Rizal Province: The Town of Tanay

Budbod ni Nanay Kaling Tanay Rizal

Tanay sits in between the Philippines largest lake, Laguna de Bay, and the rugged terrains of Sierra Madre, where greater portions of the town are situated. Abundance of the lake’s freshwater fishes provides livelihood for Tanay, while Sierra Madre boasts huge potential for adventures and eco-tourism. Calinawan Cave, Daranak Falls, and Batlag Falls, tackled in my previous Tanay feature, are to name some but many remain uncharted. This time, however, we’ll save the adventures for later, and take a morning stroll around the town of Tanay.

Streets bustle with the loud roars of tricycles and motorcycles, colorful jeepneys stop corner to corner picking up passengers, and children clad in their uniforms ran to school – Tanay rapidly moves similar to the fast developing modernization of the Rizal Province. However, evidences of the traditional lifestyle like in most provincial areas, still dwells at the heart of town.

malunggay pandesal in tanay rizalBits of malunggay in pandesal.

Pan De Sal (‘salted bread’ in Spanish), or simply pandesal, has always been part of a Filipino breakfast. Coffee, keso (cheese), and liver spread are only some that complement the yeast-raised bread while others prefer the pandesal as it is, plain and simple. In Tanay, they like their pandesal packed with vitamins and nutrients so they fused their morning bread with malunggay, thus being called Malunggay Pandesal.

MazzaraPan Malunggay Pandesal in Tanay RizalMalunggay Pandesal store located near Tanay Bridge.

Malunggay Pandesal may not be a first in Rizal Province, but its definitely a first for me. This healthy option was actually a project of the Philippine Society of Baking to promote good health and nutritious food that could keep up with Filipinos’ tight budget. Adding a nutritious element without compromising the price was the challenge, but for P2.00, which is the regular price of pandesal, the challenge was overcame.

playing chess in Tanay ParkPlaying chess in Tanay Park.

I munched on a hot pair of Malunggay pandesal while walking towards Tanay Park. Formerly the site of the market, Tanay Park was converted to a hub for festivities, big events, or plainly a place where locals laze around and enjoy the morning ambiance, or involve in activities like playing singles or doubles in the smashing sport of badminton or sitting on the bench silently besting their opponents in the strategic game of chess. Tanay Park was simply a place for anybody, and, everybody.

Man with bike sitting on a bench tanay park rizal provinceBiker resting in Tanay Park.

Beside Tanay Park was the 400-year old church of San Ildefonso Parish, or commonly known as, Tanay Church. Renovations were made after the baroque church was devastated with natural calamities back in the 1600’s, and now it still stood and will stand as a silent witness to Tanay’s history as it unfolds.

Tanay Church San Ildefonso ParishA man looking in St. Pedro Calungsod’s photo stands in front of Tanay Church

church altar tanay rizal parish churchA man cleans the high ceilings of the Church.

Light gleams through the church’s stained glass windows.

Built within the Tanay Church’s compound is the San Ildefonso College of Tanay where I found my access to the choir loft and the church’s bell tower. Tanay Church’s Adoration Chapel can be located in the school’s courtyard enclosed by grey brick walls resembling a classic Spanish Colonial structure. A wooden staircase near the guard post lead to the second floor where another door leads back to the church’s choir loft.

San Ildefonso College of Tanay RizalAdoration Chapel in school and church’s courtyard.

Tanay church bellfryChamber below the church bells.

Inside Tanay ChurchView from the choir loft.

San Ildefonso Church and Tanay Park have always been part of my itinerary when visiting Tanay, but the highlight of my trip was craving for the Rizal Province’s famous, Budbud. Fried rice is topped with scrambled egg together with either fried pork or beef, lumpiang shanghai, daing, or even all of the above, garnished with spring onions, a slice of cucumber and tomato. Budbud is the province’s rendition of rice toppings which originated in Taytay, according to locals of the province. But Tanay also takes the recipe back in town where locals and other Rizaleño’s have a taste of it. Try it in Budbud Ni Nanay Kaling.

budbud rice toppings in tanayPork and Lumpiang Shanghai Budbod for P40.00 only.

In my own opinion, a Jollibee fast-food chain define a step towards development in a provincial town and Tanay already has a branch of its own, an evidence that Tanay is looking forward towards progress. Who wouldn’t want a town to be stagnant? Of course, development brings progress to a town. Amidst the “urbanization”, the locals remain true Rizaleño’s in lifestyle and tradition. In the end, it’s not the huge establishments will define a town but the community and every individual who is Rizaleño by heart.


1. Jeepney’s from Crossing have daily trips to Tanay.

2. Malunggay Pandesal store can be found just before Tanay Bridge. Pandesal’s cost only P2.00 per bread.

3. Ask permission from the guard if you’re going to the Tanay Church’s choir loft.

4. Budbud Ni Nanay Kaling is in front of Plaza Aldea Baranggay Hall, just after Tanay Bridge.

5. Prices of Budbod range from P30.00 – P45.00 only.

6. Mix All Budbod is Nanay Kaling’s best seller.

7. Read more about Tanay in Calinawan Cave, Daranak Falls, & Other Tanay Destinations.

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11. Have a safe trip and happy travels. =)


10 thoughts on “Rizal Province: The Town of Tanay

  1. been here last june 30 of this year but we visited only the Tanay Church as part of my own project..nice to know about their food and other places to visit 🙂

    • Tanay Church is definitely a must-visit.

      Budbud and Malunggay Pandesal are not really originally from Tanay, but it’s good to know that they have also. It’s really nice.

      On your next visit, try to explore the rest of Tanay if you have time. The town offers a lot of adventure.

      Thanks for dropping by, Say. =)

  2. I like the photo of the church from the choir loft…I wish to see the views of the lake from the high point…i’m not sure where that is but i remember bringing you there when you were young.

    • The choir loft really gives a good vantage point. Kaya pwedeng maituro kung sino ba ang nakikinig sa misa at nagsisimba-simbahan. Haha.

      Ma, dati nagdrive na tayo to Laguna, yung diniscover mo yung daan tapos balik din tayo, alam ko yung sinasabi mong view. ‘Yun din ang stopover ng mga bikers. Madalas naming nadadaanan yung area na yun everytime we go to Real, Quezon.

  3. Pingback: Rizal Province: More About Morong « Biyaherong Barat

    • Yup. Sounds great. Maybe I could learn more barat tips from you guys.

      I will definitely drop by Bulalo Bah on my next Tanay Visit. I actually just came back from Zambales, and on the road I was looking for a Bulalo place. =)

  4. Boss, Rambulls in your next visit is also good, you can try “Grilled Tuna Belly for php250 (good for 4 or 5), or Sinigang na Panga ng Tuna for php200. T-Bone Steak for Php125. super mura!!!

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