Road Trip to Ilocos Norte 6: Pagudpud’s Tourist Destinations in One Day

Bantay Abot Cave in Pagudpud Ilocos Norte

Heavy downpour, zero road visibility, landslide prone areas, sleep deprivation, exhaustion from driving – these were the unfortunate incidents that we deal with on my first journey to Ilocos Norte. The trip had flimsy planning, time constraints, and lack of travel know-how’s. It was entirely a young adventurer’s burning desire but unequipped with the right arsenal of skills. Right then and there, as I crossed Pagudpud’s arch heading south, I left a promise to return. It was a comeback trip, four years in the making, nevertheless, there I was, I kept my word. Today, let’s see what Pagudpud can offer in this Road Trip to Ilocos Norte 5: Pagudpud’s Tourist Destinations in One Day.

Kingfisher Resort Pagudpud Ilocos NorteKingfisher Resort in Baranggay Caparisparisan, Pagudpud.

An ensemble of strong winds and calm waves sweeping the shores, together with the gentle brushing of trees and birds singing happy little chirps, all together, played a melodic ambient tune which greeted me a good morning at Kingfisher Resort. Huge orange kites seen from the horizon contrasted the vivid hues of blue dominating the open sky. The morning was full of colors, sounds, and energy. It seemed like a perfect day for a Pagudpud day-out so off we went.

Kingfisher Beach Resort  Ilocos Norte PagudpudGuest enjoying the beautiful morning at Kingfisher.

Kite surfing boarding in Kingfisher Ilocos Norte PagudpudKite surfing at Kingfisher Beach in Pagudpud.

Guides wearing green gave big hand waves as they invite visitors to take the turn towards their baranggay‘s forest attraction, Kabigan Falls. In front of a small chapel was a grass-covered parking space which also marks the jump off point for the 1.8 kilometer hike to the falls. A 5:1 person-guide ratio was implemented so two local guides were assigned to accommodate our big group of 13. One guide led the march towards a river where the trail begins while the other on the tail end making sure no one gets lost or left behind.

Kabigan Falls Balaoi Pagudpud Ilocos NortePhoto with our friendly guide, Rex, at the jump off point to Kabigan Falls.

Driftwood in Pagudpud Ilocos NorteA huge driftwood, probably washed by strong currents, sits in between the middle of two streams.

The trail to Kabigan Falls was easy and well-established. Flatland covered most of the hike leading deeper into the forest. Makeshift bridges built from fastened tree trunks or wooden planks enable easier crossing of the streams. On a relaxed pace, Pagudpud’s waterfalls is in sight within 40 minutes.

Hiking to Kabigan Falls Pagupud Ilocos NorteHiking through flat lands and open fields.

Hiking to Kabigan Falls Pagudpud Ilocos NorteThe man without a sole

Makeshift bridges to Kabigan Falls Pagudpud Ilocos NorteWooden planks serve as bridges.

Bridges to Kabigan Falls Pagudpud Ilocos NorteThe bridge was kind of shaky but it did the job.

 Luscious green forest vegetation surrounds the 80-foot Kabigan  Falls. Its running mountain waters plunge into basin of freezing cold waters. The cool mist felt in the air was refreshing, but a dip into the pool will kick exhaustion and weariness out of your system. Baranggay Balaoi’s Kabigan Falls was worth the hike, sweat, and besides, it was a good morning exercise.

Kabigan Falls Pagudpud Ilocos NorteThe last bridge to cross before Kabigan Falls.

Kabigan Falls Pagudpud Ilocos NorteGoing up leads to picture-taking area, the opposite leads to the pool.

Kabigan Falls Pagudpud Ilocos NorteMan swims into Kabigan Falls’ freezing pool.

Connecting Pagudpud’s Baranggay Balaoi and Pansian is the 4th longest bridge in the country called Patapat Viaduct. The snaky 1.3 kilometer concrete bridge follows the contour of the northernmost mountains of Cordillera and offers a stunning vista of the Pasaleng Bay to passers by bound for Cagayan Valley from Ilocos Norte. Aside from being a tourist spectacle, the bridge, elevated 31 meters above sea level, was strategically built to avoid accidents in this landslide prone area. Also found along the viaduct, tourist take a roadside stopover to take a picture of a mini-hydro power plant called Mabugabog Falls. Make sure you’re not standing on the middle of the road while shooting photos to avoid accidents due to vehicular accidents and not landslides.

Patapat Viaduct and Mabugabog Falls in Pagudpud Ilocos NorteTourist on a stopover to take picture of Patapat Viaduct and Mabugabog Falls.

Jay Pagulayan in Patapat viaductJay enjoys the awesome view of Pasaleng Bay.

A bizarre rock formation called Bantay Abot Cave can be found on the shores of Baranggay Balaoi. Bantay Abot was coined after the rock’s unusual characteristic, thus, the name literally translates to “mountain with a hole”. Strong Pacific waves relentlessly pommeling the coastline of Pagudpud since the dawn of time could’ve punched the huge hole into the mountain that made Bantay Abot truly a sight to see.

The rocky coastline of Sitio Gaoa in Baranggay Balaoi, Pagudpud.

Bantay Abot Cave Pagudpud Ilocos NorteOn the way up to the Bantay Abot Cave.

Blue Lagoon Pagudpud Ilocos NorteFellow photographers, Jay and Dax, with the whole group in Bantay Abot Cave.

Just a few kilometers from Bantay Abot Cave was our final stop for the day, Baranggay Balaoi’s white-sanded beach of Blue Lagoon, also known as, Maira-Ira Point. This crescent-shaped beach (which is more like a cove than a lagoon) was once referred to as “Secret Beach” but has gained popularity among travelers which gave rise to road constructions, hotels and food establishments. Tourist influx extensively increased compared to my previous visit four years ago. Pagudpud’s secret may have been revealed to many, nevertheless, I still find its soft white sand, and crystal clear waters a destination in Pagudpud I’ll always come back to and spend a whole laid-back afternoon lazing in Blue Lagoon while enjoying our cold drinks and taking a refreshing swim. And, that’s just what we did.

Blue Lagoon Maira Ira Point Malingay Cove Pagudpud Ilocos NorteBlue Lagoon of Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte

Mico in Blue Lagoon Mair-Ira Point Pagudpud Ilocos NorteMico plainly lazing around in Blue Lagoon’s white-sanded beach with her ice cold beer.

Jay Pagulayan playing frisbee in Blue Lagoon Pagudpud Ilocos NorteJay plays frisbee disc in Blue Lagoon.

Pagudpud‘s numerous adventures, and tourist spots, packed in one town probably made Pagudpud a popular destination in the Philippines. There are many things to do and lots of sights to see anyone could enjoy. We stayed in two beaches, hiked in a forest to a waterfalls, went through a hole in a mountain, passed by marvelous bridge – I could say that my second Pagudpud tour was pretty much complete and, though many things have changed, still its even better.

We head south on my next post to the town of Bangui.


Here are some fast facts that may help you on your trip:

1. Read more about Kingfisher Resort in Road Trip to Ilocos Norte 5: Pagudpud’s Kingfisher Resort – A Destination On Its Own

2. The Kabigan Falls  jump off point could easily be spotted on the right of the main highway to the north. Most of the time, guides stationed on a corner waves passers by signalling to Kabigan Falls.

3. Fees in Kabigan Falls.

P20.00 per person – Entrance Fee
P100.00 per guide – Guide services. If you enjoyed their company, don’t hesitate to give a little over the rate for the guides themselves maintain the cleanliness and improve the trails to Kabigan Falls.
P40.00 per vehicle – Parking Fee

4. There is a comfort room near Kabigan Falls.

5. Bring water for your hike.

6. Be careful when you’re taking pictures or crossing Patapat Viaduct, remember that it is the main highway.

7. Upon turning right towards the road to Blue Lagoon, we were halted and asked for an entrance fee. I don’t know why.

P25.00 per person – Entrance Fee.

8. Make sure you don’t park in SOFT SAND in Blue Lagoon.

9. Read on to Road Trip to Ilocos Norte 7: Bangui’s Wind Farm

10. Read more about the province in Biyaheng Ilocos Norte.

11. Like Biyaherong Barat on Facebook.

12. Follow @BiyaherongBarat on Twitter

13. Drive safe and happy travels to everyone.

 Kabigan Falls vacation in pagudpud ilocos norteKabigan Falls Mandatory Group Shot

Patapat Viaduct vacation in Pagudpud ilocos NortePatapat Viaduct Mandatory Group Shot.

Bantay Abot Cave destinations in Pagudpud Ilocos NorteBantay Abot Cave Mandatory Group Shot.

Blue Lagoon beach in Pagudpud Ilocos NorteBlue Lagoon incomplete Mandatory Group Shot.


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  4. Hi, I know the girl wearing pink printed top in your Blue Lagoon incomplete Mandatory Group Shot.

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  5. We have an unplanned trip to Ilocos yesterday cause of a project meeting in Vigan. I was frantically searching for guides, threads, and blogs on suggested places to visit. We dont wanna miss out on the opportunity to tour the province. And I chance upon your blog and it has been our guide since. Today were on our way to Pagudpud and are planning to visit all your suggested places to go to. I just wish we had an idea of the resorts’ rates. but its alright. thanks.

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