Road Trip to Ilocos Norte 7: Bangui’s Wind Farm

Bangui Windmills Northwind Bangui Bay Project Ilocos Norte

The winds of Bangui blew tourists towards this coastal town of Ilocos Norte. One can never miss its extremely enormous blades waving in the sky. I remember my astonishment when I first saw these giants stood firmly like guardians protecting the Ilocandia shoreline. I knew the windmill was big, but I had zero idea that it was intensely up-sized compared to photos we see – and there are 20 them. The Bangui Wind Farm was quite a sight to behold. Let’s know more what these mighty giants could do more than just a tourist attraction in Road Trip to Ilocos Norte 7: Bangui’s Wind Farm.

Bangui Windmills NorthWind Bangui Bay Project Ilocos NorteA glimpse of the giant windmills.

In 2005, Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos, son of the former President Marcos, inaugurated the first phase of the NorthWind Bangui Bay Project with 15 70-meter wind turbines standing on the windswept shores of Bangui. This project was highly prioritized by Sen. Bongbong Marcos, Ilocos Norte governor at that time, because of power shortages that slows down the economic growth of the province. Thanks to the researched conducted by NREL (National Renewable Energy Laboratory), growing a wind farm on Bangui’s beach is a green light. Businessmen, engineers, and builders from the Philippines and Denmark worked together on this monumental feat – Bangui’s massive wind mills were the first in the Philippines and in Southeast Asia.

Bangui Windmills in Ilocos NorteDoor which leads inside the wind turbine.

Harnessing the renewable source of energy using Bangui’s state-of-the-art wind turbines generated 240 – 400 Megawatts (MG) which could power 6,000 – 10,000 households. Completed in 2008 was Phase II wherein they installed 5 more wind turbines, so now, all 20 generates almost 33 MG which could power 8,000 – 13,000 households. Forty percent of Ilocos Norte‘s electricity is supported by Bangui’s Wind Mills. Look at those numbers. Look how big these giants have contributed to Ilocos Norte. And look, it is EARTH-FRIENDLY. Now let’s take a peek at the bigger picture.

Bangui Windmills Ilocos Norte10 wind turbines. Northern portion of Bangui Bay.

The Philippine archipelago is surrounded by vast bodies of water on all fronts. Strong winds storm in on all sides. Imagine installing wind turbines on ideal locations, tapping all those abundant energy, and distributing clean energy from house to house. Generating 100% clean and renewable energy for the whole country is one “blow” away. Therefore, we don’t have to worry about the unstoppable increase of our monthly electric bills. Currently, there are 9 potential sites under study for the wind mill project, and Oriental Mindoro, specifically the Puerto Galera Wind Project, had already begun construction.

Bangui Windmills Ilocos Norte PhilippinesA drift wood sitting still on Bangui’s Beach.

I just love how the Former First Lady Imelda Marcos put it to words: “What we need now is energy that is environmentally friendly. The Philippines has no reason to be poor. We’ve got it all.” I believe that our country is rich in natural resources if only we only put ourselves how we could harness or develop them. Not only are we rich in these aspect but the Filipinos are gifted with talent, creativity, skill, heart, and huge a population that will work together on these kinds of projects. Combining both these factors will push the Philippines up from a 3rd World to 1st World Country. The Philippines is a poor country no more but would certainly be once again the Tiger of Asia.

Bangui Windmills Ilocos Norte
Photo in Bangui Windmills.

If Ilocos Norte can take a “giant” leap towards a greener environment, there’s no reason the entire country couldn’t follow. Cheers to Senator Bongbong and to all those who supported and worked on this environmental project and the upcoming solar farm in Currimao, also in Ilocos Norte.

 Let’s now move south to the town of Burgos and see 2 of the local attractions.


Here are some fast facts that may help you on your trip:

1. I’m not a numbers guy. Those figures are based on my personal calculations and estimates and not from scientific studies.

2. Bangui is passed Laoag, Bacarra, and Burgos. The Windmills won’t be hard to find. IT SO BIG, unless during the night when you can’t see it. If you’re coming from Manila bound for Pagudpud, I saw a sign that read, “Kangkang Windmill Cafe” just before a bridge and it lead directly to the beach where the windmills are.

3. There are souvenirs stores, eateries, and shops along Bangui Bay.

4. Kite surfers travel from Pagudpud’s Kingfisher to Bangui Windmills using their kite and board.

5. Entrance Fee is FREE.

6. Do they allow going up the turbines? That I don’t know, some say yes, some say no, I haven’t tried. But I saw pictures shot from above.

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11. Drive safe and happy travels to everyone.

 Bangui Windmills Ilocos Norte Vacation


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  3. How much does it cost to visit ilocos norte? Could anyone send me a contact person to help me and my husband for a tour. We are palnning to go out of town this end of january 2013

    • Hi Eden,

      I’m not really sure how much the tour is, but I’m sure you could ask the hotel or resort you’re staying to refer you. Big groups rent jeeps, while you could rent a tricycle. Price would vary on your destination/s.

  4. Hey i dont realy know that much about travelling im just starting to do it this year. So my first trip that i want to do is here in bangui. I just wanna ask if we were going here in ilocos.. This is near in pagudpod right?

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