Rizal Province: Saint Joseph Parish Church of Baras

baras church

Industries behind T.V. commercials, film making, and photography, love Baras Church to set as a perfect backdrop of their artistic masterpieces. However, long before the church became a big star in the silver screen, its dark adobe stones were mute affiants to the stories of Baras. In this feature, we’ll get to know the rustic beauty of Saint Joseph Parish Church of Baras.

St. Joseph Church of Baras Rizal FacadeFacade of Saint Joseph Parish Church in Baras, Rizal.

Baras church interiorsInterior of Baras Church.

Saint Joseph Parish Church, or Baras Church, was built more than 300 years ago and still stands sturdy until today. Steps lead to the coarse-faced church facade made of dark adobe stones kept together with mortar.  Huge wooden doors was positioned dead center of the edifice’s face together with a classic capiz window barricaded by a set of balustrade, that sits on top of the door.

inside Baras Church interiorsInside the church.

Rays of warm light piercing through the stained glass windows and large side door illuminated the dimly-lit and cold interiors of Baras Church. Solid wooden beams lay bare where the church’s chandeliers hung steadily while another set of strong wood in rows supported the roof. Accenting the great hall was the large golden altar of Catholic saints images which serves the priest’s background while he celebrates the Holy Mass and other sacraments.

Stairs to the Church’s bell tower.

Beside the choir loft was a small door that lead to the church’s belfry. Reaching the topmost level of the three-tiered bell tower begin with solid steps that turns to a metal ladder fastened to a wooden platform of the second level. Climbing the campanile inside this octagonal structure really looks quite challenging.

Production assistant taking a break from the shoot.

Unpainted, unadorned, it’s plain and simple, yet Baras Church’s gritty look exudes a strong character that has withstood the test of time. Though the edifice had undergone renovations, its impression was left untouched to keep the classically distinct appearance that conveys the time of construction. These bare qualities made Baras Church an appealing location that suited the taste of visual artist who made Baras an inspiration, an element, or a key factor to their artful crafts.


1. Baras is the town before Tanay. The town could be reached via jeepneys bound for Tanay, Rizal.

2. To go to, Saint Joseph Parish Church, get off at the Baras Municipal Hall and walk uphill towards the Church.

3. Bats hung quietly at the church’s wooden beams. Leave them alone.

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  1. Your Rizal articles are very helpful sir. I am planning of touring Rizal next as part of my project to visit all Philippine provinces… Thanks again!

    I am hoping to meet you in one of my trips in the future… 🙂

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