Gubat, Sorsogon: Surfing 101 With Gubat Bay Surfers

Surfing in Gubat Bay, Sorsogon

While news of a storm brewing east of the country got the flood-prone districts of Metro Manila on their toes, to this group of adrenaline junkies we came across along the journey, their much awaited weather report got them waxing their surf boards, instead. Swells peaking over 6 feet were to hit the grey shores of the ocean-bound town of Gubat, Sorsogon, and this new breed of surfers were to wave hello to another surfing season. As for us, the visitors, we braced ourselves for an afternoon class of surfing 101 from no other than the Gubat Inc. (Gubatnon For Adventourism), commonly known as, Gubat Bay Surfers (GBS).

With Gubat Bay Surfers president Noli MercaderPhoto with Gubat Bay Surfers president, Noli Mercader.

Thanks to Gubat’s homegrown travel blogger, Emm Balabat of emmthepinaytrekker, we got in touch with GBS president Noli Mercader, and the whole crew for an afternoon surfing lesson at their spot in Brgy. Buenavista. Short introductions were quickly followed by intensive one-on-one dryland surf lessons, which covered the basics to essential precautions, newbies like us should know before taking on actual waves. After everything was said and done, it was time to get wet, wild, and wave ride (even for at least a second).

brgy buenavista gubat sorsogonSurf spot in Brgy. Buenavista, Gubat, Sorsogon.

surf lessons in Gubat Bay, SorsogonSurf lessons in Gubat, Sorsogon.

Surf lessons in Gubat, SorsogonSurf coach teaching Joey how to stand on the surfboard.

The novice-friendly surf spot of Baranggay Buenavista leaves beginners unscathed in frequent tumbles and wipeouts. The sandy bottoms makes it an ideal spot to learn the water sport. Though only 2-3-foot surfs surged towards the shore at that time, riding it, even for short periods, made our second day in Sorsogon, another one for the books. Many thanks to GBS instructors for thoroughly guiding us throughout the entire session.

Joey surfing in Gubat Bay SorsogonThe face of determination.

surfing in Gubat SorsogonAnd, the face of triumph. Joey’s first wave ride his entire life.

The rise of Gubat Bay in the local surfing scene came with a very inspiring story of humble beginnings. Back in 2008, all they had was the entire beach, a single surfboard to share, and a bunch of instructional surf videos from Youtube in their pursuit of the extreme sport. Each took turns on the board trying out stuff learned from online videos alone. Later on, the group seek help from the local government who provided financial assistance for additional surfboards which further enriched the local talent, as well as promote Gubat as a surfing destination, on the rise.

Photo with Gubat Inc. a.ka. Gubat Bay SurfersPhoto with Gubat Bay Surfers.

Nothing is indeed impossible if we do something about it. The efforts, the utmost determination, and the burning passion of these young Gubatnons paved way for a sport that would put Gubat, Sorsogon on the limelight of travel destinations. Furthermore, this could bring another means of livelihood for the locale. What started as something to pass time, became a vital contribution to the hometown. Saludo kami sa inyo, mga idol. Mabalos.

Let’s do what we love, and everything else will follow.


Now, here are some fast facts that may help you on the road trip:

1. RSL Bus Lines have direct trips from Cubao to Gubat, Sorsogon. Travel time is approximately 12 hours. Alternatively, if coming in via air through Legazpi Airport, take a bus going to Sorsogon City, then there are jeepneys bound for Gubat.

2. Contact Gubat Bay Surfers president Noli Mercader (0947 882 0191 or 0905 242 1693) for further inquiries about surfing in Gubat. Visit Gubay Bay Surfers and Gubat Inc. on Facebook.

3. If you’re looking for a place to stay while in Gubat, check out Lola Sayong Surf Camp.

4. Surfing lessons and board rental cost P300.00 (it’s the cheapest surf lessons fee I know of).

5. We would also like to extend our thanks to Joey’s relatives from Gubat for welcoming us into their home even without prior notice. Breakfast was so delicious. Thank you also to Kuya Jun for taking us to Bayugin Falls, and Bulusan Lake. Maraming salamat po.

6. Best time to surf is from October to March.

7. Barcelona is the next destination in this Road Trip To Sorsogon series and Biyaheng Sorsogon.

8. Please Like Biyaherong Barat on Facebook.

9. Follow @BiyaherongBarat on Twitter.

10. Drive safely, and enjoy your trip.


17 thoughts on “Gubat, Sorsogon: Surfing 101 With Gubat Bay Surfers

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    • Gubat is my hometown. I grew up there and although my own family now resides in Manila, every year without fail we visit Gubat during the feast day of the town’s patron saint St. Anthony de Padua. I would like to thank you for featuring our surfers and surfing haven. You definitely are helping our tourism industry there. Along with GMA-7, quite a number of bloggers and adventure sites in the internet, I am happy to know that aside from helping promote our town’s tourism program, you also enjoyed your experience there. Kudos to all of you!

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  4. NIce blog you have here! Shet, tagal ko nang di navisit site mo, dami improvements! Face of determination ni Joey! captured talaga! haha! 🙂 hoy Jed, next time, mag-Cagragay Island naman tayo! Maganda din dun. 🙂

  5. is there a surf shop in gubat that sells long boards .around how much do they cost. I am movind to albay in bicol from US

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