Sorsogon: Nine Things To Do When Whale Sharks Are Not Around

Bacon Sorsogon Paguriran Island morning

The name Sorsogon has always been associated with the largest known aquatic species called the whale shark. Despite it’s massive physique, this plankton-feeding gentle giant proved to be harmless to humans, and in fact, people could even dive and swim with whale sharks (within allowed proximity). The up-close encounter has enticed tourist to visit Donsol where they could be are mostly spotted However, this fascinating creature migrates on certain periods of the year and sightings drop zero. But don’t worry, even if whale sharks are not around, Sorsogon has a lot in store for you. Here are some places you might want to visit,  and some things you might want to try.

Bacon Sorsogon Paguriran IslandLagoon of Paguriran Island.

1. Paguriran Island in Bacon

Off the lazy shores of Baranggay Sawangga lies a islet made of craggy rocks and massive coral formations which teems with a lush mangrove forest. A lagoon nestled at the center of this off-shore islet’s has become its prime attraction which enticed tourist to visit the quiet town of Bacon.

John Louie Farinas Tagadagat Surfer San Antonio Zambales in GUbat SorsogonWatching this guy glide up and down those waves makes surfing look easy.

2. Surfing in Gubat,

Learn to ride waves like a pro in Gubat Bay. With it’s sandy bottom, fumbling and tumbling would leave no marks on your sun-kissed skins. Advanced surfers will find the “breeding” a perfect playground with its consistent hard-hitting waves all day long.

Barcelona Church of Sorsogon, Bicol

3. Barcelona’s Historical Edifices

Considered one of Bicol’s oldest, the Barcelona Church was built in 1874 using coral stones, beaten egg whites, and the local wine called tuba. The century-old church standing boldly facing Albay Gulf is a manifestation to Barcelona’s rich and unforgotten past, while ruins of the Presidencia building and an elementary school for Ilustrado’s lay silently just across the street.

Bulusan Lake of Bulusan Sorsogon BicolA small portion of the 27-hectare Lake Bulusan

4. Lake Bulusan of Bulusan

Lake Bulusan defines tranquility by a 27-hectare emerald body of water bound by a palette of green shades that will soothe your eyes. A serene sanctuary designed by Mother Nature’s artistry’s. The overly calm and peaceful atmosphere makes Lake Bulusan quite surreal.

Bayugin Falls of Bulusan Sorsogon Bicol

5. Bayugin Falls of Bulusan

Can’t get enough of Bulusan’s abundant nature-tripping destinations? Head for Baranggay San Francisco where Bayugin Falls lies hidden beneath the lush foliage at the foot of the massive volcano. It’s an easy 20-minute trek so this leaves anyone no reason not to drop by.

Juag Lagoon Marine Sanctuary Matnog Sorsogon BicolJuag Lagoon Marine Sanctuary

Subic Beach Matnog Sorsogon BicolSubic Beach

6. Island Hopping in Matnog

Discover Matnog’s islands that possess hidden getaways like Calintaan Island where pinkish white sands of Subic Beach are gently washed by clear turquoise waters from end to end. Anchor down at Juag Lagoon Marine Sanctuary and feed various aquatic species thriving in their protected habitat. At certain times, even swimming and snorkeling with the fishes is allowed.

Mateo Hot Springs Irosin Sorsogon BicolMateo Hot And Cold Spring

7. Hot, Cold, Semi-Hot Springs of Irosin

Whether you like it hot, cold, or semi-hot, Mateo Hot And Cold Spring has it all. A favorite among weekend warriors, whether local or visitors, this mountainside resort of Irosin has 3 pools classified into hot, cold, and lukewarm. Conclude your journey with a glorious dip into its hot spring and you’ll feel as fresh as a new born.

Bicol Express Pizza Mango Grill in Sorsogon City, Sorsogon, BicolMango Grill’s Bicol Express Pizza

Adobong Pusit sa GataAdobong Pusit sa Gata.

Timitim specialty of Gubat SorsogonTimitim, only in Gubat.

8. Food is a Destination

Bicol Region’s provinces ranks among the top culinary destinations in the country, and Sorsogon has different twist to the local taste. Mango Grill, a local restaurant in Sorsogon City, serves the local cuisine but their Bicol Express Pizza is definitely the one you shouldn’t miss. Seafood lovers will find the Matnog Public Market a haven where a wide variety of freshly caught seafood are on marked down price – everyday. Gubatnon’s pride of their native delicacy called timitim, a unique type of cassava cake made from pure coconut milk and grated cassava, topped with pili nuts. It’s soft, it’s sticky, and a perfect partner for coffee.

1st Colonial's Sili Ice Cream Legazpi Albay Bicol1st Colonial Grill’s famous Sili Ice Cream

9. Drop By Albay

Why not add a quick side trip in Albay on your way to or from Sorsogon? Grab a scoop of Sili Ice Cream from 1st Colonial Grill conveniently located within Legazpi City. This unique mix of sweet vanilla flavor and the spiciness of chilli creates different kind of explosion which tickles taste buds of both spicy and non-spicy food lovers. And of course, Albay is home to one of the famous Mayon Volcano and I’m sure you wouldn’t miss it.

Mayon Volcano, Albay, Bicol RegionMayon Volcano

Swimming with the whale sharks was supposed to be one of the highlights of our Sorsogon trip, unfortunately, after I got in touch with Donsol’s local tourism I was advised that it wasn’t the best time to visit. However, our hopes didn’t died down for there’s a lot more to Sorsogon than just whale sharks. This just gave us another reason to visit the province quite soon and from my recent trip in Gubat Bay, I found out there are way more.

This concludes the Road Trip to Sorsogon series. It has been a great journey, with great company, and loads of destinations. We’ll see you again, Sorsogon.


Some fast facts that may help you on the road trip:

1. Click links for extensive details about the destinations listed.

2. 1st Colonial Grill is located in J.P. Rizal Street, Legazpi City, Albay.

3. Mango Grill is a fine dining restaurant with affordable prices. It’s located in Magsaysay St. Sorsogon City. Don’t miss the Bicol Express Pizza.

4. Mateo Hot & Cold Spring Resort can be reached via tricycle from the town proper of Irosin. Entrance fee cost P35.00 per person. There are also cottages for rent, perfect for picnics.

5. More Sorsogon destinations in Biyaheng Sorsogon

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7. Follow @BiyaherongBarat on Twitter.

8. Happy travels and be safe.

Paguriran Island Bacon SorsogonGubat Bay SorsogonBulusan SorsogonMatnog SorsogonSubic Beach Matnog SorsogonMateo Hot And Cold Spring Irosin SorsogonMayon Volcano AlbayAlways great to travel with this company, my good friends from college.

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3 thoughts on “Sorsogon: Nine Things To Do When Whale Sharks Are Not Around

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  2. Great piece! I’m born and raised in Sorsogon City, and the only chill spot I know is Bacon beach >.< Will definitely hit these places this summer vacay, specially the Gubat's waves. Thanks!

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