Sta. Rosa, Laguna: SMART “Live More Run” in Nuvali

Smart Live More Run in Nuvali Sta. Rosa

Running is among the oldest athletic events recorded in history. Tracing back to 776 B.C. fast forwarding to the present, the sport has evolved in many ways. The competitive frolic which was back then strictly for fast land-moving and distance-enduring humans has open up its doors to all adults, senior citizens, teens, kids, and sometimes, some even bring their dogs. To cater to all ages and classes, the running sport was converted to a fun run wherein the enjoyment in running is promoted more than just the sport itself, just like Smart’s Live More Fun Run in Nuvali.

SMART Live More Run in Nuvali Sta Rosa LagunaOnly colorful powders and shoe prints left at the starting point.

Wireless service provider SMART Communications, Inc. organized a fund-raising fun run called “Live More Run” held in Nuvali in Santa Rosa, Laguna last Saturday, 19th of January 2013. The 5-kilometer run took on a unique approach in this event by adding color to the sport – literally. Running participants wearing white and a pair of sunglasses were showered with a non-toxic and washable powder as they pass different stations from start to finish.

Smart Live More Run in Nuvali Santa Rosa LagunaCheckpoint marshals throwing blue cornstarch to finishing runners.

Hordes of men, women, and children of all ages crossed the starting point as the gun went off signaling the fun is to begin. Clouds of colorful dust rose from the ground and went high into the air when participants marched pass the arch. Blue and green cornstarch were sprayed into their tidy white shirts but still wore smiles on their blue-washed faces.

Smart Live More Run in Nuvali Santa Rosa LagunaAll in blue.

Smart Live More Run in Nuvali Sta. Rosa LagunaGirls passing the last checkpoint.

If starting the race was a party of colors, finishing it was a festivity of hues. As runners march their way towards the finish line, a cheerful gang of marshals threw blue powder on finishers as they celebrate the end of the fun-filled race. The event encouraged runners to not to compete but enjoy the moment with their friends and families, as the SMART Sports Manager said, and it was evident through the smiles carried by the participants from beginning until the end.

Smart Live More Run in Nuvali Sta Rosa LagunaA father-daughter team held hands as they finish the race.

Smart Live More Run in Nuvali Sta. Rosa LagunaMarshals enjoying their jobs in SMART Live More Run.

Running has become a trending sport in the Philippines where almost every month events like these are being held. Different organizations create their events and a few gimmicks to make running more fun and open to everyone. Clearly, running events increase participants every time including seasonal runners who have been to many previous competitions. Thus, I can see that Filipinos are now more inclined towards a healthier lifestyle and boosts a competitive spirit.

Smart Live More Run in Nuvali Sta. Rosa LagunaFinishing with a smile on her face.

However, on a personal note, the healthy trend comes with a cost averaging from P500 – P900 per participant (as to my knowledge), and that hinders me from joining such events. But I like running. Ever since I recovered from a previous ankle surgery, running has become a part of my weekly itinerary. Aside from the health and leisure benefits, I ran errands literally. Instead of commuting, I put on my worn out rubber shoes and ran/walk to pay bills or buy groceries. In that way, I could exercise, do errands, and save money all at the same time. But in time, I’d surely be competing in one of this races, it’s part of my to-do-list.

Smart Live More Run in Nuvali Santa Rosa Laguna
I’m proud of my friends finishing their 5-kilometer run.


Here are some fast facts that may help you on your trip:

1. Congratulations to all fun runners and finishers, especially to my friends. I attended the fun run in Nuvali not as a runner but to support my participating friends and take photos for them as well.

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5. Happy running everyone.

SMART Live More Run in Nuvali Santa Rosa LagunaClean shirts before starting the race.

sMART Live More Run in Nuvali Sta. Rosa LagunaColorful shirts after the race.


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