Roxas City, Capiz: Where To Eat In The Seafood Capital Of The Philippines

oysters seafood where to eat in roxas city capiz visayas baybay park

No other place in the Philippines is dubbed “The Seafood Capital of the Philippines” but the progressive Roxas City. The flourishing marine agriculture of Capiz‘s economic epicenter even turned the thriving seafood industry into an annual celebration due to its abundance. During my visit, there were neither parades, marching bands, nor banderitas, but there was certainly a gastronomic festival from my mouth down to my tummy.

People’s Park

La Playa de Roxas, or commonly known as People’s Park, serves as a hub for recreation and leisure with a picturesque view of the grey sanded shores of Baybay Beach and the vast Sibuyan Sea as the backdrop. Locals and tourist alike flock in the coastal baranggay to hangout, exercise, swim, and above all, to indulge on the savory seafood delicacies of Roxas City.

Seafood Court

The succulent juices of seafood and meat dripping into charcoal filled the air with aromatic fumes which comes from the array of restaurants and grills that line up along Baybay Beach. One of the biggest establishments in Baybay is the Seafood Court at People’s Park Plaza which hosts seven independent stalls all under one roof. Choose from a wide variety of delicacies, have them cooked your way, then indulge.

Picking which stall or restaurant serves the best seafood dishes would be a lifetime debate. But what Roxas City guarantees is that you could eat the freshest seafood delights at really bargain prices if you compare it to Manila. I’m not sure about the metro’s price range, but just to give you an idea, a huge bowl of steamed oysters cost me P35.00, while the grilled oysters smothered in butter and sprinkled with roasted garlic cost P80.00. Delicious food, cheap price – what more could I ask for?

La playa roxas baybay plaza park capiz visayas

seafood court baybay park plaza where to eat restaurants in roxas city capiz visayas philippines

Baybay Seafood capital restaurants where to eat Roxas City Capiz

blue marlin steak where to eat in capiz roxas city restaurants baybay seafood court

seafood court roxas city capiz baybay park

grilled chicken ihaw sugba where to eat in roxas city baybay capiz

1. Baybay People’s Park is located from across Roxas City Pension House where I stayed during my visit in Roxas City. So basically, I lived across the restaurants, the park, and the wonderful beach.

2. Seafood Court at People’s Park is located in Baybay People’s Park. It’s a huge establishment, you won’t miss it. Stores begin to open around 11 AM.

3. Baybay is one tricycle away from the city proper. Fare cost P7.00 for regular trips.

4. This is the tenth post on my two-week long backpacking journey in Panay Island and Guimaras. Next stop is Panay, Capiz.

5. MoreCapiz destinations.

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15 thoughts on “Roxas City, Capiz: Where To Eat In The Seafood Capital Of The Philippines

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  4. you could have mentioned the prizes too.. and if in case i want to go there only to buy seafoods life crab and shrimps and fly back to manila – how can i do it? and how much would it cost per kilo of these? and would the airplane allow me to check in the seafoods with me?

    • I’m sorry Rowena, not really sure about that. I just ate in local restaurants and carinderias so I wasn’t really aware of the market prices. and not really planning to ship back to Manila. In my own opinion, if in case you ship it back to Manila, that would incur cost, plus the freshness of the product. So might as well look for fresh seafood within the area. Just a thought.

  5. Woow! your post looks so appetizing. Thank you for sharing your post. No doubt Capiz is certified seafood capital in the Philippines. I can’t wait to be there. I hope you posted the range of the prices too, so that we have an idea how much it cost. Thank you again.

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