensive was successfully repelled that the raiders never came back again. One of those towers was Baluarte which today serves as a historic centerpiece on a lovely bay side  park.

baluarte watchtower oslob cebuBaluarte was formerly a hexagonal structure but now in ruins with 3 sides yet still a beaut.

Tumalog Falls (Tumalog)

I thought Tumalog Falls was just another one of those typical waterfalls for the sake of having a new destination in guidebooks – but I thought wrong. Tucked deep within the mountains of Oslob is a breath-taking cascade of crystal waters pouring in a basin of cool water surrounded by a montage of greens. The raw grandeur of Tumalog Falls left me speechless and guilty of such accusation. We actually spent the rest of our afternoon, more than the time we spent in all other destinations combined.

Tumalog Falls Oslob CebuTumalog Falls is just so…

Whale Sharks (Tan-awan)

The migratory whale sharks, some refer to as butanding or tuki, came to Oslob waters since 2011 and has never left since. Amidst their colossal size, the filter-feeders’ diet consists of planktons and small fishes and prove no threat to man. The whale sharks opened doors to a new tourism opportunity where tourist are allowed to swim with the animals and observe them under supervision by the local tourism officers. The whale sharks were one of the most fascinating creatures I’ve seen so far in my entire life – or is it?

Whale shark watching oslob cebuOkay ba? This photo was taken by our guide.

Seeing these graciously big whale sharks with my very own eyes was one of the best experiences I had, and will never forget. However, after being done with for 30 minutes, something felt wrong and for some reason, guilt. I’ve read blogs about the ill effects of this activity yet I was there having fun while I watch them lured by feeding which is supposedly unnatural for the whale sharks. I won’t stop you from experiencing it (because that would be hypocrisy), but before you head out there, ask yourself this question (which I should’ve asked myself), “are we making a better world for the whale sharks?”

Whale shark watching oslob CebuPhoto taken by Oslob guide.


Here are some fast facts that may help you in this trip.

1. There are Ceres buses coming from the South Bus Terminal which goes directly to Oslob. Some bus has “Whale Shark” signage on the windshield. It will take you directly to Tan-awan. Buses bound for Bato also passes by Tan-awan.

2. Whale shark watching is only until lunch time. Best to be there very early.

3. The whale shark watching activity cost P500.00 including boat, vests, and mask and snorkel rentals.

4. If you don’t have an underwater camera, you could also rent for another P500.00. They could give the files into a CD, or if copy in your USB if you happen to bring one.

4. A short briefing about the do’s and don’t’s is conducted before the activity. It is required.

5. If you’re going to the church, the cuartel, and baluarte, get off at Oslob town proper. It’s a walking distance from there.

6. Jump off point to Tumalog is just along the highway. You may choose to take the habal-habal or just hike all the way. The road was steep, so we decided to take the habal-habal going up, and walked all the way from the falls and back to the highway. It took us an hour (I think).

7. You do this all this in one day.

8. More destinations in Biyaheng Cebu

9. This is my 3rd post in the Southern Cebu Sojourn series.

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12. Enjoy and have a safe trip.











47 thoughts on “Oslob, Cebu: 5 Tourist Attractions of Oslob

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  5. Excellent pictures! I will be going to Cebu next week and will take your advice in mind. To clarify on one point, I should only be spending 500 PHP to see the whale sharks? Everywhere else I see they are charging a lot more!

  6. I visited the Whale Shark site too after looking for lunch during my Sumilon getaway, and true enough it was appalling. I can smell the stench of shrimp-paste even from the shore. I am against it even before they had a system and when I saw the sharks even from the shore, I felt angry at the community and sad for this pup whale sharks. Yes, these are pups na di na umalis because of the feeding. But then again, who pays the business – the tourists. It’s sad. I would ask for you to take down your picture with them but who am I to deprive you of it, you paid for it. Just not at the right price. Don’t get me wrong though, I commend your blog for promoting the country. Just those two pictures in this post that disturbs me. Happy New Year!

  7. I’ve just uploaded a post about this. I thought I was the only one with mixed feelings during and after my whale shark encounter. Were there a lot of people during your whale shark encounter? You’ve got good photos with the whale sharks better than our shots. They kept the whale sharks busy for other attractors as well, so we didn’t have much time to get good photos taken with them , plus the salt in the water was crazy enough to float us up fast.

    – AE

  8. Hi! Do you happen to know or see if there’s also a backpackers lodge in Oslob? Like the dormitory in Moalboal? 🙂 Thank you so much!

  9. I’m from Oslob , and sa pagkakaalam ko naging tirahan na ng mga Whalesharks ang Oslob ever since the world begun. haha… Pero seryoso, bata pa lang Lolo ko (he’s 88 now) nandiyan na sila, sila kumakain sa mga pain ng mga mangingisda sa amin. 2011 lang may nagkainteres gawing tourist destination ang Tan-awan. Kahit wala pang feeding, paniguradong babalik at babalik ang mga butanding sa barangay na ‘yon .

  10. Gandang buhay po buyaherongbarat
    Ask ko lang po nabasa ko po pwede 1 day lng ang oslob po early k po dapat.. basa ko po kasi mga post nyo.. eto po iterenary gawa k po. First trip from the city going to tanaw-an/butanding,gano po katagal stay sa tubig po? Until now po ba 500. San po kmi pupunta para ngregister dyan sa 500 meet the buntanding?? If ever po mag go kmi, san po namin iiwan mga gamit po dala namin?safe po b sa boat iwan? after po ng buntanding sa falls po muna kami or sa town proper po? after po sa falls may bihisan po b don? Pag sa fall po pili namin unahin from butanding mag rent kami habal-habal papunta sa falls.. after po sa falls maghabal-habal p po b kmi papunta sa town proper. Or pwede po lakarin? After town proper po ng oslob.. may malapit na po b sakayan papunta ulit ng city cebu or habal-habal papunta terminal ng bus pabalik ng city cebu?? At pag bumalik po b kmi sa terminal ng bus south may malapit po b na mura hotel or for backpackers.. kinabukasan po kasi early in the morning punta naman po kmi bus station papunta camotes.. thank you every much po.. sensya na po sa istorbo..

    • Magandang araw po, Ma’am Fe. Sige po subukan ko sagutin isa-isa tanong niyo. hehe

      1. “Gano po katagal stay sa tubig po?” – kami mga 30 minutes good na, e.

      2. “Until now po ba 500?” – ‘di ko lang po masabi kung nagtaas ng rate. Last year pa po yata ‘tong post ko.

      3. “San po kmi pupunta para ngregister dyan sa 500 meet the buntanding?” – sa may Tan-awan po. sabihin niyo lang sa bus, dun kayo sa whaleshark watching. alam na nila yun

      4. “If ever po mag go kmi, san po namin iiwan mga gamit po dala namin?safe po b sa boat iwan?” – pwede niyo po iwan sa may registration/briefing area, may pwede naman pong magbantay dun.

      5. “after po ng buntanding sa falls po muna kami or sa town proper po?” – Falls

      6. “after po sa falls may bihisan po b don?” – meron po sa pagkakaalala ko.

      7. “Pag sa fall po pili namin unahin from butanding mag rent kami habal-habal papunta sa falls.. after po sa falls maghabal-habal p po b kmi papunta sa town proper.” – mas ok po ganon. mas mahal nga lang po charge kase papaantay po kayo, e. pero mas convenient ‘to siyempre.

      8. ” After town proper po ng oslob.. may malapit na po b sakayan papunta ulit ng city cebu or habal-habal papunta terminal ng bus pabalik ng city cebu?? ” – sa may highway po may dumadaan nang mga bus pabalik ng Cebu. Walking distance lang po yun mula dun sa church.

      9. “At pag bumalik po b kmi sa terminal ng bus south may malapit po b na mura hotel or for backpackers?” – usually po sa Sugbutel po ako nagse-stay. malapit yun sa may SM. tapos parang nasa 350-400/person ang stay. malapit din po yun sa North Bus Terminal.

  11. Great post! It might seem tough to visit places and tour around in Cebu on a tight budget. But you know what? I was able to find a solution for that. Instead of riding on a bus, rent a motorcycle. I rented one at, and I was able to visit several tourist for the cheapest rate possible. I even had a chance to visit Oslob. Such a wonderful experience! I love Cebu!

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