Capiz: Eat, Explore, Experience and Be Captivated in 10 Ways

Roxas City bridge capiz

Captivating Capiz” – the local tourism slogan which sounds pleasing to the ears yet no life will breathe in those words until seeing and experiencing the wonders of this beautiful province. Capiz certainly exceeded my expectations. I made a list of the things I did, maybe these would speak of the slogan’s meaning.

1. Eat Seafood Delicacies (Roxas City)

The abundance of seafood made name for Roxas City, thus, being dubbed as “the seafood capital“. Choose from a wide array of seafood restaurants and grills along Baybay and find out why the city was named as such.

Oysters Roxas City Capiz seafoodButtered oysters in Baybay, Roxas City.

Seafood restaurant grill in Baybay Roxas City CapizIn a restaurant along Baybay in Roxas City.

2. Walking Tour Around The City (Roxas City)

Roxas City’s center bustles with activity from morning until evening. Walking around the city center takes you to the local attractions only a stone throw away from one another. Taking a leisure stroll also reveals the everyday lifestyle of Capiznon’s.

Roxas City, Capiz low light photographyRoxas City during rush hour.

Capiz Provincial Capitol Roxas CityCapiz Provincial Capitol.

Santa Monica Church of Panay, Capiz.

3. Visit Churches (Roxas City, Panay, Dumalag)

The baroque architecture of many Spanish-colonial churches fascinates visitors but what makes these religious and historical edifices interesting are the stories that dwells within its walls. Stray not far from Roxas City to check out the iconic Immaculate Concepcion Metropolitan Cathedral, which witness of Roxas City’s progress. A few kilometers east of the city is Santa Monica Parish Church (Pan-ay Church), one of the oldest in the country. Not as old as Pan-ay Church but equally marvelous is Dumalag’s Saint Martin of Tours Parish Church, made from yellow sandstone and distinct for its 5-tiered clock tower belfry.

Immaculate Concepcion Metropolitan CathedralImmaculate Concepcion Metropolitan Cathedral of Roxas City

St. martin of tours parish church dumalag capizSt. Martin of Tours Parish Church of Dumalag, Capiz.

4. Old Capiz Bridge (Roxas City)

Bridging the gap over Panay River is the Old Capiz Bridge inspired by Spanish architecture. Since 1910, it has stood over a century and watched as Roxas City as it develops from a rural town to a progressing city in Panay Island.

Roxas City Old Bridge Capiz

5. Ang Panubli-on (Roxas City)

Among the fascinating buildings in Roxas City is the water tank-turned-museum called Panubli-on. The cylindrical structure holds memorabilia of well-known sons and daughters of Capiz. In addition, artifacts and cultural displays are showcased within the musuem. Visit and get to know more about the province at the “Ang Panubli-on”.

Panubli-on Roxas City Capiz museum“Ang Panubli-on

Ang Panubli-on Roxas City Museum CapizInside the museum in Roxas City.

Panublion Roxas City Museum CapizShowcasing memorabilia of the sons and daughters of Capiz.

6. Chess Plaza (Roxas City)

Fancy a game of chess? Set the 1.5-foot chessboards aside for the battlefield would be in Roxas City‘s latest attraction, The Giant Chessboard. Conquer this strategy game by moving those 3-foot tall pieces with your two hands. In contrary, you could still play with regular-sized pieces and challenge the locals into a duel.

Giant Chessboard of Roxas City.

Chess in Roxas CityLocal Capiznons playing chess.

7. Biggest Bell of Asia (Panay)

How big is the biggest Catholic church bell in Asia? Pan-ay’s Church Bell stands 5 foot tall, weighing about the size of two average elephants, and it’s booming sound can be heard within an 8-kilometer radius. That’s how big the biggest bell in Asia is.

Panay Church bell, biggest in asia capizBiggest bell in Asia.

8. Explore Caves (Dumalag)

Explore the world beneath the very earth we stand upon. Dumalag promises a dose of adventure with its series of cave connections beginning with Suhot Cave, a labyrinth where a large portion of the cave is yet to be explored.

Dumalag Suhot Spring Caves CapizEntrance to Suhot Caves.

Suhot Caves Dumalag CapizSuhot Cave

9. Swim in Natural Springs (Dumalag)

After an exhausting cave exploration, rejuvenate those tired muscles with a cool dip in Suhot Spring‘s crispy cool waters. Travel time to Dumalag takes over an hour but the long jeepney ride is definitely rewarding.

Suhot Spring Dumalag CapizEntrance to Suhot Spring.

Suhot Spring CapizSuhot Spring.

10. Relax in Baybay People’s Park (Roxas City)

Cap the entire day by unwinding along the ebony-sanded beaches of Baybay. Feel the sea breeze swept the shores while you enjoy a splendid dinner of the freshest seafood dishes in town.

Baybay Roxas City Capiz

The province of Capiz is divided into 16 towns and 1 city. I was only able to visit Roxas City, and two other towns, and was truly captivated by its marvels. Definitely, more destinations, more attractions await intrepid travelers in the remaining 14 towns. This gives me another reason to visit the province. Capiz is captivating.


Some fast facts that may help you on the trip:

1. If you’re looking for a cheap place to stay in Roxas City, check out Roxas City Pension House, located at Barangay Baybay, Roxas City, Capiz (036) 621 2076. Good place to rent especially if you only need a place where you could keep your stuff safely while going around the province. Fan room in Roxas City Pension House costs P350.00 for 24 hours.

2. To read more about the places, just click the links.

3. This is the thirteenth post on my two-week long backpacking journey in Panay Island and Guimaras. Next stop would be in Kalibo, Aklan.

4. More Capiz destinations.

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7. Happy travels and be safe.

Panay Presidencia Capiz


2 thoughts on “Capiz: Eat, Explore, Experience and Be Captivated in 10 Ways

  1. With all your postings of these beautiful places in our country, I’m now confused which one I will go to first…but i’d like to be able to visit all these places…i love seafood, so maybe we will go to the seafood capital first.

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