Dumalag, Capiz: Suhot Spring & Caves

Dumalag Capiz suhot cave and springs sidetrip roxas city

A natural spring and a series of caves situated on the foot of Mount Pangin-raon capture the attention of travelers in search for offbeat destinations.Thirty-five kilometers off the progressive Roxas City, a town called Dumalag prides of an attraction famed among locals and many Capiznons from neighboring towns, but remain a mystery to visitors like me.

Most travelers from Roxas City bound for Iloilo runs through the landlocked town of Dumalag. It rests quietly on borders of Capiz and Iloilo. About two kilometers from its town proper is a scenic attraction, hindered from sight by the lush greens that blankets the mountains. They call it Suhot Spring & Caves.

The cool and crisp waters of Suhot Spring flows from the 430-m high Mt. Pangin-raon to a natural pool. Balusters and cemented staircase were installed to ensure safety of visitors who frequents Dumalag’s nature destination mostly during weekends, holiday and summer vacations. Vacationers indulge in the government-owned resort to seek refuge in this sanctuary enveloped in tranquil atmosphere.

Adventurers will certainly be thrilled delving into the world beneath in Suhot Caves, a series of cave connections wherein a huge percentage is yet to be explored. Helmets and flashlights are provided to avoid injuries and accidents while spelunkers, both amateurs and pro’s alike, can enjoy this adrenalin-pumping experience.

When I was plotting destinations, the maps pointed out that Dumalag would deviate me from my intended route which was to trod the coastlines of Panay Island. That’s probably why the place is often overlooked by many traveling outsiders. Dumalag is over an hour away from Roxas City and transportation is not as regular as those of major municipalities. Yet I got out of my way to find out what the promising town could offer, and I did not went back to Roxas City empty-handed – the spectacles of Dumalag awaits you.

Suhot Spring and caves dumalag capiz roxas city

Suhot spring and caves pool dumalag capiz roxas city

suhot cave dumalag capiz roxas city spelunking

hiking suhot springs roxas city dumalag capiz paning-raon

1. Commuting to Suhot Springs & Caves from Roxas City: From Roxas City Terminal, there are jeeps bound directly for Dumalag and you could tell the driver to drop you off at the arch entrance of Suhot Springs (which is along the highway). On the other hand, you could take buses bound for Iloilo City which leaves almost every 30-45 minutes and get off at Dumalag. From where you get off, take a tricycle to Suhot Springs.

2. Dumalag is a 1.5-hour drive from Kalibo or from Iloilo City.

3. Entrance to the resort cost P20.00 (approximately)

4. Cave guide are provided by the Suhot Spring & Caves Resort whereas safety gears like flashlight and helmets. This cost P100.00.

5. According to the receptionist, they get many visitors during weekends, and holidays, so if you want a quiet atmosphere, you might probably want to visit during the weekdays.

6. There are small sari-sari stores on the gates of the resort.

7. NO SMOKING within the vicinity.

8. This is the twelfth post on my two-week long backpacking journey in Panay Island and Guimaras. Next stop would be in Dumalag, Capiz.

9. More Capiz destinations.

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13. Happy travels and be safe.


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