Biyahe Lokal in Cagbalete Island’s Pansacola Resort

Cagbalete Island Mauban Quezon

Ah yes, Holy Week. Who could’ve resist taking advantage of the long vacation offered by the Holy Week then extending for an additional day until the Day of Valor? From the stressful daily routine everybody takes, an extended vacation would definitely give you ample time to recharge your body. You know what’s better than recharging your body from the stress you took? Recharging your body from the stress you took in Cagbalete Island while letting Biyahe Lokal do all the work for you.

Clients asked Biyahe Lokal to arrange a trip to this island 45 minutes off the coast of Mauban, Quezon. On a regular day, arranging such trips is a walk in the park, but gathering all your resources together on a Holy Week is quite difficult since all the people goes on vacation at the same time.  Prices go up, race for reservations, and the number of people – these are some of the obstacles you have to endure just to make a booking. Nevertheless, Biyahe Lokal was able to pull it off.

The gang hit the road by 5:30 in the morning hoping to avoid the horde heading to provinces. Fortunately, most travelers are currently relaxing in their destinations. However, a build up in Laguna’s resort capital slowed down our travel, but after Laguna, it was smooth sailing until we reached the town of Mauban. The small town seemed busy that day. The number of visitors is evident by the number of cars parked along the  narrow roads of town. Along the main road is Lech Gau Eatery where we will rendezvous with the private boat assigned to pick us up from Mauban and bring us to the island.

Mauban Port Quezon ProvinceBoarding Pansacola Beach Resort’s private boat.

Accuweather provide us with accurate weather forecast most of the time and always had helped us with our trips. Rain clouds and partly rain showers were expected making me uneasy days before the trip. However, when we arrived in Mauban, it was extremely hot, the sun was bright, and the sky was blue, and that’s good news. But weather in the Pacific is quite unpredictable so I was still on my toes even even though a the weather seems to unlikely turn. Our first Cagbalete Island experience still haunts me and I don’t want it to occur this time we’re bringing guest.

When we got to the port, we just found out that moment that they were charging environmental and port fees now, which never happened before on my visits in the island. Its probably because of the Holy Week  and the numerous visitors of the island may provide an income generating racket for whoever is in charge so might as well go on with it. Environmental fee is legal, anyway, but just now?

After a calm 45 minute voyage through Lamon Bay, we reached Cagbalete. The tide was low as usual so we have to walk on sandbars and corals about 500 meters and as much as possible try to avoid sea urchins until we reached Pansacola Beach Resort. As expected and advised, the resort’s cottages were fully booked by families and friends. Mr. Romel Pansacola and wife, Fe welcomed us asked a resort personnel to show us to our cottage, the Sasag Hut where our guest will be staying for the night.  Mattresses and pillows are provided by the resort and a private comfort room also installed inside the bi-level hut.  Sasag Hut can accommodate 12 persons, however, some of our guest maybe found it too small and preferred to stay in tents.

Cagbalete island Mauban Quezon sand barLow tide in front of Pansacola Beach Resort.

Sasag Hut in Pansacola Resort good for 12 personsThe tropical Sasag Hut.

tents in pansacola resort cagbalete island mauban quezonOur tents (except for the tadpole type) pitched in white sand facing the beach.

Cagbalete Island Mauban QuezonSmall outrigger and flat boats are provided by the resort when transporting passengers from the big boat to the shore.

After settling down, a hefty serving of Crispy Pata, Sweet & Sour Fish, Lato (seaweed salad) and Ripe Mangoes were served to our guest for lunch. The tide rose later that afternoon and after a good rest, the group took a hike on the southern side of the island in search of an isolated spot. We passed by the island’s cemetery and not far from it was a huge tree which blocked the way. The tide was coming in so we were not able to cross, nonetheless, the spot itself was a good place to where we sat down the fine white sand, and swam in its clear water. No one there, just us. I went back to check on the others and found them on the northern end of the resort sitting by a large driftwood on the beach having some laughs and sharing stories while watching the sunset. Later that evening, after having dinner, the group gathered around the camp fire, roasted smores, and had a little drink to end the tiring day.

cagbalete island quezon beach The rising tide later that afternoon.

Cagbalete Island Quezon province cemeteryCagbalete Island’s cemetery.

Cagbalete Island Quezon province boat sunsetSunset in Cagbalete Island

I woke up early dawn that Easter Sunday and just sat on where I slept, a  wide bamboo bench a few meters from the beach. It was quiet. Almost everyone were still asleep as I watch the Mauban Coal Power Plant as its lights flicker from afar. As the sun rose from the back of the island, people one by one got up and went out of their tents and cottages and had their breakfasts. Not so soon, the tide went down and people went to enjoy the long stretch of sandbars which is a natural attraction in the area.

Cagbalete Island Quezon Province sandbarSitting by the sandbar as the tide went down by every second.

sand bar in cagbalete island quezonFar out in the open.

Pansacola Beach Resort’s private boat was on a tight schedule that day because more guest were arriving since later that noon. Some of resort’s guest, including us, were preparing to get back in the mainland. The back-breaking whole day transfers to and from Mauban caused some delays on schedule so we got stranded for some time. When we reached the mainland, we thought the agony was over but it only just got started. Vacationers from all over the country were starting to head their way back to Manila contributing to the large volume of traffic in main routes.

The Holy Week is a time when everyone can take a break from work, school, and daily routines. Since it’s declared a holiday in the country, people take advantage to see their relatives, and travel to destinations. As a team member of Biyahe Lokal, making reservations was not easy during the holy week. Many clients were asking for bookings unfortunately, most of the rooms and resorts were reserved. In lieu of this, we would like to extend our gratitude to Pansacola Beach Resort’s Mr. Romel and Mrs. Fe for holding the only available cottage that Black Saturday amidst the number of calls coming by the hour. Our transport provider was also fully booked that vacation season so we have to wait for an available slot. And of course, we would like to thanks our clients, Basil, Valerie, and group of “Boss” Carrie for giving us a chance to arrange their vacation.

Mission accomplished, boys. Job well done.


Now here are some fast facts that may help you on your trip:

1. Biyahe Lokal’s Cagbalete Trip cost P2,900.00 per person only. (Prices are based on a 10 person per group rates)
Package includes:
-Transportation to and from Mauban Quezon
-Private boat transfers to and from Cagbalete Island
-Mauban Port & Environmental Fees
-Food (5 meals; 3 full meals & 2 snacks)
-Full meals consist of meat, vegetable, seafood, desert
-Snacks could be any of the local delicacy
-Overnight stay in one of Pansacola Beach Resort’s cottages

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3. More pictures in Biyaherong Barat Multiply and Biyahe Lokal Facebook.

4. Enjoy and have a safe trip.

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33 thoughts on “Biyahe Lokal in Cagbalete Island’s Pansacola Resort

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      • Hi Byaherong Barat, can we also get a itinerary for an overnight trip?

        Anyway, we’re trying to contact the Pansacola Resort para magpa-reserve, but no avail, Laging unattended yung phones nila. Pati yung naka-post sa Facebook Page.

        Thank you! 🙂

      • Hi Byaherong Barat, can we also get an itinerary for an overnight trip?

        Anyway, we’re trying to contact the Pansacola Resort para magpa-reserve, but no avail, Laging unattended yung phones nila. Pati yung naka-post sa Facebook Page.

        Thank you! 🙂

  6. hi. makaka accomodate po ba sila ng 50-80 persons sa resort for daytour or overnight po dito? and travel time from makati to the island? thanks

  7. Balak po namin ng girlfriend ko mag out of town, Magkano po kaya kailangang budget para saming dalawa? 2 days 1 night?? Manggagaling po ako ng Laguna. Thanks 🙂

  8. Hi Jed,

    I would like to inquire if me and my boyfriend can have June 1st to 3rd or maski til June 2 lang booked in Pansacola? Sana pwede. Would like to try to go to a place na medyo malayo naman and be in a very relaxing and beautiful place. Your pictures are awesome and it got me convinced that Cagbalete is the best place to celebrate his birthday.
    Mga magkano po kaya aabutin lahat lahat? We are coming from Muntinlupa.
    Pasend na rin sa email ng complete itinerary for the trip.

    Thanks a lot!

    • Hi Via,

      Kung dalawa lang kayo it would be expensive to arrange a package for you lalo na kase yung van ang mahal. But here’s what you can do, there are buses going directly from Buendia to Mauban, dun yung sakayan ng public boat to Cagbalete. Tapos konting lakad, mga 15 minutes Pansacola na kayo. You could call the owner, and they can arrange meals for you and accommodate you. They are very nice.

      Look for Sir Romel, +639285058633. Ito yung number ng bus station: Buendia Terminal – (02) 4042073

      Pasensya na talaga, but if in case biglang magkaroon ng biyahe sa weekend na yun, I will let you know right away.

  9. Hi Jed,

    Just contacted yung number binigay mo for Buendia Terminal. There’s only one schedule puntang Mauban, it’s 12nn tapos 5-6 hours ang travel time and the fare costs PHP269 one way. Sayang walang morning na schedule. Kasi pagdating namin don madilim na di namin masyado maeenjoy ang view, hintay na lang morning. Thanks ulit!

  10. Hi! Can you please send me a detailed itinerary for this trip? Thank you!
    Is it safe to travel in August/September?

  11. Hi biyaherong barat!! You’ve been to anywhere, practically, so I thought most probably you’ve been to Cagbalete. At hindi naman ako nagkamali. :)) We’re planning to go to Cagbalete next week Feb 28 to March 2, a group of 6. Not sure yet if others will start tagging along. What I wanted to know now is: are you still arranging trips to Cagbalete? Hoping you could help us. It’ll be our first time there. 🙂 Thanks.

  12. Hi. I really appreciate and enjoyed your very detailed post about this paradise. We are planning to go there this coming April or March. I was wondering if you could send me a detailed/complete itinerary for this trip. We are about 7-8 person. I was wondering if we could fit in their tree house type of cottage. We are college students. I would really appreciate your response. Thanks.

  13. Hi, Gusto po sana namin pumunta sa Cagbalete, particularly sa Villa Cleofas sa holy week for 3 days 2 nights. magkano po kaya ang package per person kung 10-12+ persons kame? thank you.

  14. Hi ang ganda ng island, ganda ng mga pictures nyo, I plan to go there with my hubby this coming June 19-21, mag Kano po ba ang villa just the two of us? Saka we are driving from Alabang muntinlupa, how many hours po? And Can you please send me a detailed itinerary for this trip? Thank you so much!

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