Alternative Way of Going To Boracay Island

Port of Roxas Oriental Mindoro

Most of us probably know the easiest way of going to Boracay would be purchasing a plane ticket and you’ll be in the island paradise in no time. However, not everyone finds it cheap especially when the flight date is just around the corner since fares rose to unaffordable amounts. Today, I’m going to share alternative ways of going to Boracay Island given you have the luxury of time.

Our 2nd Boracay Summer vacation as a large group was right around the corner and unfortunately I still don’t have a ticket. Forced to look for another way of going to the island, I hit the internet, made some research and stumbled upon RODASTCO Vans which transports passengers and packages to Mindoro from Manila. I called their Sampaloc Terminal and booked a one way ticket to Roxas Port in Oriental Mindoro. Through PGMA’s Strong Republic Nautical Highway, the van journeys to Batangas Port then board a Roll On – Roll Off ferry to Calapan, Oriental Mindoro and drives you all the way to the Port of Roxas.

RODASTCO Van Terminal Sampaloc ManilaRODASTCO Van Terminal in Sampaloc, Manila.

Batangas Port to Calapan Batangas CityBefore boarding the ferry to Calapan from Batangas.

Calapan PortNeat and orderly passenger waiting lounge in Calapan Port.

Travel time from Manila to Batangas Pier was now cut short to about an hour and half on an easy drive because of the South Luzon Expressway (SLEX) and Star Tollway merger which takes you directly to Batangas Port. The ferry from Batangas to Calapan was a little over a 3-hour trip and there was nothing else to do in the sea vessel but to sleep.

Waking up to the sound of the boat’s horns, I found out that we just docked at Calapan Port, so I immediately rushed to the exit to look for the van.  Halfway towards the Port of Roxas, I woke up on a cruise along rice fields and mountains in sight. I woke up on a beautiful Mindoro morning.

Cars boarding RORO Ferry Port of Roxas Oriental MindoroVehicle preparing to board the RORO Ferry.

The Port of Calapan seemed to be quiet when I arrived but after asking around, I found out that passengers, cargo, and vehicles already boarded the ferry. I had little time to grab a quick breakfast before I board the boat. There are several eateries and lodges near the port where you can wait before embarking. I rushed to the ticket booth and paid the terminal fee and ran to the vessel. Ahead of me is still long journey in open water so I went around the ferry, and found a spot where I can rest. I’m still tired of traveling all night I might as well rest and recharge for this fun filled Boracay vacation.

Inside RORO Ferry
Open sea view.

RORO to Caticlan PortThe open air part of the ferry.

Caticlan Jetty Port AklanCaticlan’s Jetty Port

Finally, after more than half a day of traveling, I reached Caticlan and 30 minutes away from my destination. The travel was really exhausting but I say it’s worth the experience. Using this mode of traveling could sometimes, but not all the time, be cheaper than regular flights. Today, airline companies giveaway promos that are far more cheaper than taking this route, and of course, faster. On the contrary, booking promos are usually months, sometimes a year, away from your travel date. As travel date approaches, prices rise until the travel date itself. Taking the long way down best suits you when air fares are way to high and time is under your control. This may be exhausting but for me it’s worth the experience.


Now, here are some fast facts that may help you on the trip:

1. RODASTCO Terminal is in Sampaloc, HOWEVER, you may ask them for an agreeable pick up point. Call them (02) 732 68 91.

2. RODASTCO Van fare cost P700.00 per person only from Manila to Roxas. Batangas-Calapan ferry fares and terminal fee are also included.

3. Port of Roxas in Oriental Mindoro – Caticlan’s Jetty Port cost around P450.00 – P480.00 (I forgot the exact price) Terminal fee cost P15.00.

4. From Caticlan-Boracay Island, please refer to my Boracay, Aklan feature.

5. Timetable of my travel from Manila to Boracay just to give you an idea.

2200 Left Sampaloc Terminal
0030 Arrived at Batangas Port
0100 Left Batangas Port
0330 Arrived at Calapan Port
0400 Left Calapan port
0730 Arrived at Port of Roxas
0830 Left Port of Roxas
1230 Arrived at Caticlan’s Jetty Port
1300 Left Caticlan’s Jetty Port
1330 Arrived Boracay Port
1400 Boracay White Beach

6. Enjoy and have a looooong, safe trip. =)

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32 thoughts on “Alternative Way of Going To Boracay Island

  1. ahm… there’s already a RORO (through 2go travel) that travels from BATANGAS PORT to CATICLAN PORT and vice versa.. The ticket costs 750 php with a daily trip of 7am and 7pm, the travel time is 10 hours..

    • Good day, Mr. Jayson,

      Thank you for the very helpful information. I booked the 2GO ferry earlier but unfortunately, I won’t make it on time so I had to look for another way. Next time, I’d make sure that I will be more punctual, and hopefully write about the 2GO Ferry Batangas Port-Caticlan’s Jetty Port.

      Once again, thank you very much. You were indeed very helpful. Have a great day.

      • No problem…. Im one of your followers, and I must say, you are one of my idols when it comes to blogging. I admire the way you write your travel blogs, it is well-written and I find it exceptional. I started my own travel blog also, but I need to practice more. Keep it up! 🙂

        • Thank you very much for following my blog, Sir Jason. I was also inspired by award-winning travel bloggers and writers like Ironwulf Mr. Ferdz Decena. I remember when I started traveling, I always turn to his website looking for useful information, so I started making my own blog and help other travelers in their journeys.

          Once again thank you very much. I’m doing my best to improve content and information in Biyaherong Barat to help our fellow Biyahero’s. Hopefully, our paths may cross in one of our travels.

          Have a great day. =)

          What’s your blog? I want to follow you also.

  2. Hi Mia!

    Ok yang route na yan kung hawak mo oras. Pero tulad nga ng sabi ni Mr. Jayson, meron ding 2GO na directly from Batangas Port to Caticlan Jetty Port. Nasa 8 hours lang yun. Sinubukan na rin ng mga kaibigan ko.

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  7. Thanx for a very helpful information. I also wanted to go to Boracay via 2GO Travel it is a direct route 2x daily ( not RORO ) from Batangas-Caticlan Jetty Port. Departure @8am and @7pm respectively.
    Do you know other VANS ( not for hire ) or Buses going to Batangas port and what is the earliest time na byahe especially during graveyard..At saan ang mga location na pwede sumakay ng mga van.
    Luckily ito lang kc ang updated na blog na nakita ko sa google, karamihan kc nakita ko sa google mga lumang info na dated 2009 pa..
    How many hours ang byahe from Edsa to Batangas port..
    Do you recommend room to stay in Boracay.
    I highly appreciated anyones help.. Thanx

    • Hi Cocoy,

      Thank you for visiting my blog.

      2GO has good facilities and sea vessel daw my friend told me and yes, from Batangas directly to Caticlan. Where are you coming from? I used to go to Laguna every madaling araw, ride at the Buendia/Taft Ave. Terminal and see vans/buses going to Batangas Pier. I think there are Batangas Pier bound buses which ply the EDSA route. From Manila to Batangas Port on an light traffic would be approximately 2 hours since SLEX and Star Tollway are now connected (make sure the bus is not exiting Santo Tomas and goes directly to Batangas Exit).

      Sa Boracay, may tinutuluyan kami, yung Tan’s Guest House at Namaste, they have clean and nice rooms. ‘Yung pinagstay-an namin, I think it was Namaste (magkakatabi kase yun, e), parang modern Japanese style yun, at bagong gawa lang. Air-conditioned, Hot & Cold shower, TV, complementary breakfast. The rate I’m not sure pero it ranges from 1,500 – 3,000 per night.

      So that’s it. I hope I was able to help, my friend. When are you planning to go to Boracay?

      Share-an mo rin kami ng Boracay experience mo para ma-update natin yung fellow travelers natin. Thank you very much in advance. Have a great trip. =)

      • Pwede rin yung Bus Going to Ilo-ilo & Other parts of Panay, like Philtranco…
        Daily trip sila [10:00AM sa Cubao then 11:00AM sa Pasay terminal nila],
        Aircon bus at Ok naman…Much better than those “Green plated” Vans na Obviously, Colorum Vans..

  8. Fantastic photos! Your shots are amazingly beautiful! 🙂 I know that Boracay is best place to stay especially if this is your first time to visit the island is in the White Beach area. This is probably the most famous and popular summer destination for both Filipinos and foreigners. By the way, thank you so much for sharing these information..

  9. Hi! Yung Port po ba ng pumpboats to boracay and yung RORO ferry from batangas is same lang? I will really appreciate if I get a response. Thank you so much!

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  11. Hi may I ask something! From Roxas City, Mindoro going to Caticlan-Boracay, you know the schedule of the ferries?
    Thank you so much.

  12. Hi! thanks for being helpful..I am looking for information on how reach the island by land trip..I love to travel and natures and its always been my plan to take my British husband on a land trip somewhere in the country..he was so fascinated with the beach when we went to Puerto Galera a year ago.. he enjoyed riding in a Jeepney and motor cab for the first time.the reason I want us to travel by land so he will see nice views..I am sure he love it!.do u think we can find a place to stay in Boracay even without advance booking?..I am just thinking next week .it might be difficult since it’s holy we need to book the bus?

  13. Thanks for the info.I’m going to Bora by March got a plane ticket already, but decided to explore other place like Antique & Iloilo, so I have to take Roro from Iloilo to Batangas.Any advised pls must see in Iloilo and travel time and fare going to Batangas.Thanks!

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