Kalibo, Aklan: Bakhawan Eco-Park & Research Centre

Bakhawan Mangrove Ecopark Kalibo Aklan Philippines

Huge bodies of water surround the Philippine islands which leave coastal residences vulnerable during natural calamities such as typhoons and tsunamis. On the contrary, Mother Nature’s artistry devised a solution which could withstand her destructive forces. In Kalibo, Aklan, a joint group of Kalibonhons converted a mudflat into a mangrove forest, as the town’s first line of defense against strong surges, and has become a tourist attraction known as, Bakhawan Eco-Park & Research Centre.

River in Kalibo Bakhawan Eco-park and research centre aklan mangrove

Bamboo Bridge Bakhawan Eco-Park & Research Centre Kalibo Aklan

An extensive range of mudflats sprawls on the coast of Baranggay New Buswang in Kalibo  making the village prone to floods and storm surges during unfortunate weather. The local government, Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) and the non-government organizations such as United Services and Welfare Assistance Group (USWAG) Development Foundation and Kalibo Save The Mangroves Association led by Atty. Allen Quimpo, an environmentalist and former political leader in Aklan, took action against the problem by turning the muddy shoreline into a mangrove reforestation site starting with 50-hectares expanding three times the size as the project progresses.

Mangroves Kalibo Aklan Bakhawan Eco-Park

The community-based project did not only address the baranggay’s flood problems but also gave a means of livelihood for the participants. Areas were assigned to KASAMA members/families to maintain and manage. In return, they receive salaries and also allowed to harvest mud crabs and shell fishes within the allocated site. The Mangrove Reforestation Project has served the local communities in two ways, as a sustainable solution against flooding, and a means of income.

Mangroves Bakhawan Eco-Park Research Centre Kalibo Aklan

Bakhawan Eco-Park & Research Centre serves as one of Kalibo’s prime attractions. Visitors could visit the eco-park and enjoy a nature stroll through the 1.3-kilometer bamboo trail that runs deep into the forest teeming with different species of mangroves and wildlife and ends on a scenic view of the beach. The eco-park is a perfect place to take a break from the hustle and bustle of Kalibo. It is a sanctuary where one could enjoy peacefulness in the arms of Mother Nature.

Bamboo trail Bakhawan Eco Park Research Kalibo Aklan

The successful Mangrove Project proved to be an eco-friendly and sustainable solution to both security during calamities and a source of income and food for the locals. In fact, the project, the organizations, and individuals has received awards in recognition of the town’s environmentalism initiatives, the hard work, the ups and downs encountered, and of course, the triumph. Bakhawan Eco-Park & Research Centre is truly a vital contribution to the society and sets a benchmark for a greener Philippines.

Bakhawan Eco-Park & Research Centre Mangroves Kalibo Aklan


Some fast facts that may help you on the trip:

1. Bakhawan Eco-Park & Research Centre is located at Baranggay New Buswang, Kalibo. To get there, take a blue tricycle from RC Supermarket or Gaisano, or you could just charter a tricycle for your convenience.

2. Entrance fee costs P20.00 only. Donations are also gladly welcome.

3. The park is open from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

4. Strictly observe the rules to ensure safety and cleanliness of the park.

5. This is the fifteenth post on my two-week long backpacking journey in Panay Island and Guimaras. Next stop would be still be in New Washington, Aklan.

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6 thoughts on “Kalibo, Aklan: Bakhawan Eco-Park & Research Centre

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  2. We visited the park last Feb 2015. the walkway were entirely replaced with wood and looked more durable. Regular entrance is now P100; for seniors P60. Activities were also added – kayak and rafting. It was worthwhile visiting the place.

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