Nagsasa Cove, Zambales: First Step Towards The Unknown

Nagsasa Cove Zambales San Antonio mountains

The infancy of Biyaherong Barat’s life-long journey rooted during my college years. My small chinky eyes opened wide to limitless destinations the Philippine islands can offer. Reminding my humble beginnings were these 10 college students equipped with nothing but their courageous souls and the lust for a whole new adventure. Together, we traveled to the coastal town of San Antonio, Zambales and voyaged to one of its hidden beaches, Nagsasa Cove.

Nagsasa Cove San Antonio ZambalesNo need to explain why Nagsasa Cove is my favorite beach among the 3 coves of San Antonio.

Morning in Nagsasa Cove San Antonio ZambalesLovely morning in Nagsasa.

Our young adventurers were no strangers to the country’s bountiful beaches but they decided to rough it up a little. Spending a night away from their comfort zones promises a whole new experience. No electricity, no soft bedding, and definitely, no air-conditioning – only a thin layer of polyester fabric separated their bodies from the sand, and the mountain breeze sweeping Nagsasa’s shores kept them cool throughout the night.

Biyahe Lokal in Nagsasa CoveSay “Hi” to our intrepid travelers.

Camping in Nagsasa Cove ZambalesBea at campsite.

Playing with sand Nagsasa CovePlaying with Nagsasa Cove’s ash grey sands.

Braving the unknown trembles the mind of the skeptic but not these thrill-seeking lads and lasses who were all pumped up for a morning river trek in search for Nagsasa’s waterfalls. I haven’t tried hiking to the falls so none of us knew what to expect. For a second there, it got me worried for their safety but when I saw intrepid spirits flying higher than Zambales Mountain Range, backing down would be such a disappointment.

Nagsasa CoveGood morning, Nagsasa.

Nagsasa Cove San Antonio ZambalesRiver leading towards the sea.

Nagsasa Cove Zambales San Antonio driftwoodA driftwood sat silently on Nagsasa’s beach.

Bridge Nagsasa Cove San Antonio ZambalesBridge leading to the forest.

Shallow river waters turned dry bed as we marched further upstream under the scorching summer heat. Hopes of reaching the falls began to die down as exhaustion was kept behind worn-out smiles and cheers. It was time to turn around. As we head back to camp, no trace of defeat can be found on our faces but a thrill of accomplishment, instead. Triumph, for everyone took the first step forward towards the unknown, a beginning of a new journey in life.

Bea’s hiking head wear.

Hiking Nagsasa Cove San Antonio ZambalesThe river trek begins.

Nagsasa Cove river trekking San Antonio ZambalesNagsasa Cove’s river.

Tree Nagsasa Cove ZambalesThe tree’s cool shade was our resting point.

Spiny branches in Nagsasa CoveBe extra careful when penetrating into bushes.

Tree on a dry river bed nagsasa cove san antonio zambalesTree on a rocky river bed.

Don’t be afraid to derail yourself from the daily grind. Taking the first step to the unknown reveals a whole new world, an alternate universe far from our regular routine and lifestyle. Don’t be afraid to have the simplest of things for when there is none, you’ll see the abundance.  In these simple things, one finds content. Where there is content, you will find true happiness. A chronic spectacle which kept me on trips like these.

Biyahe Lokal Nagsasa Cove

“It’s never as good as the first time”, Sade said, that is why this Nagsasa Cove trip was crucial for Biyahe Lokal whose task was to make “special moments that last… as tender as they dare to remember”.  I hope we made your vacation quite unforgettable.

Capones Lighthouse Island San Antonio ZambalesSidetrip to Capones Island to see the famous lighthouse.

Balcony Capones Lighthouse San Antonio ZambalesBalcony of Capones Lighthouse.

Brick walls of Capones LighthouseOld brick walls of the lighthouse.

Capones Lighthouse Capones Island ZambalesInside the quarters.

Capones Island Lighthouse San Antonio ZambalesGroup shot at the lighthouse.


Here are some fast facts that may help you on your trip:

1. More information about Nagsasa Cove in these posts.

2. More information about  Capones Island in these posts.

3. This was a trip arranged by Biyahe Lokal. To find out more about their trips, read Biyahe Lokal or like Biyahe Lokal’s Facebook Page.

4. Safety of our fellow travelers is Biyahe Lokal’s top priority.

5. For D-I-Y trips, contact Reynald Liwarin (09108162974) for boat rentals.

6. This post is dedicated to this group of college students. Thank you for traveling with us. This reminded me when my friends and I started to travel.

7. Try camping with friends or alone. It’s really a great outdoor experience.

8. Look for more destinations in Zambales in Biyahe Zambales.

9. Please LIKE Biyaherong Barat on Facebook.

10. Follow @BiyaherongBarat on Twitter.

11. Be safe and happy travels to everyone.

Nagsasa Cove san antonio zambalesMandatory Nagsasa Cove Group Shot.

Capones LighthouseMandatory Capones Lighthouse Group Shot #1

Mandatory Capones Lighthouse Group Shot #2


34 thoughts on “Nagsasa Cove, Zambales: First Step Towards The Unknown

  1. Hi Jed, we’ve been there yesterday. Sayang hndi kita nakita,hehe..I really admire your shots. Keep the fire burning! GODBLESS

    • Hey Mechelle,

      This was last March pa. Super delayed. How was the weather? Medyo maulan dito sa Manila kahapon, kamusta dun>

      Thank you very much. Let’s keep the fires burning, and our paths may cross someday in one of our journeys. God bless.

  2. Ah i see. Maganda naman ung weather bandang 7:30pm umulan nga lang. Nag day tour lang kc kami eh. Srap sana mag overnight dun eh. Anyway, I’m one of your friends sa fb kya palagi ko ccheck pictures mo.hehe. Thanks Jed. Godbless 🙂

    • Ok lang naman siguro day trip. Yung panahon din kase medyo alanganin na din.

      Yup, we’re Facebook friends. Thank you very much, I hope you like the photos.

      God bless too, Mechelle. =)

  3. I really like your shots, it looks so beautiful and natural. You always give life in every photos you captured. You are really such a good photographer. 🙂

  4. hi ser ask ko lng kng sn po mas maganda s nagsasa o sa anawangin? mag celebrate sana ako dn ng bday s 21 ng september ano b mas maganda mg travel agency or commute n lng kmi 10 pax po kmi please advice po kng san mkk mura po. tnx- ian

  5. hi. my husband and i plan to go to nagsasa island on jan 3-4. is there any nearest resort or cheapest place to stay overnight you can recommend? we will be bringing a car with us as we will be coming from pangasinan. thank you.

  6. Hello sir, Good day and happy new year!, pwede ko po ba malaman ang brand and model ng camera nyo po? very cofusing kasi napaka linaw and ang ganda po ng mga shots nyo. hope you can advice some, as for me na gusto ko mag upgrade ng camera. God bless.

  7. Hi gusto ko lang po magtanong kung itotal niyo expenses ng bawat isa magkano aabot per head kung makapag nagsasa, capones at camara island? Kasama na yung overnight stay sa nagsasa? Thank you po!

  8. hello. can anyone po na pwedeng magbigay sakin nang contact person para po sa nagsasa. mag trekk po kami this nov. 8 wala po kasi akong contact for permit / guide papaunta dun. salamat po nang marami

  9. hello ..kindly email me how much is your group tour packages. kahit saang lugar…sa Batangas, Zambales, Coron, etc. Thanks.

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