Tangalan, Aklan: From Jawili, Afga, to Poblacion – On Foot

Afga Rocks Tangalan Aklan

I’m not a seasoned mountaineer nor a competitive runner but I love to put my legs to work when I travel. Walking on a leisure pace gives me a more time to appreciate and absorb the beauty of destinations including the scenic roads connecting one from the other. During this trip, I took a tricycle from the town proper to Brgy. Jawili, and simply traversed my way back to Poblacion passing by Tangalan, Aklan‘s wonderful attractions.

Jawili Falls Tangalan AklanEntrance to Jawili Falls.

1. Jawili Falls (Brgy. Jawili)

The series of natural pools made Baranggay Jawili a famous destination for tourists coming to Tangalan. Jawili Falls, named after the locale, features a cascade-type waterfalls wherein the cool and crisp mountain water runs through seven catch basins resembling small pools ideal for swimming. Cemented staircases provide easy access to other basins so visitors could enjoy any part of this unique waterfalls without requiring intensive hiking skills.

Jawili Falls Tangalan AklanJawili Falls

Jawili Falls Tangalan Aklan

Jawili Falls Tangalan Aklan

Jawili Falls, Tangalan AklanPhotos of Jawili Falls from the top basin going down.

2. Jawili Beach (Brgy. Jawili)

For beach lovers, simply take a short walk from the falls down to the grey-sanded shores of Jawili Beach. Gentle sea breeze sweeps the beach, stretching over 2 kilometers and sprawling with coconut trees. Jawili Beach is the perfect hideaway for saltwater fanatics seeking a more secluded destination.

Jawili Beach tangalan aklanJawili Beach

Jawili Beach Tangalan Aklan fishing boatA small boat on Jawili Beach

Jawili Beach Tangalan Aklan

3. Wave-like Rock Formations (Brgy. Afga)

Beyond the farthest end of Jawili Beach, passed fishing boats and small villages, a swampy mangrove forest, and craggy shores, lies an unusual attraction not regularly seen on beaches. Afga, the neighboring baranggay of Jawili, features wave-like rock formations on the its rocky shoreline – a bizarre work of art sculpted by earthly elements and time.

Jawili to Afga Tangalan Aklan BeachSomewhere before reaching Afga Point.

Afga Wave Rock Formations Tangalan AklanWave-like rock formations of Afga

4. Afga Point Lighthouse (Brgy. Afga)

Majestically perched on top of a hill is a modern-type of lighthouse called Afga Point Lighthouse which serves as guide to fishermen and seafarers passing by village’s jagged coast. The lighthouse also offers a stunning panorama of the vast Jintolo Channel.

Afga Point Lighthouse Tangalan AklanAfga Point Lighthouse in a garden

5. Tangalan’s Century-Old Church (Poblacion)

St. John Nepomucene Parish Church was built in 1889 making Tangalan’s Spanish colonial church the oldest religious edifice in Aklan. The church was forged by blood, sacrifice and hard labor of Tangalanons through polo y servicio (forced labor). During construction period, locals were forced carry limestone bricks from Afga to the town proper. I walked from Afga Point to the historical church, yes, it was quite distant, and it’s probably more difficult when you’re carrying a huge chunk of limestone on your head.

St. John Nepomucene Parish Church Tangalan AklanThe beautiful limestone church of Tangalan, Aklan – St. John Nepomucene Parish Church.

St, John Nepomucene Parish Church Tangalan Aklan Restorations were under way during my visit, but not through forced labor.

No traveler would probably advise this manner of getting from one place to another, especially if there are faster ways available. In fact, I wouldn’t advise it either, why, first, walking long distances is very time consuming, second it strains your legs, exhausting you if you have more plans after, and third, it’s not practical, right? Sometimes, I just hate it simply passing by scenic roads without even stopping to enjoy the view, but again, that’s just me. Our ways of traveling is always a personal preference.

Afga Point Wave Rock formations tangalan aklan

Personal Reflection:

After suffering two ankle fractures, both feet, on two different occasions, I realized how I take these legs for granted. I was on crutches for long periods, the simple task of getting from one place to another was a struggle. When I got back on my own two feet again, I told myself that I will never take the gift of mobility for granted once again, for I’ll never know until when would it last, hopefully, a lifetime.


Some fast facts that may help you on the trip:

1. Tangalan is less than an hour from Kalibo. Buses and L300 vans bound for Caticlan pass by Tangalan. There is also a jeepney terminal in Kalibo that goes directly to town.

2. Entrance fee to Jawili Falls cost P10.00

3. There are cottages and nipa huts for rent in Jawili Falls and Jawili Beach if you plan to stay for a night, or day trips.

4. There are not much tricycles in Jawili, so it would be best to ask the tricycle to wait for you.

5. This is the seventeenth post on my two-week long backpacking journey in Panay Island and Guimaras. Next stop and finale to this backpacking journey is about my street photography experience with Aklan Kamera Org

6. More Aklan destinations.

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9. Happy travels and be safe.


7 thoughts on “Tangalan, Aklan: From Jawili, Afga, to Poblacion – On Foot

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  2. “never take the gift of mobility for granted once again” – I and my friends will be guilty with this…hehehe

    anyway, nice post 🙂 …stunning photos!

    • Ok lang yun, MJ, tulad nung sinabi ko, may preferences tayo when traveling and it varies from one person to another. In my case, the accident I underwent made me realize how wonderful it was to have legs.

      Isa pa, ‘di rin convenient maglakad ng long distances especially kung may itinerary kayo, ako naman kase I travel alone during this trip kaya I decide for my own, pangalawa, nakakapagod naman talaga. hehehe.

      Thank you very much, I’m really glad you like my post.

  3. No regrets “byaherong barat” after all those grueling trek are being paid off by scenic beauty of our town Tangalan. Those places enumerated were dubbed in our dialect “Bugna it Tangalan”. Try traversing Baluga Hill from Brgy. Jawili exiting Brgy Tagas the view up there is breathtaking literally and figuratively speaking. Thank you for opening the window to travel bloggers and adventurers alike. Mabuhay po kayo!

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