Alcala, Cagayan: Saint Philomene Church & Teaño Milk Candy

St. Philomene Church of Alcala Cagayan

Alcala, Cagayan is named after a Don Francisco Paulo de Alcala, but before 1843, the town was called Fulay which translates to ‘red’ in Ibanag dialect, referring to the distinct color of the soil found in the area. Let’s take quick stopover to red soil district to check out a 19th century church clad in red bricks, and taste a unique candy wrapped in red and white.

Teano Milk Candy Alcala CagayanTeaño Alcala Milk Candy

The Teano’s entered the candy business in 1930, and still continue to make the famous Teaño Alcala Milk Candy out of pure and fresh carabao’s milk. It’s delicious, nutritious, and it’s all written in the packaging. Never pass by Alcala (or leave Cagayan) without even trying this sweet treat. Oh, and don’t forget to keep it on the fridge.

Carabao Alcala CagayanAside from producing milk for milk candies, carabaos can also be used as transportation just like that overloaded bus behind.

The late 19th century Saint Philomene Church is regarded as the biggest Spanish colonial church under the Tuguegarao Archdiocese, and the massive size of the brick-faced church won’t be left unnoticed when you pass by Alcala town proper. The size of the church is even more emphasized when you get inside and see how spacious and wide the interior is. At 30 meters in width, Saint Philomene Church is the widest church in the entire country.

St. Philomene Church of Alcala Cagayan Saint Philomene Church of Alcala, Cagayan.

I didn’t know how to find Teaño Alcala Milk Candy store until I saw this woman walk into the church to write down the schedule of weddings. I walked up to her and kindly asked the directions to the store but instead of giving instructions, she insisted to give me a ride directly to the shop after she finish copying. It may not be a big deal for her, or for anybody else, but for me, I cherish those random kindness of people I encounter  in unfamiliar places.


Here are some fast facts that may help you on your trip:

1. 1. Alcala can be reached from Tuguegarao City via van or jeep. First, you have to take a tricycle to Don Domingo Terminal where there are vans and jeepneys bound for Alcala town proper.

2. Teaño Alcala Milk Candy is located at Bacolod, Alcala, Cagayan. But wait, there’s more. They also have a branch in Mandaluyong – 18 Lions Road, Mandaluyong City

3. This is my 4thd post on The Road To Palaui series.

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