Bulusan, Sorsogon: Mysticism of Mother Nature

Bulusan Lake Sorsogon

There’s something mystical about lakes and waterfalls – we’ve seen it on films, we’ve heard the myths, legends, and folklore. Such bodies of water tucked deep in dense forest play a perfect setting for enchanting tales beyond what we perceive as natural. I asked myself “why these places?” Towering over the province of Sorsogon is the massive Mount Bulusan, but the answer we seek lies below, in Bayugin Falls and Lake Bulusan.

Hike to Bayugin FallsCrossing the wooden bridge.

Hiking to Bayugin FallsHikers.

Hiding underneath Baranggay San Francisco‘s lush foliage of the greens lies the cascades of Bayugin Falls. No need for extreme mountaineering skills trekking the moss-covered trails and crossing bridges crafted from wooden planks and bamboos, the 20-minute forest hike may not be a walk in the park but definitely more relaxing than painstaking.

Bayugin Falls Bulusan SorsogonBayugin Falls.

Water deluged elegantly through the rocks and down the basin while the air was dampened with cooling crisp mist that envelope the green atmosphere. Imagine the diwata’s (‘fairies’, in Filipino dialect) in long white tunics just dangling in their glittering shiny skin,  sitting by the rocks, plucking strings of a harp, playing a melodic tune in contrast but harmonious to the thunderous roar of Bayugin Falls. Yes, that was only my imagination but one thing’s for sure, Bayugin Falls is truly a sight to behold.

Bulusan Lake Sorsogon Philippines“Bulusan Lake, Bulusan Volcano Natural Park”

With an elevation soaring more than 5,000 feet, the massive Mount Bulusan captures anyone’s attention with its bold-faced magnificence. On this active volcano’s feet lies Bulusan Volcano Natural Park, a nature sanctuary perfectly hidden from the naked eye by a lush rainforest thriving with flora and fauna and a scenic lake for centerpiece.

Bulusan Lake Sorsogon PhilippinesLake Bulusan.

Palette of green shades flanked all sides of the 27-hectare Lake Bulusan, but the basin’s eye-catching glassy emerald waters is unmistakeably remarkable. The lake bursts with overwhelming cool hues which soothes the eye and with the sounds of brushing leaves and chirping birds, the atmosphere brings out a peaceful pleasure you don’t normally feel (I don’t know how to explain). Lake Bulusan was an epitome of tranquil and calmness.

Hiking in Lake BulusanConcrete pathways surrounding the lake.

Lake Bulusan kayaksWater activities in Bulusan Volcano Natural Park.

Kayaking in Lake BulusanExplore Lake Bulusan by kayak.

It’s amazing how destructive forces remap the earth’s landscapes into a beautiful scenery. Over time, nature transforms chaos to artistry so unreal, it cannot be explained. No wonder scenic places become stuff of myths and legends. No words could explain the feeling evoked by the beauty possessed by natural wonders (Me, I can’t even think a title for this post). This where reality and mysticism collides. It’s simply… too good to be true.


Now, here are some fast facts that may help you on the road trip:

1. To reach Bayugin Falls, take a tricycle from Bulusan Public Market, tell the driver to take you to Baranggay San Francisco. There’s an entrance/registration fee, around P12.00 (as of this writing), then it’s an easy 20-minute trek to the falls.

2. Driving to Bulusan Volcano Natural Park: We took the coastal highway passing by the towns of Gubat, and Barcelona then took a left turn on the main highway. There’s a Bulusan Volcano Natural Park arch (see photo below), then it’s a 2 kilometer winding road to the lake. Entrance fee is around P35.00 – P50.00 (I’m not sure).

3. Kayaks, and paddle boats are available for rent around P100.00 for 30 minutes. If you prefer to hike, there’s a concrete pathway surrounding the lake.

4. Keep the surroundings clean at all times.

5. Matnog is the next destination in this Road Trip To Sorsogon series and Biyaheng Sorsogon.

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8. Drive safely, and enjoy your trip.

Bulusan Volcano Natural Park


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