New Washington, Aklan: Sunrise & “Jackstones” in Baranggay Tambak

New Washington, Aklan Tambak, Jackstone

A few days remain in this backpacking trip yet all I had was an empty itinerary for Aklan, my last stop. To makes matters even more difficult, I have a tight budget to consider. I had a small chat with the kind personnel of Ati-atihan County Inn, asking how was my journey so far, and where was I planning to go next. He mentioned a place which I might find interesting – it was in New Washington, Aklan called “Tambak“.

New Washington, Aklan Tambak SeawallSunrise in Tambak.

The coastal baranggay of Tambak serves as the main access to New Washington‘s town proper. The road runs along a kilometer-long concrete seawall installed with parks where locals frequent for recreation. I saw some people begin their day with a morning exercise while I sat by the seawall waiting for the sun the rise.

New Washington Aklan Seawall Jackstones tambakSeawall and jackstones

New Washington Aklan, Seawall TambakReminds me of the D-Day Landings wherein the Germans placed obstacles to make Allied invasion even more difficult.

A few meters off the seawall were these bizarre figures shaped like jackstones (a tradition Korean girl’s game also played in the Philippines) called dolos, but the locals call these simply as “jackstones“. I think these massive 6-point concretes are used as an artificial reef to break the strength of the waves before it smashes into the seawall.

New Washington Aklan, seawall jackstones tambak

Prior to this trip, I knew nothing about the seawall in Tambak. I took the advise of the hotel personnel, and woke up very early in the morning just to make sure I’d be there in time for the sunrise. With the lovely sunrise on the backdrop and the concrete seawall and interesting “jackstones” as subject, I can say that the effort was paid off. Best of all, it’s free.

Traveling without itineraries isn’t really bad after all. Sometimes the plan just unfolds before you, and the reward is quite a surprise. That’s why I tell myself (and to people I travel with), to “cross the bridge when we get there”, because we’ll never know what’s in store.


Some fast facts that may help you on the trip:

1. To reach Brgy. Tambak, I took a jeepney somewhere in Kalibo Rotunda, bound for New Washington. It passes along Jaime Cardinal Sin Avenue and a few kilometers past Kalibo International Airport.

2. Locals saw me taking pictures and asked me if I were from a media company. They thought I was looking into the seawall case. I think many are questioning the project, its architectural plans, and materials used in construction.

3. Be extra careful when you go down the seawall to avoid accidents. The wall is sometimes slippery. The “jackstones” have sharp corals in it.

4. This is the sixteenth post on my two-week long backpacking journey in Panay Island and Guimaras. Next stop would be in Tangalan, Aklan.

5. More Aklan destinations.

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8. Happy travels and be safe.

New Washington, Aklan Tambak Jackstone


6 thoughts on “New Washington, Aklan: Sunrise & “Jackstones” in Baranggay Tambak

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  2. Nice photographs. I’ve been to TAMBAK so many times since Aklan was my parents hometown but I didn’t feel anything special, perhaps I’m just over familiar. Reading your post about Aklan made me see things in a new light. Now I’m so excited to go to Aklan again for ati-atihan next week! Your posts are very helpful! Keep on writing!

  3. I like your post very much 🙂 Travelling without itinerary and just going wherever your feet would bring you…very me 🙂 I’m from Cebu, going to Bacolod this month then my crazy mind just thought of crossing to Ilo-ilo and explore the heritage sites of the province then go to the famous Boracay for a relaxing beach air since I got return flight to Cebu from Kalibo. But Ilo-ilo to Kalibo is very time-consuming and going to Boracay is expensive, so decided to just stay near Kalibo and explore its hidden nature’s wonders 😃 I saw your posts of Jawili and agfa, may I ask where can I stay at affordable rate?…with beach front views? 😃 Thanks! Keep travelling and blogging 😉

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