Camarines Norte: Calaguas And Back Again And Again With Biyahe Lokal

Calaguas Island Camarines Norte vacation

Camarines Norte‘s pristine islands of Calaguas have attracted numerous visitors hailing from near and far regions of the Philippines, and sometimes from across the oceans. Word about its powdery white sand and clear azure water has rapidly spread like wildfire in the local travel scene. Even before the summer sun came, Biyahe Lokal‘s bookings bound for Calaguas were on fire. Tagging along with different groups on several occasions took to me to Calaguas and back again and again.

Camarines Norte Calaguas IslandApproaching Calaguas Island.

Calaguas Island Camarines NorteHow could you resist?

Calaguas Island Camarines NorteWake up in the morning to this beautiful view.

Combined travel time to Mahabang Buhangin by both land and sea takes 9 agonizing hours from Manila, but it doesn’t stop travelers from coming in. A promise of paradise awaits the beholder, an island so surreal that it seems to exist only in movies and books. Just the sight of this piece of heaven on earth never failed to amuse anyone (as far as I know), and definitely, worth the long hours.

Calaguas IslandGood morning from Calaguas Island.

BreakfastWes loves hotdogs and eggs for breakfast.

Food trip in Calaguas IslandGrilled chicken for lunch.

Regardless of the basic amenities such as a toilet seat boxed in sawali walls and hand pitcher pump for T&B, and open cottages equipped with nothing but benches and tables made from all sorts of wood, travelers from all walks of life don’t mind getting out of their comfort zones.For now, nothing but tents serve as the temporary homes for the island’s visitors – perfect for wanderers who prefers to rough up their outdoor experiences. Some even told me it was their first time to go on a camping trip.

Camping in Calaguas Island Camarines NorteTents are their temporary homes.

Apexus Tent in CalaguasMy temporary home. Thanks to the real owner.

Camping in CalaguasNothing beats waking up to a wonderful view, this is why I like my tent’s door facing the beach.

Hand pitcher pump is the water source.

Calaguas tests the survival skills of its visitors. Surviving not in terms of physically, mentally, and emotionally like the reality TV series, but simply surviving the discomfort not every one is used to. Surviving a night sleeping in tents where only a thin piece of polyester fabric separates man from earth. Surviving a life away from mobile phones, internet, and their social networking lives. Surviving the uncontrollable forces of Mother Nature whether its the scorching heat, the freezing wind chills, or hard rains.

Camping Calaguas IslandSometimes the weather is good…

Lightning storms in Calaguas…sometimes, yeah, not so good. But we survived.

Calaguas IslandEnjoying the lovely morning. Braaaaap!!!

yngwieIsland kid Yngwie is no stranger to traveling for he’s been going to beaches since he was 2 years old. 

Pauly in Calaguas IslandOur friends from Calaguas are truly grateful to this Ilokano backpacker for the goodies he gave them. They await your return to thank you personally. Thanks, Pauly.

Migs in CalaguasMigs  just came from the Himalayas then conquered Calaguas.

Fortunately, not a single complaint was uttered by almost everyone whom I traveled with. It must have been the beauty of the island that has overpowered the uneasiness. That’s what I love about the people I traveled with to Calaguas, and besides, they were the ones who made every trip extra special and unique each time. Astig kayo lahat!

Island kidsTotal strangers who became bestfriends in Calaguas, island kids Shon and Yngwie.

Calaguas Island VacationWho said card games are for adults?

Wes and AbbyIdol Wes of nu-metal band, Serefamus, and girlfriend Abby, an event/gig organizer.

Sharon and shonMother and son, Sharon and Shon.

This post is dedicated to all Biyahe Lokal‘s guests who eventually we became friends with, thank you for entrusting your vacation and safety in our hands. I hope we made your summer escape unforgettable. This post is also dedicated to all our friends who helped us in most tours. Thank you very much. To every one who became part of this best summer ever, thank you.

Calaguas Island Mahabang Buhangin Vacation Summer 2013

Most of them don’t know each other when they came to the island, but went home as good friends.

Calaguas Summer Vacation
Lovely Cebuanas celebrating their friend’s birthday in Calaguas. Photo by Mac Centeno.

BagasbasThis wacky bunch took a sidetrip to Bagasbas Beach to go surfing.

Calaguas Island Vacation Summer 2013

We go way back with this group. Giant waves forbid us from going to Calaguas on their first attempt which brought us to Quinamanucan Island, Bagasbas, and Daet.

Calaguas Island Mahabang Buhangin Vacation 2013The kids’ signature “Iron Man” pose.

Calaguas Island Camarines NorteCouple Ghec and Miko, me, Biyahe Lokal‘s official driver Kuya Sonny, and Dax

Calaguas Island vacationTEAM CHAMI, may utang ako sa inyong photos, bawi ako. Haha. Photo by MC Alvarez.

Calaguas Island vacationCollege friends on vacation.

Calaguas Island vacatin 2013Group made up of high school friends from Cainta, there’s my college friend Migs, and there’s my new found good friend, Paulino Paulino.

My friends, whether its summer or rainy season, may our paths cross again in our future journeys. Until then.


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6. Be safe and happy travels to everyone.

7. Maraming salamat sa inyo! Astig kayo! Wheeewwww!!


10 thoughts on “Camarines Norte: Calaguas And Back Again And Again With Biyahe Lokal

  1. Hey bro! Been reading your posts since May 20 and I am really so amazed by your angles. I’d like to know what camera and lens do you use? 🙂 Keep on inspiring!

    • Hello James, thank you very much. I’m glad you like it.

      I’m using my kit lens most of the time, Canon 17-85mm. It’s my all around lens. I recently changed my camera body to a Rebel T2i. =)

  2. …the best talaga experience sa Calaguas. been following your blog na simula nung magplano pa lang kaming mag Calaguas nung March. if be given a chance, babalik ulit kami dyan.

  3. Calaguas is <3. But we're disappointed when we visited last May. The place changes to a different scene at night with mobile bars and firecrackers and lanterns being set off.

    • Hey Arjay,

      Yeah. That’s the sad part of Calaguas. Kaya every time I go there, dun ako nagse-stay sa may left most side, pag nakaharap ka sa beach. Malayo from all the annoying loud music and the parties. Pareho tayo na ang serenity and peacefulness and isolation ang hanap sa Calaguas.

  4. you’re back on line!
    i just got back from exploring davao, im not sure i could still fit in calaguas in my list this year but you’re blog is definitely bookmarked for future reference!

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