San Felipe, Zambales: Skimboarding in Liwliwa

liwliwa san felipe zambales skimboarding

Browsing pictures from years back, I came across a beach destination we, beach enthusiast,  used to frequent and is a popular among surfers. Being off from tourist maps, only little communities of board riders and salt water savvy knew about the small baranggay known for its south swell surfs. Let’s take a peek at Baranggay Liwliwa.

An off beaten path from the main highway leads to Baranggay Liwliwa. A small signage saying “This Way To Liwliwa” leads to the small coastal village. Several resorts with cheap and reasonable prices await the curious traveler. Aside from nipa huts, at certain areas, tent pitching is allowed.

Locals pride the village thriving with sea food supporting families of resident fishermen. Liwliwa’s beach, on the other hand, is also a secret haven for surfers and skim boarders.  My friends and I, however, love Liwliwa for having lesser visitors and a little further from the comfort of our daily lives. And since we’re in a surfing hub, we might as well try riding Liwliwa’s waves.

I visited Liwliwa several times back then and these photos we’re shot 3 years ago but since then I haven’t been back. As soon as I get back, I’d be updating a new Liwliwa feature with updated information. For now, however, I’d like to share few information that may still come handy.

liwliwa san felipe zambales philippines

liwliwa san felipe zambales

skimboarding liwliwa san felipe zambales

skimboarding san felipe zambales liwliwa

1. If commuting, Liwliwa can probably best and conveniently reached by riding a tricycle from San Narciso town proper. Buses drops off passengers in a tricycle terminal in San Narciso.

2. Hut rentals cost P700.00 – P800.00 back then. It may had increased but probably not that much.

3. There are small eatery’s and sari sari stores within the area.

4. I promise to feature a new Liwliwa blog as soon as I get back.

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8. Happy travels everyone. Always be safe.



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