Road Trip to Ilocos Norte 5: Pagudpud’s Kingfisher Resort – A Destination On Its Own

Kingfisher Beach in Pagudpud Ilocos Norte

Ilocos Norte, bound by bodies of water on its west and north, possesses countless beach finds you shouldn’t miss, and, in the resort town of Pagudpud lies a well-known destination referred to as “the Boracay of the North”, or simply called Saud Beach.  A Melbourne-based Sunday newspaper even ranked  Saud Beach as one of the best beaches in Asia for its pristine, isolated, and untouched appeal that lured travelers into the small baranggay. However, not everyone knew of this beach spot situated just a few kilometers north of Saud which will certainly redefine the meaning of “serene, isolated, and untouched” with a whole lot more. This is where we stayed during our Road Trip to Ilocos Norte: Pagudpud’s Kingfisher  – A Destination On Its Own.

Pagudpud Town Hall Ilocos Norte

Only lamp post and small establishments lit Pagudpud’s town proper when we arrived and as we drove deeper into Baranggay Saud to drop our friends to their lodge, 7:30PM felt more like past 12 midnight. It was dead silent.

Dimly-lit street lights numbered from few to none while the road turned from pavements into dirt as we penetrated much deeper into the outskirts of town. Only the unfathomable number of stars that filled the night sky contrasted the pitch black darkness surrounding us. All these factors made Sitio Ayoyo in Baranggay Caparisparisan distant from the heart of town, nevertheless, we still arrived safe and sound on our temporary abode for our two-night stay in Pagudpud, Kingfisher Resort.

Kingfisher Beach Resort in Pagudpud Ilocos NorteOceanview Huts of Kingfisher. (2,500 per night)

Kingfisher Resort owner, Mon Manotok, gladly welcomed us to his beautiful place yet for us to be explored when morning light breaks. His kind staff greeted us with warm smiles, willingly carried our packs, and guided us to our cottage standing face to face with the vast South China Sea. It wasn’t the Oceanview Hut’s built-in air conditioning that gave me a good night rest but the melody of howling winds and the cool sea breeze sweeping the shores of Kingfisher. The night was just perfect.

Ilocos Norte Longganisa in Kingfisher PagudpudIlocos Norte Longganisa served with 2 fried eggs and a hefty serving of garlic rice. (P225.00)

Kingfisher Resort in Pagudpud Ilocos NorteLazing around and indulging on a hot cup of coffee while waiting for our breakfast.

Morning weather got even better when vivid blue skies towered over Kingfisher Resort and the sun shined brightly revealing a breathtaking scenery of this remote destination right from the porch of our tropically-designed cottage. To make the most out of the moment, we had a hefty serving of Filipino breakfast accompanied by a picturesque beach on our backdrop.

Breakfast by the beach in Kingfisher Resort Pagudpud Ilocos NorteWay better than breakfast in bed.

Kingfisher Resort's beach front Pagudpud Ilocos NorteKingfisher’s beach front

The sun rose higher and painted more vibrant colors in Kingfisher’s beach scoured with soft white sand gently swept by calm waves. A reef few meters from the shoreline served as a natural breakwater making the beach safe for both adults and children, swimmers and non-swimmers alike. Never will you be bothered by tone-deaf videoke singers and annoying noises brought upon by resorts sharing same beach fronts. In Kingfisher, only the soft chill out and lounge music plays in tune with the harmonious sounds of waves and nature at its best.

Kingfisher Resort's beach front Pagudpud Ilocos NorteGuests enjoy soft music while they absorb the beauty and serenity of the place.

Kingfisher Resort in Pagudpud Ilocos NorteKingfisher’s Kite and Wind Surf Center.

Kiteboarding in Kingfisher Resort Pagudpud Ilocos NorteIn Kite Surfing, the open sea is your playground.

 Not only nature lovers would find themselves at home but adrenalin junkies and water-sports enthusiast as well, for they will be enthralled with thrill-induced activities the Kingfisher Kite And Wind Surf Center can offer. Intense winds and huge waves made Kingfisher the perfect spot for kite surfing and wind surfing. No wonder international pro-rider frequents Kingfisher to enjoy the breaks in this remote beach destination.

Kite Surfing in Ilocos NorteKite and wind surfing in Kingfisher.

Kingfisher Resorts Kite and Wind Surf Center in Pagudpud Ilocos NorteViewing deck of Kingfisher’s Kite and Wind Surf Center.

Gears, boards, and equipment in Kingfisher Resort's Kite and Wind Surfing CenterBoards, gears, and equipment for sale or rental in the Kite and Wind Surf Center.

Well-decorated windsurfer Nenette Graf  owns and operates Kingfisher Kite and Wind Surf Center while world-class wave rider Fabrice Beaux is the manager, and windsurfing coach in Kingfisher. In their shop, riders could rent or purchase first-class quality equipment  necessary for these type of water sports. When winds are not blowing, the center offers alternatives like stand-up paddle boards, kayaks, and more. Nowhere else to get the outstanding lessons  and the best equipment but from the pros.

Kite surfing in Kingfisher Resort Pagudpud Ilocos NorteRider held tight on his kite as he launch himself for a big air.

The 2012 Surf & Music Festival, which was supposed to be held in Brgy. Balaoi but eventually moved to San Juan in La Union, made us stumble upon Kingfisher Resort since most resorts in Pagudpud were fully booked for the upcoming event. Before we the event, none of us ever heard of this hidden destination silently kept on Ilocos Norte’s coastline.  None of us ever knew that we will find true serenity,  utmost privacy, and nature at its best in a town popular for its beach destinations. Kingfisher is definitely a whole lot more than just a place to stay but a destination on its own.

Now, let’s roam around town and get to know more tourist attractions in Pagudpud.


Here are some fast facts that may help you on your trip:

1. Kingfisher don’t cater to walk-ins and day trippers, therefore, make necessary reservations through the following contact details.

Mobile: +63927-525-8111
Website: Kingfisher Beach Website

2. If you’re driving to Kingfisher, click link, and take note of important landmarks.

3.See Kingfisher’s website for room rates.

4. Rooms have built-in air conditioning but who needs it when there’s a cool sea breeze blowing into your room. Let’s save energy.

5. I think they have the most beautiful and cleanest common toilet & bath that I’ve ever seen. Aside from being equipped with hot/cold shower, it’s complete with shampoo, body wash, tissue, etc.

6. Kingfisher Resort also have a restaurant serving local and international cuisine.

7. Check out Kingfisher Kite and Wind Surf Center rates for equipment rentals and lessons.

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12. Drive safe and happy travels to everyone.

Kingfisher Resort vacation in Pagudpud Ilocos Norte


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