Mauban, Quezon: Best Travel Deals To Cagbalete Island

Cagbalete Island Mauban Quezon

Experience the beauty of a quaint island only a few hours south of Manila. A tropical hideaway endowed with a pristine beach and possesses a rural laidback lifestyle. The sun, the sky, sand and saltwater creates a montage that sums up to one untouched paradise called Cagbalete Island.

The unspoiled island of Cagbalete lies off the coast of Mauban, the jump off point to the island. As the boat approaches the island, the white sand reflecting the suns radiant glow provides a glimpse of what Cagbalete Island has to offer.

Beach lovers are greeted with vivid hues of the blue sky and Cagbalete’s beach scoured with fine white sand. Changing tides are undoubtedly evident as sandbars stretches about a kilometer.  Mysteries of the deep are revealed as you wander across this seemingly vast dessert of corals and starfishes.

And on a clear night, sparkling from the heavens are the stars winking back as you stare while lying in soft white sand – a nice way to end a beautiful day.

Biyahe Lokal will take you to an unforgettable getaway allowing them to take care of all the necessities, and leave all the fun and enjoyment to you. If the sun, sky, sand,  and sea make a perfect destination, Biyahe Lokal’s hassle-free, convenient, and intensive service make a perfect vacation.


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White sand cagbalete island mauban quezon

Cagbalete Island Mauban Quezon beach travel package

Cagbalete Island Travel Packages Mauban Quezon


16 thoughts on “Mauban, Quezon: Best Travel Deals To Cagbalete Island

  1. hi!! .. wud like to avail only for a transportatn to the island back and fort to manila…how much po? ngpabook na po ako sa pansacola resort for 10 pax

    • Hi Almira,

      If land transportation and private boat directly to the resort lang po siguro mga 1,500 per person kung 10 na po kayo. Hindi po kasama dun yung Environmental Fee and Port Fee sa Mauban. Mga kailan niyo po plano pumunta ng Cagbalete Island? Pag madagdagan pa po kaya, kaya pa po natin pababain per person.

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  7. hi po,
    it’s great to find your blog, im planning to go there,just wanted to know how much would its cost me n my family to spend 1 overnight,im coming from san pablo,city laguna? is there any website i can look , thanks n more power to u

  8. Hi po. Kung nasa 15 po kami. And mag tent lang kami’ magkano pinaka mababang package na maibibigay nio sa amin.? Thanks.

  9. hello po.,tanong lang kasi kung sa sampaloc quezon kami manggaling how long will it take us to cagbalete?san po pwede mag park ng car?my maiooffer po ba kayong package samin day tour lang naman babalik din kami ng sampaloc ng hapon…thanks

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