Zambales: Biyahe Lokal Adventures in Anawangin Cove & Capones Island

Anawangin Cove San Antonio Zambales

Among the three coves in San Antonio, Anawangin probably outranks Nagsasa and Silanguin in terms of popularity. Due to the famous destination’s proximity from the jump-off point in the coastal baranggay of Pundaquit, travelers could enjoy an ultimate outdoor experience without the hassle of embarking on arduous journeys. My day trips on this beach were quite a blast but this overnight camping opened my eyes to a whole new perspective on how Anawangin Cove has attracted diverse groups of travelers – that includes the Biyahe Lokal crew and our new friends.

Going to Anawangin CoveOn the boat to the Anawangin Cove.

Fair winds and calm seas favored our voyage as the boat easily sliced through the  glassy waters. Traversing the rugged coastline of San Antonio from Pundaquit to Anawangin took us on a relaxed 45-minute journey before the bow touched the shores of Anawangin Cove.

Camping in Anawangin Cove ZambalesLovely travel buddies on this Anawangin adventure.

Anawangin Cove San Antonio ZambalesOpen cottages in a campsite on Anawangin Cove

Campsites ran from both ends of the beach. Each having basic amenities like open cottages, water sources, toilet, and a 24-hour store selling canned goods, water, etc., yet on a price above the regular cost. Pitch tents wherever would please your adventurous hearts – under a cool shade, under the sky, on the forest, or near the beach – you’re tent, you’re call, just pitch.

Picnic tables in Anawangin Cove San Antonio ZambalesImagine dining with a pinewood forest as backdrop.

Pine trees in Anawangin Cove San Antonio ZambalesPinewood forest in Anawangin Cove.

Anawangin Cove San Antonio ZambalesA log sits silently on Anawangin’s dry river bed.

Anawangin Cove San Antonio Zambales

While others have a quick siesta, our band of 6 penetrated deeper into the woods to explore what lies beyond the famed shores of Anawangin Cove. One can’t help but notice the abundance of pinewood trees which was quite unusual yet interesting since coconut and palm trees are the mainstreams on Philippine  beaches. Luscious vegetation got thicker until we came into a clearing which turned out to be a dry riverbed probably because of the summer season.

River in Anawangin Cove San Antonio ZambalesDry riverbed of Anawangin

Anawangin Cove vacation San Antonio ZambalesPicture-taking in Anawangin’s river (or what’s left of it)

From the pine tree forest, me and 5 intrepid exploring buddies head south through Anawangin’s beach scoured with greyish white sands, and gently washed by calm waves. On the rocky end of the shoreline lies a pass which leads up to a hill where a majestic vista of Anawangin Cove, the gigantic Zambales Mountains, and the vast West Philippine will definitely astonish its audience. Everyone sat down for a moment and absorbed its breathtaking beauty.

Anawangin Cove San Antonio ZambalesOverlooking Anawangin Cove and the West Philippine Sea.

Anawangin Cove San Antonio ZambalesGroup photo from the hill.

Anawangin Cove Vacation San Antonio ZambalesCapping the night off with cool drinks while sitting around the bonfire.

The sea wasn’t as calm as the day before when we braved the waters bound for Capones Island. But amidst the slight bumps and splashes along the way, we made it safely. The next challenge was getting from the boat to the shore dry – the only solution,  get wet then dry ourselves. We packed the cameras in a clean garbage bag, place it inside the empty cooler, then swam their way to the rocky beach.

Stairs Capones Island San Antonio ZambalesStairs going to the lighthouse in Capones Island.

Capones Island Lighthouse San Antonio ZambalesTrek to Capones Lighthouse.

Capones Island Lighthouse San Antonio ZambalesCapones Island Lighthouse

Capones Island Lighthouse San Antonio Zambales
Enjoying the majestic view from the lighthouse gallery

Paved staircases made the climb to lighthouse easier in contrary to the long way up coming from the eastern side of Capones Island. A final 5-minute trek into a thick foliage of shrubs and trees takes visitors to the gates of late 19th century Capones Lighthouse. Amidst the barracks’ barren condition, the lighthouse is fully operation and has been guiding sea vessels for over a hundred of years. Historical structures like this never fails to amaze me, thus, the short visit to lighthouse even added more delight to our San Antonio, Zambales adventure.

Gates of Capones Island Lighthouse ZambalesGates of Capones Lighthouse.

Capones Lighthouse San Antonio ZambalesStanding on an huge window in the lighthouse’ quarters.

Capones Island Beach ZambalesRocky shores of Capones Island.

If I were to judge what’s the best beach among the 3 coves, I would say its Nagsasa Cove. However, amidst the large tourist influx in Anawangin Cove, this destination keeps on attracting more and more visitors every year. Why? Aside from having the cheapest boat ride from Pundaquit to the coves, Anawangin is a crossroad for all types of nature lovers – hikers, beach-goers, mountaineers, adventurers, or couch potatoes, anyone, any who. If you’re the adrenalin junkie who seeks an adventure nearby, you could take the trek from Pundaquit to the cove. If you’re the type who prefers to just enjoy the beach, you could take the boat. If you’re the type who loves the outdoors but doesn’t straying too far from his comfort zone, camp out for a night, and besides, they have basic amenities there. Anawangin is for everybody.

To our new friends (and 2 of our regular travel buddies), we hope you had loads of fun during this Anawangin-Capones trips. Biyahe Lokal had a great time assisting you on this trip and we’re looking forward to our next adventure. See you around! Keep traveling.


Here are some fast facts that may help you on your trip:

1. To find out more about cheap travel packages to Anawangin and other destinations, contact Biyahe Lokal.
0927 970 34 59 Look for Yani 0906 362 38 54

2. For D-I-Y trips, contact Reynald Liwarin (09108162974) for boat rentals.

3. Like Biyahe Lokal on Facebook.

4. Brgy. Pundaquit, jump off point to Anawangin Cove, is aprroximately 3 hours from Manila.

5. Boat ride from Pundaquit to Anawangin is about 45 minutes.

6. There are small sari-sari stores on campsites but expect the price to be a bit higher.

7. The hike to Capones was the easy route. You might want to read about the Long Way Up

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12. Happy travels everyone. Always be safe.

Anawangin Cove San Antonio Zambales

Capones Lighthouse Capones Island Zambales


73 thoughts on “Zambales: Biyahe Lokal Adventures in Anawangin Cove & Capones Island

  1. HI Jed, it’s me again. if you’ll notice, based from my last week’s inquiry on cyrstal beach, it obvious that i havent decided yet where to go in the north 😦 hay. i have two kids in tow kasi kaya im having a hard time. First in mind is Potipot but 6hours commute from manila is too far and we get to stay in an island lang. now upon reading this post, im interested naman in going in pudaquit but have been reading negative posts about malaria and drowning in this tourist destination. is it true? i mean beach lang talaga ang gusto ko puntahan with the kids and maybe a little sightseeing but is it safe to swim in pudaquit area or in any of these three spots? backedout from potipot kasi coz may jellyfish din daw. hay. help.i have nowhere to go yet! 😦

  2. Magkano magagastos ng isang tao papunta dito? yung papunta lang sir. tapos ok lang ba magdala nalang ng inumin at pagkain sa site?

    • Hello Jo,

      Usually, minimum of 10 persons pero ‘pag nagkulang medyo mas mataas ng onti yung baya, pero minsan sinusubukan namin dagdagan at nakakakita naman ng sasama. Yung sa schedule message niyo na lang po yung sa Biyahe Lokal Facebook or tawagan yung contact number dun. =)

  3. Hi! is it advisable to go in july? do you have packages to anawangin in july? please send me details for 2-4 people 🙂 thanks!

    • hello good evening anawangin is very nice island you can stay at sanctuary and before you can go there you need to go to a resort to park your car and to rent a boat and i will not recommend the name pearl island resort the owner are liar she overcharge us when we left and dont go to talisay island there is no adventure there and the cottage there are super expensive not like in anawangin

  4. we went in zambales last friday and we go to the shop of pearl island resort and we ae really angry with the owner and she is not good,she lie to us she said that anawangin is a dirty island and we go to other island called talisay the place is not good and too dirty and they are doing overcharge to us so i will not recommend the shop name pearl island resort please be careful to the owner

  5. We are planning a trip to Anawangin this December. Headcount for the trip would be more than 5 persons and we will be coming up North in (Pangasinan). Any tips?

    • Hi Josh,

      Your plan sounds great. You might need a boat man and contact person in Pundaquit (jump off point to Anawangin), you could call this guy, Kulot, maybe he could arrange a boat for you or maybe a good package for you.


  6. good pm po… ask ko alng kung meron po bang diretso sa capones island na? or do we really have to ride a boat po? mag pprenup po sana kme dun…heheh and may mga matutulugan po b dun? thanks po.. 🙂

  7. Such a good will help a lot, lalo na sa gustong mag explore…We will be visiting the place soon, thanks for the help…nice picture..two thumbs up bro..

  8. Hello! Ok po bang magpunta ng Anawangin ng December, lalo na sa 2nd half of the month. I mean, ok po ba ang condition ng sea and the place… maulan po ba doon ng ganung time? We’re planning to xe… thanks po in advance!

    • Hello Jed,

      I’m Jed also. Hehe. Anyway, I don’t advise boat trips during rainy season but I do it anyway, at my own risk of course. I cannot predict weather so come what may. If weather is not good, better not push through. Safety first.

  9. Hi.. We are planning to go to anawangin nxtyr february po.. san po kami mkaka avail ng package dun pero for 2persons lng po?. Thank you.

  10. hello. good day po. plan po namin pumunta sa nagsasa this january kaso wala pong package for 2 person. baka ppo may mairecommend kayo na murang package for two. thank you po.

  11. Hi! My friends and I are planning to visit anawangin cove next month, 1st week of January. Do you know any place where we can park our car? Is it safe? Thank you! 🙂

  12. Hi, I’m Deo Bobis! There is a new resort/camping area opening in the pristine and beautiful beaches of Tambobong, Dasol, Pangasinan. Just look for the PANTALAN BEACH RESORT

    CONTACT # : 09301194141 /09075183062 / 9830432

    For more info. visit the websites below…

  13. We are planning to go here on APRIL 18-19 , pwd po ba me magpa quote sa inyo ? we are 6 persons in a group pero possible pa na madagdagan kami e.

  14. HI, Ask ko lng kng knino pwede mag pa-arrange ng tour package/itenerary (going to anawangin cove, capones island and nagsasa cove) by october sana. For 5 – 6 persons. Hndi ksi nmen macontact yung mga numbers na nilagay nnyo po e. How much kaya yan? Thanks in advance. God Bless! 🙂

  15. is there a place in Barangay Pundaquit where we can leave our vehicle? Or we can also ask “kulot” for arrangements regarding this? Is there an entrance fee to Anawangin itself? Thanks

  16. Hi! May I ask what camera do you use? Ang ganda kse ng every shot mo! 😉
    since I first read ur crystal beach adventure I now admire all ur adventure blogs!

  17. hello! ask ko lang po kung magkno yung rent sa boat papuntang anawangin? then kung may sskyan po kami san sya magstay? plano po kc nmin pumunta dis coming march 8, 9person

  18. Hi, There is a new resort/camping area opening in the pristine and beautiful beaches of Tambobong, Dasol, Pangasinan. Just look for the PANTALAN BEACH RESORT

    Tambobong Beaches/Camping, Pangasinan (Pantalan beach resort)

    (for the rates,reservation and other info. just call or text)
    DEO BOBIS : 09301194141 / 09759211224 / 9830432
    NANAY PRECY: 09075183062
    JOEY BOBIS : 09489264248
    *Rooms aircon Available
    (front beach)
    *Rooms no Aircon
    (front beach)
    *House for Rent
    (front beach)
    *Cottage (front beach)
    *Island hopping fees depends on where you want to go.
    *Pitch your tent only on designated areas pls.
    *Bonfire available for minimal charge

    Tambobong Beaches/Camping, Pangasinan (Pantalan beach resort)

    DEO BOBIS : 09301194141/ 9830432
    JOEY BOBIS : 09489264248

    For more info. visit the websites below…
    visit this website.

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  20. Hi!
    just a concerned citizen dropping by to give you a heads up on current situation in Anawangin. My and husband and I have been there for a day tour last weekend, and I am disappointed on how the beauty of the place is being treated by the visitors. WE ARE ALL BLESSED TO HAVE SUCH A GREAT VIEW, THEREFORE WE ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR KEEPING IT BEAUTIFUL not just for us but for our future to be able to enjoy the same. PLEASE DO NOT ALLOW ANY VISITOR TO SMOKE NOR DRINK ALCOHOL IN THE AREA. It is quite obvious that the assigned care taker could not track each and every cigarette butt and empty alcohol bottle, to be place in proper disposal. Simple solution is not to allow them. Those who would like to smoke and drink may do so in pubs in Olongapo or Subuc, but not there in Anawangin.
    PLEASE HELP ME SPREAD THE AWARENESS. And those who are planning to visit the place, it is one of the Philippines’ breath taking places. Hope you could also bring your kid there one day when you finally have one. Please refrain from causing further damage.

  21. Hi we are planning to go to anawangin cove this holy week, can anyone give an advice if its safe to bring an 11 months old?

  22. Pingback: Anawangin, Nagsasa, and/or Silanguin (San Antonio, Zambales) 2D/1N

  23. hi po good day…plan po nmin magovernight stay just in case matuloy po kami sa anawangin..tanong ko lng po kung may boat po ba kming masasakyan pabalik ng pundaquit the following day?and how much na po ang bayad sa boat?thanks po…

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