Antipolo City, Rizal: Romantic Dinner Package At Seven Suites Hotel Observatory

Seven Suites Hotel Antipolo City, Rizal Province

Who wouldn’t desire a picture perfect date tailor-made to create one unforgettable date that love birds would cherish their entire lives? Imagine a lovely candle-lit dinner date, perhaps, maybe a nice bottle of wine or champagne over an intimate conversation, or simply gaze at the night sky illuminated by glistening stars. Well, imagine no more for Seven Suites Hotel Observatory in Antipolo City promises all of the above in one memorable evening.

Seven Suites Hotel in Antipolo City Rizal provinceSeven Suites Hotel Observatory facade.

Stairs with flower petals and candles 7 suites hotel antipolo rizalA trail of petal and candles lead to the upper deck room.

Antipolo is a famous night cap for people searching for something new outside the regular joints in Makati, Pasig or Quezon City. Bars along Sumulong Highway offers a stunning view of the Metro Manila skyline glittering with lights from buildings, major roads, and everything that kept the city busy. Among these establishments along Sumulong Highway in Antipolo is Seven Suites Hotel Observatory which offers not only luxurious rooms to stay but also serves as a venue for events, such as, a romantic private dinner.

Antipolo City 7 Suites Hotel RizalThe upper deck room installed huge glass windows for a stunning view of the metro.

Candle Lit dinner in 7 suites hotel antipolo rizalCandle lit dining table

Lovers would be seduced with Seven Suites’ upper deck room designed in contemporary black and white interior which communicates with elegance and romance. Begin the lovely evening with a glass of wine while enjoying the spectacular sight of the city. Continue the charming chitchat as you delight yourselves with your choice of a four-course dinner, humbly served by your own private waiter. An exquisite room, a glass of wine, and the appetizing dinner is indeed a engaging way to start the beautiful evening.

Engagement dinner at 7 suites hotel antipolo city rizal provinceCharming chitchat over a glass of wine.

Date is definitely not over after dinner. Indulge in a charming conversation as the sexy samba music sets the mood in a corner lounge soft walled in passionate red. Perhaps, be enthralled by an up close encounter with the heavenly bodies using gigantic telescope, 12 inches in diameter. Talk about something different.

Lounge at 7 Suites Hotel Antipolo City Rizal ProvinceCorner lounge of the upper deck room.

Every detail combined sums up to a fabulous evening no couple would ever forget. Who could resist in such charming place and wonderful event? In fact, my friend, Yani, actually popped the magic question to the love of his life, Angelyn, that lovely evening. I would like to quote Angelyn’s words, “without hesitation, I said, ‘Yes!‘”. Congratulations to both of you.

Yani proposing to Angge 7 suites hotel antipolo cityOn one knee he asked the magic question.

Yani and Angge engagement ring antipolo city 7 suitesThe engagement.


Now, here are some fast facts that may help you on your trip:

1. Seven Suites Hotel Observatory is located along Sumulong Highway in Antipolo City. If you’re driving from Quezon City, take Aurora Boulevard straight to Marcos Highway passing by SM Masinag on your left until you reach Masinag intersection. Turn right to Sumulong Highway and head straight. Upon reaching Valley Golf Country Club (there  is a large golf ball and a tee on your right) or Grilla on the other side, turn left. Seven Suites is a few meters down the road.

However, if you’re coming from Ortigas or Makati, you could take C5-Libis then Marcos Highway.

2. Seven Suites’ Romantic Dinner Package includes:

  • Three hour exclusivity of the elegant Upper Deck Room.
  • Candle Lit dinner of your choice. See menu below.
  • A bottle of wine.
  • Bouquet of flowers.
  • Private waiter to assist you.
  • Stargazing with the in-house astronomer.

3. Select the meal of your choice in the Romantic Dinner Menu. (Dinner is served one by one)

Corn Chowder
Cream of Mushroom Soup

Fresh Mixed Greens with Season Fruits with Classic Vinaigrette

Main Course
Rib Eye Steak – Rubbed with cracked peppercorn and drizzled with gravy sauce.
Western Porterhouse Steak – Luscious and flavorful in Grilled US Grade Porterhouse Steak in Gravy sauce

Eternal Chocolate Fondue
Platter of fresh fruits, cake and meringue served with semi sweet chocolate sauce

4. Everything cost only P4,999.00.  It’s pretty cheaper instead of getting a fancy hotel room and arranging an exclusive dinner, without all the additions.

5. Call them and pitch some ideas and discuss of your ideal date.  You can reach them through this number,
(632) 682-2076 / 682-0330

6. Like BIYAHERONG BARAT on Facebook.

7. Enjoy your lovely evening.

Lovers angge and yani in 7 suites hotel antipolo


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