Three Days & Two Nights in Calaguas Islands of Camarines Norte

Inviting all travelers, adventurers, and wanderlusts are the natural beauty and man-made grandeur that decorates Luzon’s southernmost region, Bicol. Sights, sounds, and 100% guaranteed satisfaction wrapped the entire region from the iconic natural wonder, Mayon Volcano to the rich flora and fauna of Mount Isarog,  from the extreme gaming hub of CWC to board riding  junkie’s in Bagasbas Beach , Sorsogon’s enormous whale shark locally known as Butanding to the smallest commercial fish named Pandaka Pygmea of Lake Buhi , and a beach dominating  my bucket list of beach destinations in the Luzon, Mahabang Buhangin of Calaguas Island.

Year 2009 was the birth of my Bicol adventures and from then on the Mahabang Buhangin Beach became my epitome of a tranquil, pristine, and isolated paradise. Finally, after 3 years, I just can’t wait to set my sights on the island’s beauty, walk barefooted  in its powdery white sand, and soak my body in its crystal clear water. With two of my Biyahe Lokal buddies, we arranged the entire group’s (our friends) land and sea transportations, prepared our supplies, and organized the whole trip to Camarines Norte’s best kept secret.

Expecting a long road trip ahead of us, we hit the streets an hour past twelve, cruised the South Luzon Expressway, and passed several towns in Laguna under a clear night sky. Half way across Quezon Province, the group decided on a breakfast stopover. Across the road was a wonderful view of the beautiful rising sun in the coastal town of Gumaca.

travelling to Calaguas Island Camarines NorteInside the van on our way to Camarines Norte.

Lolo Ompo's Restaurant in Gumaca QuezonStopover in Lolo Ompo.

Gumaca, Quezon coastA roadside view of Lamon Bay across Lolo Ompo.

Bicol Express in Lolo Impo's Gumaca QuezonBicol Express.

Fish wrapped with banana leaves?

Lolo Ompo's Restaurant Gumaca QuezonNative ambiance inside Lolo Ompo’s dining area (except for the killer whale floating overhead).

Among the long row of roadside restaurants and stopovers in Gumaca, we parked in front of Kainan Ni Lolo Ompo. Back then I remembered, the seaside eatery served unlimited brown rice upon ordering delicious home cooked dishes  but now they stick to the regular rice per cup serving, nonetheless, “Lolo Ompo” still serves good food, has a cozy ambiance  and clean restrooms.

Four hours onto our journey through zigzagging and nausea inducing mountainside roads from Gumaca, we finally reached the last stop and the entry point to Calaguas Island, Vinzons Port, where we rendezvoused with Mang Putong, our assigned boatman.  The port also serves as a marketplace where freshly caught salt water fishes are sold by the fishermen or from the fishermen to the vendors. Nearby are sari-sari stores and small groceries selling all kinds of goods from canned goods, snacks, drinks, etc. Ice is on our necessity list to preserve our meals  good thing there is an ice plant at the port area.  Expect price increase in the island, therefore,  Vinzons would be the best place for last minute buying.

Vinzons Port Vinzon Camarines NorteVinzon’s Port.

Vinzons Port Camarines NorteOutrigger boats docked at Vinzons Port.

Stores in Vinzons Port Camarines NorteA small grocery store beside the port.

CR in Vinzons Port Camarines NorteComfort rooms in Vinzons Port (ask for a key).

Boat in Vinzons Port to Calaguas Island Camarines NorteCrew of our boat sits on the bow watching out for shallow areas of the river.

Ready to embark on a two hour sea voyage ahead, both outrigger boats were packed and loaded. As Mang Putong slowly paddled off the port, adrenalin rapidly pumped and got me fired up for our 3 day pursuit of a perfect weekend getaway.

Mang Putong carefully maneuvered the boat from the murky river which is surrounded by thick mangrove forests to the deep blue sea of Lamon Bay. The agonizing 11 hour trip was now starting to take its toll and fatigue started to settle in. But when we spotted our destination from the horizon, the exhaustion turned to excitement as the deep blue sea slowly turned to a clear shade of cyan until the bow touched the sand. Welcome to Mahabang Buhangin Beach of Calaguas Island.

Boat to Calaguas Island Camarines NorteOur destination straight at the horizon.

arriving in Calaguas Islands Mahabang Buhangin Camarines NortePointing at the beach on our approach to Mahabang Buhangin Beach.

Calaguas is a a group of islands and islets under the jurisdiction, most but not all, of Vinzons. Two of its major islands are Guintinua and Tinaga where Mahabang Buhangin Beach is located under Baranggay Mangcawayan. On Mahabang Buhangin’s fine white sands and under the shade of small trees we pitched our tents which will be our temporary residence for the next three days. The island offers no hotels, resorts and inns but camp sites, native open huts, and an unforgettable outdoor experiences waiting for you.

Our humble campsite lies on the southern part of the beach far from our previous which is now (according to what I’ve heard) the “popular” within the area. With its popularity came the increase of camping fees, fortunately, our tents stood on a cheaper area having similar amenities like open huts, a comfort room, a store, and a hand pitcher pump.

Huts in Calaguas Island Mahabang Buhangin Camarines NorteNative open huts at the beach front.

Camping in Calaguas Island Mahabang Buhangin Camarines NorteThe boys in our temporary settlement.

Everyone was still tired and exhausted by the long haul from the big city, Manila, to the remote paradise of Calaguas Island. Our laid back afternoon was spent sitting by the beach, having ice cold drinks, and watched the sun went down painting bright hues in the clear afternoon sky.

Hammock in Calaguas Island Camarines NorteAfternoon nap on a hammock.

sunset in Calaguas Island Camarines Norte Mahabang BuhanginA beautiful sunset view in Mahabang Buhangin.

My slumbering soul was forced to get me up being assigned to wash dishes and cook breakfast with fellow Biyahe Lokal organizer, Yani.  With my eyes half open, I was pumping water with one hand and holding a cup of coffee with the other. Dishes were squeaky clean and after a short while breakfast was served.

The sun greeted Mahabang Buhangin a good morning.  Deep blue skies dominated the heavens. Luscious green were painted on wind-swept hills. Snow white sand brighten the one kilometer beach. Water was as clear as crystal. Surreal as it may seem, but it was heaven on earth.

Mahabang Buhangin Beach Calaguas Island Camarines NorteVolleyball poles standing on Mahabang Buhangin’s white sands.

I took a morning dip and kept my self afloat as my ears submerged and my eyes wide open. I watched sky and the feathery white clouds move with wind. I heard nothing. The world looked so calm and peaceful.

Mahabang Buhangin Beach Calaguas Island Camarines NorteThe definition of a clear water.

Tinaga was the only island among the many in Calaguas  that I’ve been and seen. Visible from the Mahabang Buhangin is an island which got us wondering what secret lies behind those rolling hills and greenery. To feed our curiosity, our kind boatman offered us a boat ride to a beach on nearby island in Baranggay Banocboc . Not all of us went to

Island hopping in Calaguas Islands Camarines NorteUnderwater life visible  from the surface.

The thriving marine life was visible from the surface as the boat’s bow sliced through the glass-like water.. On our small boat were tons of excitement and a lot of merry making as we went on with our trip. On board complementary drink was a gallon of lambanog, or rice wine, care of the generous Mang Putong.

Calaguas Group of Islands Camarines NorteCalm seas on our boat ride to other islands.

Azure water turned turquoise and not long after, the boat touched the beach wrapped with powdery white sand and small corals. Water was similarly clear to Mahabang Buhangin’s but this beach in Banocboc was teeming with marine life which is an ideal spot for snorkeling. A few meters from the beach were, not coconut trees, but shrubs and small trees about 2 meters in height.  Surrounding the beach were luscious green hills where a herd of goats graze. A single native hut stood on the island but no one was around during that time.

Island Hopping in Calaguas Island Camarines NorteEveryone eager to see the beach on other islands.

Banocboc Calaguas Group of Island Camarines NorteView of the beach from the top of the hill.

Banocboc Calaguas Group of Islands Camarines Norte Small corals, shells, and rocks lie on soft white sand.

Banocboc Calaguas Group Of Islands Camarines NorteSmall trees a few meters from the beach.

phone signal in Calaguas Island Camarines NorteIn search of a signal.

spear fishers in Calaguas Island Camarines NorteSpear fishers who sell their fresh catch.

On a cruising pace back to Mahabang Buhangin, we hung on the boat’s outriggers while our heads submerged to see the thriving marine life. We bumped into these spear fishermen and bought their catch for a very low price. The fishes were big,  fresh and it will be served for lunch. It was an hour before midday when we got back to our temporary settlement and we instantly prepared the fishes and other food to be served for lunch.

It was a scorching sunny afternoon so after lunch we seek refuge under the cool shade of open huts. Others preferred to lie down under the large tarpaulin tied to trees and rest on the locally weaved mats that we brought with us.

Biyahe Lokal in Calaguas Island Camarines NorteBiyahe Lokal preparing the fish to be cooked.

grilled fish isdang bato Calaguas Island Camarines NorteThe enormous “isdang bato” for lunch.

fried chicken Fried chicken with pineapple sauce prepared by Chef Rus.

Calaguas Island vacation Camarines NorteUnder the hut we seek refuge from the scorching heat.

boatmen to calaguas island camarines norteMang Putong (second from the left) and the boys cool down with their drinks.

Twenty minutes on foot from Mahabang Buhangin is the Baranggay Mangcawayan’s “barrio” which is situated on the other side of the island facing the Pacific. Baranggay Mangcawayan’s small community have sari sari stores and small markets called talipapa where you can purchase goods to replenish your supplies. Prices here are also cheaper compared to stores at Mahabang Buhangin.

From the beach, a trail leads to the barrio passing by a vast plains with cows grazing on grass, hills on the background, a small cemetery, and  cemented bridge. Paved and narrow roads welcome visitors in the small barrio. It’s easy to get around and the locals are very nice.

In search of a cheap place to buy seafood, a kind local assisted us to find Mang Lito. We went deeper into town and passed by a school facing the beach. After a few meters, we reached his small store and bought some goods. While we were purchasing supplies, the rest went a little farther to an open plain which was said to have a signal but to their dismay, not one bar pop in their high end gadgets.

Going to barrio in calaguas island camarines norte mangkawayanOn our way to the barrio.

Mangcawayan School in Calaguas Island Camarines NortePassing by the school.

Mangkawayan Camarines Norte Calaguas IslandsPuppy drinks on puddle of water. That’s the store in the background.

Calaguas Islands barrio mangkawayan Camarines NorteBehind those trees is an open grassland which sometimes obtain a phone signal according to locals.

The sun was almost out when we got back to camp. Everyone gathered inside the hut, has a task on their own, and together we prepared dinner which was more like a feast in forf our last night in the island. Activities filled the entire day and but not one was tired. Every one wanted to maximize their stay on the island.

The night was as clear as day. Moon shone so bright the hills from afar are still visible. As we sat on the mats, we lit our bonfire and roasted smores while singing beach tunes and having cold beers all under the flickering stars winking down on us. It was good way to end a good day.

vacation in Calaguas Group of island camarines norteAlmost everyone on the dining area.

Biyahe Lokal in Calaguas IslandBiyahe Lokal boys.

Roasting smores in bonfire calaguas islandJett roasting smores.

fire eating show calaguas island camarines norteFollowed by a short entertainment of a sea voyager.

I just got back from Boracay two weeks prior to this trip. Calaguas Island have always been compared with Boracay as it was said to be the next potential tourist destination that will rival everything in Boracay. But I know that many would agree the Mahabang Buhangin and the rest of Calaguas Island remain with its purity, cleanliness, isolation, and serenity in tact.


Now, here are some fast facts that may help you on the trip:

1. Camarines Norte is about a 9-hour drive on a cruising pace. Be extra careful in Bitukang Manok in Quezon and the winding roads of Camarines Norte.

2. There is a wide array of restaurants in Gumaca that you could choose from. There might be other diners also serving good food.

3. Vinzons Port would be the best place for last minute shopping.

4. Boats cost around a reasonable P3,500-P4,500 depending on the number of passengers and size of the boat

4. Mang Putong is a kind and humble boatman who would be glad to assist travelers on their trip to Calaguas. Contact him through his cellphone 0920 566 6985. Ask about the weather in Camarines Norte before going to your trip. The “Ber” months are not advisable to travel to Calaguas according to local boatmen.

5. Fees on the island
P50.00/person – camping fee
P20.00/person – baranggay fee
P150.00 – small hut rental
P200.00 – big hut rental

6. Don’t expect phone signal in the islands but you’d be lucky to catch one.

7. Barrio is 20 minutes away from Mahabang Buhangin.

8. Bonfire is STRICTLY PROHIBITED at the beach front.

9. Be mindful of trash and garbage.

10. More photos in Biyaherong Barat Multiplyand Jed Rosell’s Facebook.

11. Visit Harry’s website: Man Vs. Himself

12.Please LIKE BIYAHERONG BARAT on Facebook

13. Follow @BiyaherongBarat on Twitter

14. Be safe and enjoy your trip.

15. For a complete and cheap travel package to Calaguas Island, SEE BIYAHE LOKAL PACKAGES.

Watch “Calaguas Island in Bicol” by Harry Santos. Visit his website: Man Vs. Himself

Calaguas Island Vacation 2012


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    • Thank you for visiting my blog, Sir Merwin. Calaguas Island is one beautiful paradise. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

      Enjoy your trip, Sir. Tell us more about Calaguas and I’m sure everyone would be glad to hear about your travel experience when you get to the island.

  1. I’d love to visit this paradise but the problem is I dont know how to get there and I’m afraid of going solo. Anyone planning to go there soon. Pwede makisabay? lol

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  4. hi there! tnx for following my blog…finally due to long weekend i was able to read some of your posts…your group is a sucker for fun & adventure 🙂 ….wish i still have my buddies to continue my travel escapades with them….have you gone to caramoan? is calaguas island accessible via naga, bicol airport? infos from the web is so limited…hope you could reply back. thanks!

    • Hello Wavy Turquoise,

      Thank you very much for dropping by my website. Yes, I’ve been to Caramoan back in 2009, although I haven’t featured the place in Biyaherong Barat. If going to Calaguas, the nearest airport, I think, is Naga. From there you could there is a bus to Daet, and from Daet there are buses passing by Vinzons, where you will take the baot to Calaguas.

      I haven’t tried commuting to Vinzon’s Port though.

      I’m sure you’ll find buddies who share the same passion. Happy travels. I hope I was able to help. =)

      • tnx for replying that going with my husband and my 9yr old i am researching for caramoan; i saw a lot of places to go. our 4days and 3nights are bitin if we’re commuting to calaguas pa. but i’ll bear in mind the directions you gave so next time it would be easier for us. we’ve decided to focus on caramoan first and pinning calaguas as our next destination. thank you again 🙂

        • That’s great. I think Caramoan would be nice for a family trip. Calaguas Island might be too exhausting for a kid due to the 2-hour boat ride, and land transfers. I haven’t tried commuting to Calaguas Island, but I can give you the contact number of our boatman, he might give you concrete instructions to reach Calaguas more conveniently.

          I wrote a little something about Caramoan and CWC, you might want to check it. Bicol’s Best Beaches & Board Sports

    • Hi Kristine,

      I’m not sure, but I listed the boatman’s number here, I remember him telling us that he could provide things we need like utensils for cooking, lamps etc, I’m not sure with tents though. We brought our own just to make sure. =)

  5. hi mr. biyaherongbarat,
    nabasa ko yung blog mo, at yung mga magagandang picture mula sa calaguas nyo. this year mukhang nag-iba ang ihip ng hangin simula ng nakita kung gaano kaganda sa calaguas gusto kunang pumunta dyan kasama ng mga katrabaho ko, mahilig din kaming summer outing, meron kabang alam na package tour. para mkapunta me dyan.. kasi pagsaakin lang mukhang mahihirapan me, kasi ako lang ang pinahahanap ng friends & c0-employee para sa bagong summer outing namin. sana matulungan mo ako. maraming salamat.

    • Hi Melissa,

      Maganda po talaga sa Calaguas. Isa po yun sa mga favorite beaches ko sa Luzon. We just came back from Camarines Norte. Dapat po Calaguas Island ang destination namin kase malakas po yung alon. Best time to go there would April or May.

      Actually po, nag-a-arrange po kami ng travel packages going to Calaguas. We would be delighted to assist you. May target date na po ba kayo?

      Have a great day.

      • hi. tungkol dito “Actually po, nag-a-arrange po kami ng travel packages going to Calaguas. We would be delighted to assist you. May target date na po ba kayo?” maari mo ba akong send-an kung magkano ranges nang travel package mo this april-may 2015? salamat at napakaganda ng blog mo btw. 🙂

  6. nice blog! made me more interested in visiting this olace.. we have a date set to go there but i am also planning to bring my family there. just want to know, did you get a pri vate car going there? how much would be the estimated budget per head and did you bring your own food? sorry i have a lot of questions in mind as im just new in exploring places and budget is a real challenge as i have a big family. thanks in advance.. 😉

  7. oh.. you also offer tour package pala.. can you give me the price list or the estimated budget for a group of 9? im planning to go there on april 13-14.. thanks..

  8. Hi there! Just read one of your answers to some comments “Actually po, nag-a-arrange po kami ng travel packages going to Calaguas. We would be delighted to assist you. May target date na po ba kayo?”. We’re planning sana to go there maybe on April 12 to 14, apprxmtly 8persons. Can you assist us? Thank you 🙂 and nice blog by the way!

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  11. Biyaherongbarat – nice blog at ang galing ng mga shots nyo. ung mahabang buhangin ba is pareho ng anawangin ng zambales in terms of walang tubig, signal at remote island sya ?

    • Hello Albertism,

      Salamat, salamat. Anyway, nasa remote island yung Mahabang Buhangin, though may water source, pero mas maganda magdala ng pang-inom. ok yun mga pambanlaw o hugas.

      Walang signal sa isla, pero may mga spots daw malapit sa barrio na nakakatanggap sila, pero pabugso-bugso lang daw.

  12. hi, naghahanap talaga ko ng magagandang pics about calaguas.thank u for the blog. question: anong camera ang gamit mo? ang ganda lang. ur reply is much welcme. thanks.=D

    • Hi Anna, thank you very much for the flattering comments. I’ve been using Canon since I started photography. Hindi dahil mas gagaling ka kung Canon ka kaysa Nikon, but pinili ko yun kase maraming service centers.

  13. Hi! I was able to contact Mang Putong about boat rental. For 10 persons, cost is P7,500 roundtrip wi island hopping. Is this already reasonable or we can still haggle for a lower price? I checked your site boat rental is P3,500-4,500 and dependent on number of passengers and is this 1-way or with return trip already?
    Your site is very informative about our upcoming trip. Thanks.

  14. hi byaherongbarat!

    advisable bang pumunta ng caramoan this holyweek thurs-sat. 2 persons lang tska by ourselves lang.

  15. hi i am residing one of municipality of camarines norte,but i am working here in manila since i was graduated in college.unfortunately i have’nt come to Calaguas Island….and just knew about it thru internet and blogging like yours…
    im planning to go there and explore when i get my vacation leave with pay.hahahha lol!

  16. my bud and i are planning to visit Calaguas next month, thanks for the heads up about this awesome place! We feel that it’d be worth our time.

  17. Hello there! I instantly fell in love with your blog! And Your shots were amazing! My friends and I are planning to visit the Island this month. I’m doing all the researches and studies. I just wanna ask if aside from Calaguas Island, what are other places you can recommend to visit to? Tnx. 🙂

  18. Hello

    Nice blog biyaherongbarat..

    Baka meron ppunta this April 20-21?? were 8 person and were looking for companion..

    para na din makamura sa boat ride. Boarding to paracale port around 5-6 am on april 20.

  19. thru this blog kita agad ung ganda ng calaguas.kip it up.

    sarap bumalik kc dun noh. di ka magsasawa 🙂 this tym overnyt na kami. nung pumunta kc ako dun daytime lang eh kaya aun bitin!

  20. Gusto kong pumunta dyan kahit mag – isa, yun nga lang mas mahal ung rent sa boat…sana kahit may kasabay lang sa boat…

  21. Wow nice blog and pictures! been wanting to go to Calaguas for more than 2 years and now FINALLLY we’ll be going this tuesday. Unlike you though, dalawa lang kaming pupunta sa island so i guess it’ll be more challenging HAHA any tips? ;p

    • Hi Marianne,

      Sorry for the late reply. You might be already in the island as of this writing. But just in case, you could call Mang Putong, tanongin niyo kun gmay biyahe siya na pwede kayong isabay para makamura kayo.

      • Just got back yesterday. was very beautiful! we actually had the entire island for ourselves. =p thanks to this blog entry I was able to remember some things you mentioned during the trip. would like to try Zamabales as well but will definitely go back here for sure! hehe

        • Hi Marianne,

          I’m glad you enjoyed Calaguas. It’s my piece of heaven on earth. I love this place, and the people are very nice.

          Lots of beaches await you in Zambales, I’m sure you’d also find it interesting. =)

      • pahabol:
        wala rin ung sinabi nyang libreng tubig! 10.00 ang bayad kada timba pangbanlaw. ikaw pa magbubuhat papunta sa cr.

  22. We’re planning to go to Calaguas on May 26-27. We’re about 4 and will be coming from Legazpi. Can you give me advice or idea what we need to do or how much will it cost us?

    • Hi Mina,

      From Legaspi, I’m not sure if there are direct trips to Daet, but if there’s none, you could go to Naga first, then transfer to a shuttle bound for Daet. From Daet take a boat to Vinzons port. I’m not sure about the fare, though.

      Regarding the boat fare, you could contact Mang Putong whose number is listed on this blog.

      Have a nice day, and a safe trip. =) I might be there on the same date. See you there.

  23. Hi! sobrang fan ako ng blog mo. Actually dito ako kumukuha ng idea where to go pag nag-a-out of town kami 🙂 ask ko lng kung may parking b dun if ever we decided n pumunta. Tnx!

    • Hello Haidee,

      Thank you very much. I’m really flattered. Yes, may parking dun. Mga nasa 150-200 yata per night.

      Thanks ulit, Haidee. Biyahe lang nang biyahe. =) Cheers to more travels.

    • Yes, sir. Meron na nga pong resort. May mga nagdadala din ng loud music and mobile bars. Medyo nawawala yung pagiging peaceful and serene vibe but the place is still beautiful. Sana lang mas conscious ang mga visitors sa kalat pati na rin sa ingay.

      Kaya mas gusto kong pumupunta dun during weekdays.

  24. Hi Sir!

    Thank you for letting the world know about Calaguas. By the way, I hope you could include Paracale as one of the ports besides Vinzons to the island. God bless you more…

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  26. Great shots! of course GREAT CAM 🙂 I’ve visited Calaguas twice via Superlines. The place was serene, after all it’s worth the travel.

    • Hello Franco,

      Thank you very much. I used a Canon 400D and my kit lens to take these photos. Yep, great camera for an entry level. I used the camera for 6 years, didn’t had a problem with it.

      For me, Calaguas is among the best places on earth. I’m glad you love it.


  27. Hi po. Nice blog.. ang ganda ng calaguas.. super gsto nmin pmnta don ng frends ko.. if ever po kya this october kami pmnta s calaguas ok kya weather??!! We hav no idea kc.. its our frst time going there f mtloy kmi.. 🙂

  28. Hi hello ganda nmn ng calaguas…ask ko sana if OK po b pmunta ng January sa island n un?plan kc nmn January 9 2013 and magkano po kya pag 2 LNG kmi ppunta dun how much it cost per person..tsaka ask ko ndin po ung package meron po b n from manila to vinzon’s port?thnx..

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  30. Are the belongings will be safe because as i have searched a lot of websites, i can see that there is no hotels/rooms that we can lock our things.

  31. Hi can u give us a quotation for calaguas were planning to go there this april 7pax if I’m not mistaken. I just want to ask if “mahabang buhangin, calaguas and bagasbas island will be included in island hopping. Most probably 3days and 2 nights or you can also give me a quote for 2days and 1night thanks 🙂

  32. Hey there! Me and and 3 friends are planning to go in Calaguas at the end of March, I’m just interested in knowing if you brought your own grill or can we rent some when we get there?

  33. Hello po! Just want know the best month na pewde pumunta sa Calaguas island? Meron po ba cr / bathroom dun? Advisable po b Kung meron kasama mga kids? How much po yun tent if mag rent kami?

  34. Bossing, nice blog. questions lang po. 1.) kaya ba i travel to kung car lang dala? 2.) san pede i-park yung car pag dun na sa vinzons port 3.) meron po bang pede mag asikaso ng food lang? like paluto, etc. 4.) kung 3 lang po kami (2adult 1kid) mag travel, magkano kaya po rent sa boat? back and forth na po ito no? 2nights stay po sana sa island. thansk very much!

  35. Very nice blog biyaherongbarat and very informative.

    You mentioned that you are also arranging tours for Calaguas Island right?

    May I know how much will it cost for 2 persons 3 days and 2 night trip?

    Hoping for your response. Thanks!

  36. We were so disappointed with MANG PUTONG! HINDI po siya maayos kausap, kinuha namin siya bilang bangkero namin kasi you highly recommended him, puro lang siya oo nung kausap namin siya over the phone a month before our scheduled trip. Pero nung dumating kami sa vinzons port isang beses lang namin siya nasilayan at nagulat kami ibang bangkero na ung kasama namin at nakita na lang namin siya nasa kabilang banda at may kausap din na ibang mga turista. Hindi man lang nya kami in-endorsed ng maayos dun sa mga bangkero na magdadala samin, at pagdating ng island, ung mga napag-usapin namin ni mang putong hindi alam nung mga bangkerong kasama namin, ung islang hopping, ung styro na paglalagyan ng mga pagkain na madaling masira, ung libreng tubig (kay mang putong mismo galing na libre daw kc kilala nya), ung cottage, ung ihawan, sobrang nakakawalang gana! hindi po siya talaga maayos kausap! pero bago kami umuwi nagpakita siya samin at kinausap ko siya at sinabing highly recommended pa naman siya sa isang blog kaso sinira nya ung reputation nya pagdating samin dahil wala kaming napala sa lahat ng pag-contact at pakikipag usap namin. But when it comes to the island itself super satisfiying dun na lang kami bumawi! but still thanks to biyaherong barat kasi nakakatulong ka ng malaki saming mga biyahero rin! ^.^

    • Hi Wheng, naiintindihan ko nga po kayo. Kahit po ako kung sa akin mangyayare mase-stress din ako. In behalf of Kuya Putong, I would like to apologize, Wheng. Kakausapin ko siya about this very unfortunate incident. Nakakahiya po sa inyo. Sorry po talaga. Holy Week po ba kayo nandun?

  37. great! been searching for this kind of stuff Im also a lakwatsero from Iloilo, its nice to see bakada’s like your’s. IT NICE TO HAVE FUN GOING TO DIF PLACES WITH FRIENDS. ALSO I HAVE MY TRAVEL BUDDIES. HOPE ONE DAY WE COULD MEET ON ONE OF THE PARADISE ISLET IN PH.


    • Hi biyaherongbarat,
      thanks for this blog. my friend and i are planning to visit the island this sept., i just wonder if it is ok to visit Calaguas Island on that particular month? thanks

  38. hi if go to this 3 day trip with like 6 person or more how much u take it will be in end of dec or in jan cant say yet, my girlfriend live in iloilo

  39. Hello Sir BB,

    To address the concern raised by Ms Wheng above re this certain Mang Putong.. — Paracale port was once the choice of backpackers to get the cheapest and shortest ride to Calaguas as compared to using the ports in Vinzons as this town is a more laid-back town and is only 28 kilometers away from Calaguas. Before, you can hitch a boat ride to locals going to Paracale for only Php75 to Php100 per person. But as of March 2014, the locals have already put up a cooperative which strictly standardized the rates and had their own queuing system, thus THOSE WHO HAVE HAD PERSONALLY CALLED ON THEIR PERSONAL BOATMAN CONTACTS WOULD BE BLOCKED FROM THE PORT AND WILL BE DISCIPLINED BY ITS OFFICERS AND MEMBERS AND WILL BE FORCED TO STAY AND TOW THE LINE AND AND CHARGE HIS/HER PATRONS THE STANDARD PRICE SET BY THE COOP. Although this new policy would supposedly give equal opportunities to boatmen in Paracale due to impartiality and standardized rates, their organization is still young and is currently unorganized and causing impediments to travelers. —- what I mean to say here is that kung nagkakaroon na ng kooperatiba sa Paracale, at ganito kagulo dahil ino-organize pa lang nila ang kanilang mga sarili, ay baka nagkakaroon na rin sa Vinzon’s. At dinisiplina si Mang Putong.

    Paracale has also sharply increased their rates higher than those in Vinzons and even in Caramoan. Kakagulat ito. In fact, even higher in Coron, Palawan. As of May 2014, the cheapest boat ride you can get is Php 3,000 for a group of 4 and is only inclusive for a direct trip to Mahabang Buhangin (Halabang Baybay). If you plan to go island-hopping to Maculabo (under the jurisdiction of Paracale) or other islands in Calaguas, you would need to pay an extra. This price range even exceeded the price at Caramoan, CAMSUR which is only Php 1500 to Php 2500 for up to 6 people and already includes island hopping to up to 7 islands. Paracale even exceeded the Calumbuyan Island tour in Coron which costs Php 3500 for up to 6 people that lets you visit 3 island destinations.

    Aside from the boat tour, you would also need to pay an environmental fee for Paracale worth Php 25 even if Paracale port itself has no amenities, a residential area and with a dirty shoreline.

    Aside from the extravagant boat fees and unnecessary environmental fee, probably we were just unlucky, but the boatman we hired even got drunk ahead when we stayed in the island and has been bugging us to do an island-hopping tour for an extra price. Good thing other tour operators and boatmen from Vinzons on Mahabang Buhangin was there to convince the boatman to get off. All of these concerns were escalated to their cooperative, Paracale Tourist Boat Operator Association PTBOA, and I was able to talk to Butch. He promised that they will hold a meeting about the incident and re-think about their prices. However as of this point, Paracale is not advisable as a jump-off port to Calaguas unless they improve on their services that correspond to the extravagant price they recently offer.

    Standard prices at Paracale as of May 2014:
    Php 3000 – 4 persons below
    Php 4000 – 5-7 passengers
    Php 6000 – 8-10 passengers
    Php 8000 – 11-15 passengers
    Php 12,000 – 16-20 passengers
    Php 15,000 – 21 passengers
    Php 20 – environmental fee per pax

    There are DIY type of traveler just like me, who are reading your blogs, I wish to say it doesn’t work efficiently kung babagtasin ang Calaguas via Paracale drop-off point. Mabuti pa rin sa Vinzon’s sa ngayon. Hintayin muna natin mag professionalize ang Paracale and get their acts together. To save cost, it would be more efficient to join in groups or acquire the services of tour operators to which the standard rate ranges from Php 2,000 to 2,500 per pax all in. Calaguas Atbp., a tour operator in the island based in Daet has been very helpful to us in the island. Although we have not acquired their services (but it happened that we stayed near their booth area nung di na namin alam ang gagawin sa Paracale), the organizers have been very helpful to us and even shared with us the delicious Bicolano food they cooked. They offer additional services such as kayaking, snorkeling, hiking guidance and a short tour to Balagbag Islands. For info on their tour services, you may contact Jerome at +63 (946) 7087445 or Annie at +63 (912) 3829007.

    Dax Xad
    world beach traveller, russia

  40. hello sir we are planning to visit calaguas and we came across to your blog and i read na nagaarange din po kayo ng travel packages…hingi po sana kame ng qoutation for 8pax 2d/1n May 26-27 ito po email ko

    salamat po

    • Sa may Cubao, DLTB. Pero if Alabang ka manggagaling, I think pwede kang magbook ng ticket sa may terminal nila sa may tapat ng Metropolis. try mo tawagan baka pwede dun.

      Walang rekta Vinzons bro, baba ka ng Labo tapos from there tricycle ka na to Vinzons.

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  42. I really learned a lot from this blog hopefully makapunta din ako ng calaguas…

    I want to be fully informed before hitting the road to that island…

    I know the blog is quite old but due to threads i think its worth reading


  43. Hi, wer going to calaguas island this Aug 21, 3days 2nights. Naghahanap pa kami ng mkakasabay, para mas makamura sa gastos sa byahe.
    text nyo na lang po me sa 09272672617.

    biyaherongbarat, ask na din me if pwede kang mkapagbgay ka ng maganda, totoo at maayos na travel tour package, masyado kasi silang marami, ndi namin alam kung sino ung maganda. Salamat.

  44. Hi, There is a new resort/camping area opening in the pristine and beautiful beaches of Tambobong, Dasol, Pangasinan. Just look for the PANTALAN BEACH RESORT

    Tambobong Beaches/Camping, Pangasinan (Pantalan beach resort)

    (for the rates,reservation and other info. just call or text)
    DEO BOBIS : 09301194141 / 09759211224 / 9830432
    NANAY PRECY: 09075183062
    JOEY BOBIS : 09489264248
    *Rooms aircon Available
    (front beach)
    *Rooms no Aircon
    (front beach)
    *House for Rent
    (front beach)
    *Cottage (front beach)
    *Island hopping fees depends on where you want to go.
    *Pitch your tent only on designated areas pls.
    *Bonfire available for minimal charge

    Tambobong Beaches/Camping, Pangasinan (Pantalan beach resort)

    DEO BOBIS : 09301194141/ 9830432
    JOEY BOBIS : 09489264248

    For more info. visit the websites below…
    visit this website.

  45. Could some one help me to let me know how much would be the bus fare and how much would be the boat and how much for the room rates do they have any special packages too?? .. Thank you..

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  47. hi! me and my friends are planning to travel in Calaguas Island soon .This is a helpful blog ever more power to you.

  48. hi! thank you byaheng barat for promoting Calaguas island in your blog site naparaming mga bangkero ang matutulongan ninyo at matutulongan kayo pag pumunta kayo ng calaguas island.napaka ganda po talaga ng calaguas island ilang beses na din po ako pabalik balik ng calaguas at hindi po ako nag sasawa na pumunta.every time na my holiday hindi ko pinapalagpas na hindi umuwi sa mahal kong province ito ay ang brgy.Sabang Vinzons.ito po ung brgy na makikita ninyo left side going to calaguas island.

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