Iba, Zambales: Birthday Beach Break in Baranggay Bangantalinga

Carla Lagonoy in Iba Zambales Beach

From the pristine island of Magalawa, we moved our small birthday travel-celebration a few kilometers south to the shores of Iba, the provincial capital of Zambales. With a continuously growing number of commercial establishments, banks, and financial institutions in town, Iba contends among the most competitive municipalities in Central Luzon, and is pushing forward towards a progressive city. Bound by the West Philippine Sea, Iba is situated on a 25 kilometer coastline which boasts of beautiful beaches such as our next destination in Baranggay Bangantalinga.

 Baranggay Bangantalinga Beach in Iba ZambalesLong stretch of grey sanded beach in Baranggay Bangantalinga

Iba Zambales beach bangantalingaA hazy and lazy afternoon on the beach.

Running on the beachBarefoot racing on hot sand.

Grey sands stretches kilometers on Iba’s vast beach facing the open West Philippine Sea (formerly South China Sea). Temperamental waves wash the shores smooth making it ideal for skim boarding 101, while the advanced and pro’s indulge on shore breaks. On certain seasons of the year, local surfers find another playground in Iba. But if you prefer to stay dry, the flatland beach serves as a perfect battleground for a game of beach football, volleyball, ultimate frisbee, or, in Nikki and Camille’s case, barefoot beach sprinting on hot sand.

Zambales Skimboarding local ibaA local in Iba enjoys the after work hours by skimboarding.

Skimboarding in Iba zambalesStunts in skimboarding.

Over 40 beach resorts line up on Iba’s coast due to the high tourist influx received by the municipality alone. Among these 40, Lindamar By The Sea Resort may not be the cheapest in town, but this beach front lodge has been home to our large group every time we visit Iba. Even I don’t know why we didn’t bother searching for less expensive alternatives. Maybe it’s the relaxed ambiance or the cool environment, probably, thanks to the tall tree canopies covering the resort, not to mention the clean beach front only a few steps from our rooms. But this I’m sure – at approximately P350.00-P500.00 (room sharing), I could say it’s quite affordable.

Lindamar Beach Resort Iba ZambalesLindamar By The Sea’s beach front.

Lindamar By The Sea Beach Resort ZambalesJust “settling in” in our temporary home.

Lindamar By The Sea Resort Iba ZambalesLocals and visitors of Lindamar By The Sea Resort witnessed the moment Pacquiao knocked out cold by Marquez.

While Iba’s beach has been an enjoyable vacation spot in Zambales, there were a few incidents which unfortunately ended in a tragedy. Lives of some regular vacationers have been claimed due to drowning in the unpredictable waters. Well-trained lifeguards have always kept a close watch and constantly reminding tourist about the hazards of swimming at certain times of the day, especially, when swimmers stray far from the shore. Local lifeguards keep Iba “drown-free” as much as possible. We could help them by doing our part – follow the rules.

Lifeguards Iba ZambalesLifeguards on duty.

Vacation in Iba ZambalesResponsible drinkers/vacationers don’t go out for a swim when they’re drunk – just like these boys.

Hazards are always lurking in all travels. Both month-long backpacking journeys or even a short trip to the supermarket have their own hazards. Our knowledge and awareness of precautionary measures keep us away from getting ourselves killed. Losing your (or your friend’s) life is not worth the adventure. This post was not to discourage travelers to visit Iba, Zambales, but to raise awareness to avoid accidents while enjoying your hassle-free vacation.

Iba Zambales BeachLate afternoon in Iba, Zambales.

Yes, we will come back, celebrate important occasions like this, and will live more priceless moments at the beautiful shores of Baranggay Bangantalinga. It’s simply hard to resist not to.

Iba Zambales beachThe long stretch of beach in Iba, Zambales.


Here are some fast facts, and SAFETY TIPS that may help you on your trip:

1. If you’re commuting to Magalawa Island, take a Victory Liner Bus bound for Sta. Cruz or Iba and get off in Iba Terminal. Ask the tricycle to take you to Baranggay Bangantalinga.

2. If you’re driving to Iba, Zambales, take NLEX-SCTEX route to Subic, Zambales. Follow the National Road to Baranggay Bangantalinga.

3. This is not a sponsored blog by Lindamar By The Sea Resort, we just happen to stay there every time. Their place is actually nice, and personnel are very hospitable. Visit their website for rooms, rates, and reservations.

4. Lindamar By The Sea Resort have trained life guards, and life saving equipment. The resort is part of the Drown-Free Zambales campaign.

5. Let’s keep our beaches GARBAGE-FREE as well. Avoid leaving trash on beaches, especially, those cigarette butts. Put it on a bottle, or plastic,  first, then throw it on the trash can until you found one.

6. LISTEN to the life guards. If they told you not to swim, DON’T.

7. Avoid swimming when you’re intoxicated, especially, at night.

8. Always keep an eye out for your buddies as they keep an eye out for you.

9. Be SAFE on all your travels. SAFETY is #1 on every adventurer’s priority.

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13. Happy travels everyone.

Lindamar By The Sea Resort Iba Zambales


9 thoughts on “Iba, Zambales: Birthday Beach Break in Baranggay Bangantalinga

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  2. Hi there! Is there any spot to set up camp on at this beach? Or sa resort talaga kailangan mag stay?

    • Hi Jenny,

      The beach I think is for everybody, so Iguess it’s free to camp onthe beach. Parang wala lang akong makitang spot kung san pwede magtayo ng tent na may shade. Tapos sa mga liguan at CR, maybe you could ask the resort na langtapos pay a small fee. =)

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