Matnog, Sorsogon: Secrets of the Southern Tip

Juag Marine Sanctuary Matnog Sorsogon Bicol

 A strong typhoon smashes NCR and several provinces north of Luzon Island, while torrential winds threaten to disrupt the seas on the southernmost. With a signal #1 warning raised in Matnog, Sorsogon, the Philippine Coast Guard had to put voyaging ferries and fishing boats on a standoff against the potential maritime disturbance. Whilst for us, it was yet another waiting game to either call it off, or push forward and discover the secrets of Luzon Island’s southernmost tip, Matnog.

welcome to visayas arch sorsogon matnog bicolEnd of Luzon arch in Matnog, Sorsogon.

Matnog, as it lies to the southernmost tip of Luzon Island, not only serves as the gateway to many islands in Visayas, but also a jump-off point to Sorsogon‘s  spectacular saltwater destinations. Access to these hidden gems require chartered boats, and that’s where Boatcrew and Operators Organization of Matnog or BOOM come in. Matnog’s tourism and the local community worked together to standardize touring activities to maximize enjoyment while ensuring safety of the town’s visitors.

boatcrew and operators of matnog sorsogon boat for rentBoatcrew and Operators Organization of Matnog (BOOM).

Weather shifted back and forth, from occasional drizzles to heavy downpours, from rough waves to calm seas. Good thing there’s no need to stray far from the mainland into open sea to reach our destinations, thus, permission to set out was granted.

Juag Lagoon Marine Sanctuary bicol matnog sorsogon Juag Lagoon Marine Sanctuary.

Juag Lagoon Marin Sanctuary is born from owner Alex Geneblazo’s unparalleled love for the wonders of the marine wildlife. His brainchild gave a home to a thriving underwater ecosystem where various aquatic species such as groupers, sea cucumbers, lobsters, turtles, etc., could bred and spawn in a protected environment, free from threats by overfishing or sea pollution. Visitors interact with fishes through feeding demos while they stand on bamboo platforms, at certain times, snorkeling and swimming with the fishes could be possible.

Subic Beach Matnog Sorsogon pink sand beachThis photo of Subic Beach may not look as enticing as it should be but it’s a different story once you’re there.

Relentless rain poured down upon approach but just the stunning sight of Subic Beach‘s pinkish white sand and turquoise waters as clear as glass kept our minds off the shivers and chills of the piercing rain drops. Powder soft white sands and tiny grains of crushed red pipe corals scoured the entire stretch of this paradise. Travelers in search of isolation and solitude in a beautiful hideaway would find Subic Beach a delight.

seafood matnog sorsogon bicol Steamed crab.

seafood pusit matnog sorsogon bicolAdobong Pusit sa Gata

Matnog boasts not only of its beautiful beaches but its also a haven for seafood lovers where crabs, tunas, squids are the main attractions of the dining table. A by-the-beach seafood festival for lunch would definitely add spice to that island flavor. In Matnog, food is a destination.

bicol sorsogon matnogSinabawang makulay at iba’t ibang klaseng gulay.

It seems that luck was still on our side. Amidst the heavy rains, we had the chance to see and experience a treasure trove of wonders Matnog has to offer. Tikling Beach was included in the itinerary, however, due to the non-stop downpour we have to abort and save it for our next visit. Nevertheless, we still found what we’re looking for – marine life, a pristine beach, and fresh seafood – we couldn’t have asked for more.


Now, here are some fast facts that may help you on the road trip:

1. For island hopping tours, you could contact Eddie Evasco through the following numbers:

2. Boat cost around P1,500.00, it’s good for 10 persons.

3. Thanks to Emm Balabat of emmthepinaytrekker for helping us out in this trip.

4. We bought food in the local market of Matnog, then was prepared and cooked by our very kind tour guides, Eric and Mang Eddie’s son. Everything is included in the package. Hassle-free.

5. No entrance fee in Juag Lagoon Marine Sanctuary but donations are gladly welcome.

6. There are cottages for rent in Subic Beach which cost around P200.00 (I think).

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11. Drive safely, and enjoy your trip.

Matnog Sorsogon Subic Pink sand beach bicolSubic Beach mandatory group shot.


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