Long Way Up To Capones Lighthouse in San Antonio, Zambales

Capones Lighthouse San Antonio Zambales

A loud roar by the boat’s engine trembled my ear and triggered excitement as we set off to our first destination, Capones Island. Salt water splashed on my face while our small boat battles the current, running over small humps of waves. On boat trips like these, wherever you go, always expect to get wet so make sure your electronic gadgets (especially cameras), dry clothes, money, wallet and food are sealed. You can use Ziplock bags, garbage bags, or dry bags.

After 30 minutes of salt water sensations, the boats engine came to a halt and Tatay Jesus, followed by the boys,  slowly pushed the boat towards shore. Rough current and small waves at the western part of the island presents an obstacle so we have to dock on the Eastern part. However, we have to take a 45-minute hike through the rocky shoreline of the island’s back side, and ascend through forest towards the light house. This was my second time in Capones Island but my first time to take the long way up.

Hiking to Capones Lighthouse San Antonio Zambales
Made our way up a hill.

Capones Island rocky beachTraversed the rocky shoreline of the northern side of the island.

At first glance, the Capones Light House, or Faro Punta de Capones, as it was once called, does not look operational due to its condition with denuded roofs and windows, with pieces of debris all over the place. Amidst its need for renovation, the light house continues to guide seafarers with its solar powered bulb. The architecture is very much similar to Ilocos Norte’s Cape Bojeador Lighthouse from its tiles to stairs, from doors to windows, and from the exterior to the interior. As you open the hatch from the light house bulb, a  360 degree view of the open South China Sea to the Zambales Mountain Range will simply take your breath away, thanking God for giving such a wonderful sight.

Capones Lighthouse San Antonio ZambalesThe Capones Light House facing the South China Sea.

Inside the Capones Lighthouse San Antonio ZambalesDenuded interiors of the lighthouse keeper’s barracks.

Windows of Capones LighthouseBroken window’s of the lighthouse.

The view was very beautiful that it took us one hour taking photos, inhaling the fresh sea breeze and appreciating the view before we finally left the light house, and headed back to our boat. The descend, as usual,  was much easier, and much faster. I suggest you wear heavy duty sandals or hiking shoes even in short hikes instead of using those fragile flip flops which always lets you down on tough activities. Don’t get caught up with the brand name.

I’ve been amazed by lighthouses due to its history, architecture, and influence. Since the country is an archipelago, lighthouses stood on cliffs and beaches guiding sea vessels on their voyages. I would love to see more of the country’s lighthouses if I had the chance.

sunset in capones island pundaquit san antonio zambalesCapones Island view from Pundaquit.


Now, here are some fast facts that may help you on the trip:

1. To get to Capones Island, rent a boat in Pundaquit in San Antonio, Zambales. Boat would probably cost P200.00-P300.00 per person

2. Contact Reynald “Kulot” Liwarin (09108162974) for boat rentals.

3. Put your gadgets in a plastic bag, orZiplock to avoid damage.

4. The hike would take 45 minutes on an easy pace.

5. Entrance Fee in Capones Island is FREE.

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7. Enjoy and have a safe trip.

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