D’ Talipapa: “Paluto” Cooking Services in Boracay

D' Talipapa fresh seafoods boracay

Being the most popular tourist destination in the Philippines invites many establishments especially the food business to venture in the island bringing the urban flavor in the rural setting. Due to this development came well known restaurants,  food chains, and coffee shops. However, the local cuisine of freshly caught seafood would definitely be on top of the menu and the best place to buy-and-eat would be in D’ Talipapa.

D’ Talipapa is a wet market selling a wide range of fresh sea food like lobsters, shrimp, tuna, marlins etc. recently caught straight to its vendor. Like many other islands and coastal towns in the country, sea food is cheaper in Boracay since it is brought directly from the local fishermen. Aside from sea food, they also sell meat. Restaurants surrounding the market offers cooking services for what you bought and price would vary on its weight and type of dish.

D' Talipapa Fresh seafoods boracay
Deciding what to buy.

D Talipapa fresh seafoods boracayVendor selling her merchandise.

meat section in d talipapa boracay
Buying meat.

Paluto cooking service boracayRow of restaurants for cooking services.

After a tiring day at the beach, we went to D’ Talipapa and they bought shrimp and some meat. Not far from the market, we got into a restaurant and asked them to cook Sinigang, Fried Pork, Chopsuey, and Buttered Shrimp. Most restaurants probably have the same menu and prices but vary in ambiance and facilities (some have air conditioning, some don’t). All in all, they’ve spent 2,000 including the sea food and meat bought, the cooking services, rice, soft drinks, a good dinner in an air conditioned restaurant, and happy tummies. Thank you, friends, for shouldering my expense and letting me experience D’ Talipapa’s.


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