San Antonio, Zambales: Pundaquit’s Pride

Pundaquit, San Antonio, Zambales p5 san narciso

The coastal province of Zambales is synonymous to countless beach destinations, hidden coves, and pristine islands. But when the south swell sweeps across the West Philippine Sea and the vast body of water rumbles like roaring thunder, the sea calls out – surfing season is back. In previous travels, we’ve visited Zambales’ surf spots like San Narciso and San Felipe, but today, let’s check out San Antonio‘s Pundaquit and its famed, “Magic Left”.

Pundaquit, a fishing village in San Antonio, is home to the well-known surf spot called Magic Left, where waves rise from 2-3 foot swells to massive overheads, on certain seasons, and breaks left, hence the name. Magic Left suits skill levels of beginners, pros, and everyone in between. In addition, the picturesque montage composed of towering hills, sweet left-handers, the iconic islands, each element complemented by a fiery sunset blazing from the horizon, will even make your afternoon surfing sessions more than just magical.

The next morning, we tagged along with the local crew to another spot about half an hour from San Antonio. From where I stood, I saw the swell build up from the horizon, intensifying into sets of colossal forces rushing towards shore. I could feel the power of these waves from its low pitch sound that trembles from the ground into my spine. It was a breathtaking sight that made me shiver and awe at the same time.

Making the sight even more interesting were these highly-skilled surfers riding those tremendous waves, gliding down a massive wall of glassy water into a barrel painted in different shades of blue and green, conquering an uncontrollable force with style and grace, capping each feat with laughs, claps, sighs, and smiles.

Pundaquit serves as a breeding ground of surfers where skills are honed and talents developed. It’s also a home to Tagadagat, a community of Pundaquit homegrown surfers who extend beyond their limits to promote their beloved town as a world-class surfing destinations. They also help out Pundaquit’s young guns and local surfers to gain exposure through competitions held in and outside the province, bearing the flag of a proud Zambaleño, to make a name, not for themselves alone but also to their town. Its people, the townsfolk, the community, they are the true pride of the small fishing village called Pundaquit.

magic left pundaquit san antonio zambales surf spot landscape photography

san antonio zambales surfing pundaquit tagadagat

san antonio zambales surfing pundaquit tagadagat ewoks

san antonio zambales surfing pundaquit tagadagat

san antonio zambales surfing pundaquit tagadagat boodle fight

surfing magic left pundaquit san antonio zambales capones island surfing

pundaquit san antonio zambales magic left surf spot philippines

magic left surfing spot san antonio zambales pundaquit philippines surfing

sunset magic left pundaquit san antonio zambales philippines capones island

Here are some fast facts that may help you on your trip:

1. Commuting directions to San Antonio:  First, take a Victory Bus Liner which comes from Caloocan, bound for Iba or Santa Cruz. It passes by the town of San Antonio. Alternatively, you could take Victory Bus Liner coming from Cubao or Pasay bound for Olongapo (Victory has consistent trips to Olongapo), and take another bus bound for Iba and Santa Cruz. (There are also buses bound for Iba and Santa Cruz which come from Cubao or Pasay, but as far as I know, the first trip comes from Caloocan). Second, get off at San Antonio town proper and take a tricycle to Pundaquit – Purok 1.

2. Fare from Manila to Pundaquit costs around P300.00 – P350.00

2. Where to stay in Pundaquit. The best place to stay when on a tight budget would be at Dada’s (I forgot the name) which is also in Purok 1. They have nipa huts and hammocks for rent at a very affordable price. You could ask around where Dada’s place is or you could contact Reynald Liwarin 0910 816 29 74

3. For surfing lessons and board rentals, contact Malong Surf Lessons & Board Rentals. Like them on Facebook.

4. Know more about Tagadagat through their Facebook page, and don’t forget to LIKE it.

5. More photos still to be posted in Biyaherong Barat.

6. More destinations in Biyaheng Zambales

7. Like Biyaherong Barat on Facebook.

8. Follow @BiyaherongBarat on Twitter

9. Enjoy surfing and have a safe trip.

pundaquit san antonio zambales tagadagat surfingMaraming salamat, mga idol. Solid!


18 thoughts on “San Antonio, Zambales: Pundaquit’s Pride

  1. Great post. This is where we started and be forever grateful. For without which anawangin would be a great challenge (available only for trekkers etc) being the jump off to the Gem Of Zambales.

    Great image composition as well!

  2. Thanks for the informative article. It made me want to go back to Zambales. I’ve already been to Punta de Uian on a Leadership and Training Seminar.

    I just want to ask if there are entrance fees to the beach or if it’s a public one. Our family’s thinking of going on vacation to one of the beaches in Zambales. However, if there are entrance fees, we might have problems because we are about 60 people who’ll be going. Thanks!

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