Laiya in San Juan, Batangas

Laiya Beach San Juan Batangas

Biyahe Lokal set their sights not far down South in search of a destination. With client inquiries and request climbing, the team have had to search another quality Biyahe Lokal beach spot to add in their arsenal.  The place has to be a Biyaherong Barat standard, meaning cheap, but without compromising the beauty of the place.

Before Zambales became a favorite, this province of coffee, lomi , and lots of beaches. We went back to the basics, we went to Brgy. Laiya-Aplaya, more commonly known as Laiya, in San Juan, Batangas.

As a part of the Biyahe Lokal team, I tagged along on an ocular and a logistics review conducted. I might as well take the opportunity to take photos and feature this Batangas beach destination to share to all fellowbarattravelers.

Travel time was cut short due to the interconnection of the South Luzon Expressway and Star Tollway avoiding the busy town of Lipa, Batangas. We took the Ibaan Exit and was surprised with the distance covered in a shorter amount of time. I haven’t been in Batangas in a while so I was surprised the convenience of the merging.

Benny's Lomi Hauz in San Juan, BatangasQuick breakfast stop in Benny’s Lomi Hauz at the Pasalubong Center in San Juan

Lomi Noodles Soup San Juan BatangasHot bowl of Lomi overflowing with toppings and ingredients.

San Juan’s streets were beginning to be quite busy when we arrived in town that Wednesday morning. We were in search of beautiful destination but, first we need to get our tummies full for a long day ahead of us so before everything else, we’re in search of a delicious “lomi” which is a popular dish on the eastern part of Batangas. Lomi is made of thick egg noodles on a hot creamy soup topped with meat, liver, egg, kikiam, and sauteed onions and garlic. Expect it to be served about 10-15 minutes since Lomi is prepared upon order.

On the way to San Juan, we passed by numerous Lomi places and we hope to find a nice hefty serving of the Filipino-Chinese noodle dish. We stumbled upon a small eatery asking if they serve Lomi, unfortunately only home cooked dishes were on the menu. However,  she told us that we passed by the Pasalubong Center where Benny’s Lomi Haus is situated. Back tracking a few meters, we reached the place then delighted ourselves with a hot lomi for breakfast.

Laiya Beach in San Juan BatangasMorning view from a resort in Laiya.

A few years back, roads shift from cement to dirt as you go deeper at the heart of Brgy. Laiya-Aplaya, but now it’s more accessible, thanks to the well established roads which paved convenience for travelers. Driving to this beach side baranggay is now easier and faster.

To look for the best deals and spots, we hopped from one resort to another to look for a potential spot where our clients will be a 100% satisfied. Safety, service, satisfaction, and security are Biyahe Lokal’s top priorities so we make sure our destination meet our standards.

We ranked the top three resorts that we want to share with our clients and give them options on the type of lodging, facilities, and amenities. Two of our packages varied in room types – one having a semi-luxurious hotel type having a balcony and a loft, while the other is a dormitory type with double deck beds. Both are air-conditioned and have a private bathroom.

Dorm type rooms in san juan beach laiya batangasLes Caraibes’ dormitory type room.

cottages in san juan laiya beach batangasCottage in Les Caraibes Resort.

Big beds for 6 in laiya batangas san juanThree (3) queen-sized beds.

Laiya batangas roomsYes, there’s a television but I love rooms with cabinets.

big room sin laiya beach san juan batangasWide and spacious room for more guest.

Adding a slight touch luxury, La Luz Resort offers more privacy and delight with their cottages and amenities. The loft type is also equipped with it’s own private bathroom and air-conditioning, but no television (who need’s the telly in a nice place like this).

La Luz room with balconyBalcony of the La Luz Resort’s premier loft.

La Luz big rooms san juan batangasFirst floor.

La Luz rooms san juan batangasSecond floor.

Parasols in laiya beach batangas san juanRetreat from the midday sun under this beach front parasols strictly for La Luz’ guests.

laiya san juan batangas beachOwn the beach as you relax under the umbrella.

The team finally finished the first part of their agenda which was the ocular, now the next stage is to look for a place where we will stay for the night. And of course, the Biyaherong Barat way is to look for a cheap place, preferably where tent pitching is allowed then we found this small shack in Villa Sulit. After setting up base camp, there’s nothing else to do but to enjoy the beach.

Tents in san juan batangasTesting the new addition to Biyahe Lokal’s tent.

Laiya’s long stretch of beach was simply just like it was the first time we sat foot in this town. The water was so cool and oh so crystal clear you can open your eyes while swimming underwater. Most of the resorts share the same quality of cleanliness of the beach. However, its popularity was so evident with the number of small resorts all over the beach which is also good for the local tourism. Our responsibility, as visitors, should keep in mind to maintain the cleanliness of their area.

The sun was shining so bright, the skies were blue, the clouds look so soft and fluffy – it was a perfect day for the beach.

Laiya Beach San Juan BatangasNotice how clean, clear and pure the water is.

Laiya Beach San Juan BatangasThough there are many boats parked on the beach, there are still numerous boat-free spots in Laiya.

Well, there you go. Hopefully, you enjoyed this blog as I took you to a quick ride to this pristine beach in Batangas. I haven’t been to this place after a long period but never did I imagined that it still maintained its beauty which is something the locals of San Juan is proud of.


Now, here are some fast facts that may help you on your trip:

1. To get there the faster way, take South Luzon Expressway (SLEX) to Star Tollway and exit to Ibaan. Turn left upon exiting then head straight. Watch out for the “Turn Left to Blue Coral” sign, wherein you will turn left in a small road. Turn right when you reach Petron, not far is an T-junction then turn left. Heading straight will take you the town of San Juan.

2. Benny’s Lomi Haus is on the right side of the road not far once you enter town. The huge serving of Lomi cost P40.00 but if you want an extra large serving, there is a P60.00 Lomi.

3. Like BIYAHERONG BARAT on Facebook.

4. Enjoy and have a safe trip.


333 thoughts on “Laiya in San Juan, Batangas

    • Hi,

      Baka me package din kayo for 2 and for 2 nights? Great help if u reply ahehehe.. Thanks God bless astig mga pix nyo d2 😉

        • idol, ganda ng posts and reviews mo. Hingi sana ko ng advice, plano namin mag out of town sa November sa Laiya. Maganda sana sa La Luz kaso bawal magdala ng food. Gusto sana namin, mamalengke ng sea foods tapos magpunta sa resort na pwede magluto at may ref. 2 days 1 night lang idol. What can you recommend. Laiya, Batangas lang sana kasi maganda dagat dun eh. Thanks and More Power!

          • You can try visiting Playa Laiya. It’s a private beach resort, members and their guests are the only allowed to visit the place. I’m a lot owner kaya I can help you. Also, you can bring foods, no corkage fee. My # is 0905.227.1000 in case you’re interested. God bless!

            • hi! can you help us . planning to visit PLAYA LAIYA for our outing. Pls text me 09235920070. Im from Cavite. anna lenchico. thank you

            • hi maybe you can help me going to playa laiya since you are a lot owner. its really a fond of me going to laiya this will be my first time. can you help me and can i get endorsement from you.. mamahal ng hotel rates eh im planning with my friends day tour lang. pls help i know filipinos are helping his fellow countrymen hehe.. badly needing it. planning this coming saturday

            • hi are allowed to tent pitch? and also can you give us the rates because we’re planning to have our vacation there. Thank you

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  2. Hi BiyaherongBarat! Nagpplano kami ng girlfriend ko na pumunta ng laiya. Gusto sana namin mag tent lang para mas fun. Pwede kaya dun? Iniisip din kasi namin kung may magagamit ba kaming CR at pati yung safety. Saka mga magkano kaya damage? Thanks! Nice posts.

    • Hello Carlo,

      Salamat sa pag-visit sa Biyaherong Barat.

      ‘Yung pinagtayuan namin ng tent, yung mga budget resort sa Laiya. ‘Yang lugar na yan dun banda sa may Les Caraibes banda, halos katabi lang nun (medyo dulo pa yung Les Caraibes). Pwede kayo makiusap dun na makikitayo lang ng tent. May fence naman at may CR din. Magbabayad lang siguro kayo ng entrance fee or mag-rent na lang kayong table tapos free na yun pagtayo ng tent.

      Tapos may mga malapit na carinderia dun na ok yung food. ‘Di ko lang maalala yung pangalan, sorry.

      • Ahh ok ok. Nakita ko din yung post mo about sa PARK Real, Quezon. Maganda din yung place, pero ano yung mas pang barat na trip? hehe. Mga magkano kaya magagastos pag nandun na kami at pag may tent kami? Salamat ulit, sir!

        • Walang problema, Kaloy. =) Mas mura sa The PaRK kaysa sa Laiya. Although mas gusto ng marami yung beach sa Laiya, kase white sand, mas gusto ko sa The PaRK, kase laid back lang dun. Ok yung campgrounds, safe kayo dun, malinis na CR, may open hut, pwede rin kayo mag-luto (mura seafoods sa Real, Quezon).

          Sa The PaRK, ok din activities, pwede kayo mag-surfing dun (mas mura lessons compared to La Union or Zambales) or paddle boarding, pwede kayo mag-side trip to Balagbag Falls.

          San ba kayo manggagaling? Mag-commute ba kayo or magdadala ng auto? Pagdating niyo sa The PaRK, ito magagastos niyo:

          P50.00 – Entrance per head (overnight)
          P50.00 – Tent pitching fee (kung magdadala kayo ng sarili niyo)
          P300.00 – Food budget per day (Approximate lang kung kakain kayo sa carinderia, pero busog na kayo niyan; kung magluluto kayo mas mura pa siguro)
          P200.00 – Surf board rental

          • Sa Manila kami mang-gagaling, pero sa Los Banos kasi ako nag college kaya familiar na ako sa Laguna pero di pa ako nakarating sa Real Quezon. Sa tingin ko mag The PaRK na kami, benta sa akin yung ‘laid back’ na sinabi mo. Gusto lang namin mag relax relax. hehe. Maraming salamat, sir! Salamat sa Byaherong Barat. Ippromote ko tong page na to. 🙂

            • Magcocommute ba kayo o magdadala ng auto? Kase kung Manila kayo manggagaling, merong bus na nanggagaling sa Sampaloc tapos diretso na yun, dun na kayo ibababa. Kung magdadala kayo ng auto, mas malapit kung sa Ortigas Ext.-Antipolo-Siniloan route niyo, mas mabilis at mas tipid dahil hindi na kayo magbabayad ng toll gate. Kung sa LB kase kayo dadaan, ang layo ng iikutin niyo.

              • Ahh plano kasi namin bumisita ng LB muna then mag real. Anyway. Sige iccheck ko yung bus na sinasabi mo sa Sampaloc. Mag ccommute lang kami kasi dalawa lang naman kami, medyo lugi sa gas pag mag dala pa ng auto. Contact-in ko na lang din yung nasa isang post mo. ByaherongBarat, barat ka nga sa pera, pero di ka barat magreply. Saludo ako sayo. haha.

                • Hahahaha!!! Salamat, Kaloy. Reply na lang nakakahiya naman tipidin. Mayaman sa reply. Hehehe.

                  Nung pumunta kase akong Real, pumunta din akong LB muna, pero nagdala kaming auto kase 6 kami, e. Pero kung commute, mula LB pwede kayo sumakay ng bus o jeep hanggang Sta. Cruz, tapos mula dun sakay kayo papuntang Famy, sabihin niyo dun kayo ibaba sa “crossing” yata tawag nila dun, e. yung papuntang Real sabihin niyo. May mga bus na dun papuntang Infanta o Real, tapos pababa kayo sa Tignoan, sa The Park, di kalayuan yun paglagpas ng tulay pagkadating ng Real.

            • Hello Abby,

              Sa may La Luz Resort po sa Laiya Batangas po ang alam kong snorkeling area.

              May dive spot po sa may Anilao Batangas, I’m not sure though kung may snorkeling area sila. Not sure with banana boats. =)

  3. Was attracted to your name Byaherong Barat 🙂 obviously, we are on a tight budget too.. me and hubby are planning for an overnight stay in San Juan. may makukuha kya dun na 1,000/night?! hehehe Ok na kami kahit hindi along the beach (kumbaga nasa Town talaga) pwede namang pumasok sa mga beach resort paying entrance fee lang di ba? Thank you!

    • Hi Sherie.

      Yeah, mahirap magtravel ‘pag walang pera. Hahaha. Anyway, medyo malayo yung San Juan town proper sa Laiya. Marami mga small resorts sa Laiya mismo, for sure makakakuha kayo ng room under P1000.00, pero siyempre, hindi siya kasing ganda ng mga 1,000 and up.

      Thank you, Sherie, for dropping by. Have a great day.

      • hehehe 🙂 yup, was checking the map..malayolayo nga.. may mga blogs na din akong nabasa about inexpensive accomodations 🙂 Salamat sa reply! i also checked your fb. sana may quote din kayo for 2 persons lang. Kumbaga, join mo kami sa ibang group 🙂 Thanks again and have a great day too.

        • Yes, tiyagain niyo lang, mag-ikot ikot muna kayo, marami kayong makikitang small lodgings dun.

          Well, mahal kase pag-two persons lang. Ayaw naman namin mamahalan yung mga client namin. Pero minsan sumasama lang talaga sa ibang group. Pinagsasama na lang namin tapos papakilala sa isa’t isa, turns out ok din. They meet new people, new friends, saya din. Kahit kaming nag-o-organize enjoy din kahit maliit lang kita.

          ‘Pag may biyahe kami sasabihan kita or i-like mo yung Biyaherong Barat Facebook Page nag-a-announce ako dun minsan. Just in case free kayo, tara. Masaya yun.

          Anyway, ingat kayo sa biyahe and enjoy. Share niyo dito yung resort na makita niyo para may ma-suggest din tayo sa iba. Thanks, Sherie.

  4. sir ask lang po.. nagpplan kasi kami ng group ko na mag laiya.. 15 po kami and yung budget namin is around 1k each.. meron po kaya kaming patutunguhan nun? gusto sana namin na mag tent pitching meron kaya dun na rentals ng tent or magdadala kami ng samin talaga? thanks for the reply

    • Sa tingin ko, sa Les Caraibes pasok ang budget na 1K each. Meron silang dormitory type kasya 8 na tao. 2 kunin niyo, tapos luto na lang kayo dun. Try niyo contactin. Pasok yung ganon budgetan dun. By the way, san nga pala kayo manggagaling? Depende yung budget din dun. Either magcocommute kayo o mag-auto?

        • ‘Yung mga van usually charge nun, 7,500 per day. Tapos mga 18 seater na yun. At kadalasan, all in na yun, gas and toll. Parang papalo siya ng 500 each. Mas mura yun kaysa magcommute kayo. Mas magastos kung commute kayo, e. Tapos ‘di ko sigurado kung may direct na biyahe to San Juan/ Ang alam ko lang kase, from Manila to Lipa, tapos jeep, Lipa to San Juan, tapos sasakay ulit kayo ng jeep or tricycle papuntang Laiya.

          So advice ko, van talaga. Mukhang mas makakatipid kayo.

        • Mas ok maghanap muna kase marami yun, e. Depende sa budget niyo. ‘Yung parang dormitory type na photo, yung may double deck beds, yun yung Les Caraibes. Pwedeng tingnan niyo muna dun tapos hanap hanap kayo from there.

  5. Hello Sir. Anniversary po kasi namin ng gf ko sa feb.25, 2013 and we decided to celebrate it earlier since may pasok ako nun. sa feb.23-24 nlang namin celebrate. Ang budget po namin is 2000 each may masusuggest po ba kayo na place near manila na white sand beach 🙂 Hope you’ll reply real soon.God bless 😀

    • Hi Rester,

      Advance Happy Anniversary sa inyo ng girlfriend mo. Ang naiisip ko kagad na malapit lang, tapos white sand, ay Cagbalete Island. Hindi rin kamahalan yung gastusin dun. Or, kung game kayo sa mga camping-camping, pwede rin yung sa may Pagbilao, Quezon yung Puting Buhangin Beach.

      Check mo, baka magustuhan niyo. May mga numbers akong nilagay na puwede niyong tawagan para makapag-inquire kayo ng direkta sa resort.

      Thank you for dropping by, Rester, and happy anniversary to both of you.

      Happy travels.

  6. hi po balak namin mag punta sa laiya early next yr. with my inlaws siguro 15 persons kami… any suggestion po kung saan resort maganda? gusto ko yung nasa blog nyo po. saan po banda yan and mag kanu? thank you.

  7. hello po,
    alin po bang resort sa laiya batangas na mura ang cottage or room bale mga 15 persons po kami. Meron po ba kaming marent na parang private resort na white sand napwede kaming magluto kung mag overnight po kami included na din po ba yong entrance fee sa resort na may pool?

    • You could try Les Caraibes Resort pero wala silang pool. Mukhang ok naman yung beach front nila, actually, all resorts in Laiya share the same beach. Nagkakatalo lang sa amenities and presyo.

  8. Hi. Good day. Sir our family (2adults 3kids) are planning this coming March 10 to go to Laiya. Naghahanap ako ng budget rooms with Swimming pool sana. How much kaya ang room rate dun? Thanks.

    • Hello Shai,

      I understand this pre-nup photoshoot is a very important matter.

      With the prices, and processing permits, I’m not sure. Kung ako po tatanungin regarding the location and if it were my pre-nup shoot, it would be best to go there, para ma-“visualize” yung shoot. Conduct an ocular, maybe, with your photographer?

  9. Hi Biyaherong Barat, ask ko lng kasi dalawa kami ni boyfie balak magLaiya ngayong Holy Week. How much kaya ang dapat naming dalhin para masulit ang 3 days 2 nights? Thanks!

    • Hi Therese,

      First of all, kung Holy Week kayo punta, tingin ko you should start making reservations ngayon pa lang kase daming nagpapabook dun. Sa budget, it would depend kung san kayo magse-stay. Check out the website of the resorts tapos tingnan niyo yung packages offered nila. If you ask me what resort, I always suggest La Luz, kase kumpleto na dun room and meals, wala na kayong iisipin.

  10. hi Biyaherong Barat! super helpfull naman ng page mo na ‘to …ask ko lang how to get there in Laiya? Plan sana namin ng friends ko to stay there for an overnight chill. Say sun AM then balik lang din kami dito sa manila ng Mon am. magkano kaya aabutin? hindi naman kasi namin ma-avail yung mga packages kasi for 3D2N siya at isa pa 5 lang naman kami.

    • Hello Phen,

      Thank you very much for the kind words. I think there are buses going directly to San Juan, Batangas from Buendia. Tapos from San Juan, may jeep na to Laiya, or tricycle. I think 2,500-3,000 each mayaman na kayo nun. Depende sa resort na pagse-stay-an niyo, e. Yung 3,000 sa tingin ko magandang resort na yun, tapos with meals na din.

      Enjoy your vacation, Phen. Thank you and have a great day. =)

      • Hi, may contact number po ba kayong pwedeng tawagan para mas malinaw ang usapan, sa feb 17 na po ang team building namin naghahanap po kami ng murang accommodation yung more than 20 capacity

  11. hi!!ask ko lang po if may marecomend kyo n resort sa laiya good for 2 lang saturday morning till sunday lunch time lang,,wedding aniversary po kc namin ng husband ko this feb..magkano po kaya ang magagastos?

    • Hi Lorry,

      Tingin ko po perfect ang La Luz for your celebration. Yung entrance fee comes with 4 buffet meals (if I’m not mistaken), and rooms cost around 3,000 per night.

      Check niyo na lang po website ng La Luz Resort. Happy anniversary po. happy travels =)

  12. Hello po,,, may balak kmi pumunta dyna s beach n feature nyo,,, pede po b mkuha ung contact numbers ng beach resort n yan? Salamat po…

  13. Hi.. I’m mitch.. your blog caught my attention po..well, was also planning for an overnight stay to any beach with bf on feb.27.. manggagaling po kami ng sta.mesa,manila. I was smitten po dun sa pictures mo and i wanted to ask if 3k is enough kaya for 2persons inclusive of fares back and forth, food and a 1-night room rent? thanks thanks 😉

      • hi, this is benedick,
        nice Blog-malaking tulong po! i hope matulungan nyo din ako..

        medyo nahihirapan po kasi akong mag hanap ng resort sa laiya? may maisusuggest ka ba na cheapest resort, pero maganda din naman yung place and malinis? dalawa lang po kami ng girlfriend ko..

  14. hi, thanks for the swift reply.. 😀
    from manila to laiya po, mga ilang hours kaya yun? and if ever dumating kami dun ng around noon on the 27th, madali lang po kmi mkakahanap ng place to stay na malapit sa beach for the night? kahit po hindi na resort…well, we just want to go somewhere kasi on the 27th, bday ko kasi yun.. hehe thanks again 🙂

    • Advance happy birthday, Mitch. =)

      Mga less than 3 hours na lang yata yun ngayon kung yung bus dun dadaan sa SLEX-Star Tollway, ‘di ko kase alam route nila, e. Madali lang yun. Dati ginawa namin naglakad lang kami along the beach, habang naghahanap ng resort.

  15. all right, maybe i’ll just ask someone for instrauctions pano mkakapunta jan..hindi naman siguro kami aabutin ng gabi bago mkahanap ng matutulugan noh?hehe

    thanks much biyaherongbarat.. awkward..i don’t know your name kasi..haha more power. God bless!

  16. we will be having our team building this july..Can I have the contact nos. of les Caraibes…or their room rates..hope you can help me with this..tnx in advance..

  17. hi there. I am thinking of a place where I can bring my family over. Calaguas Island and this one are one of my options. If ever you’ll be arranging a trip for us, how much will it cost for a group of 9? target date would be on april 13-14. Thanks in advance.. 🙂

  18. sir tanong ko lang po, kung magkano lahat lahat magagastos if mag laiya kami. 10 persons po. saka nong resort po dun yun maganda at affordable na puntahan. plano namin this holyweek po thanks!

  19. hello po.. ask lang po if magkano kaya yung magiging budget sa laiya if 10-15 persons..? pati alin po kaya yung abot kayang rooms and mga ilang rooms po kaya yung maoocupy namin kung sakali? pati mey room po kaya na pwede dun na magluto?? here’s my contact 09274983901.. tnx

    • Hi Lyndon,

      You could try Les Caraibes Reosrt. They have dormitory type rooms, which could accomodate your whole group, good for 8 ang isa, so kuha na lang kayong dalawa. Pwede magluto dun. You could check out their website for the rates.

  20. wow this site is nice ha… dapat talaga i-appreciate ang sariling atin and this would really help… ..
    yeyyy…. see you soon Batangas…

  21. hello. advisable po ba kung hindi kami magpapareserve ng accomodation? hindi kaya kami maubusan ng matutuluyan? this saturday and sunday namin plan magpunta ng laiya. ang mahal kasi ng mga nahahanap ko sa net so I was thinking po na dun na lang mismo mag-score. ok lang kaya yun? thanks.

  22. Hi.. i just want to ask lang po how much yung room na my second floor?yun yung room sa package B, 12 persons po kasama na dun yung 2 children aged 3 and 4, if kulang ang bed meron ba kayong pina pa rent na matress,?and if ina allow nyo yung ganun, balita ko kasi gang 8 person yung room nyo. mag walk in lang kasi kami. thanks

  23. hi! plano kasi namn mag trek. san ba may murang entrance lang sa laiya? mag tent kasi kmi or pwede din rent ng table,. thanks 🙂

  24. we have a company outing.. we are 80 pax for 2d1non may .pls suggest naman a resort sa laiya na pedeng magdala ng foods at pede rin mag tent kung magkulang sa budget sa rooms.

  25. Hi Sir,

    We are planning to have outing with my officemates this coming May 4. Pero wla pa po kaming napipiling puntahan. First choice talaga ng lahat ee sa Laiya Batangas kc nga maganda daw. Sana po matulungan nio kame kung sang beach maganda, ung good for 20 persons? Tsaka magkanu po kaya ung magiging dapat na budget namen less na ung food at transpo?

    • Hi Perl,

      Laiya is a very nice place for company outings, but most hotels get fully-booked during summers most of the time. But I think there are still a few available, though I can’t guarantee that.

  26. Hello sir, we’re planning to have a family outing this coming May. Ask ko lang kung anong yung magandang resort sa Batangas or Quezon na mura yung accomodation for a big group. Ang plano po kasi ay, 1 room for the oldies and babies (8-10 persons), 1 cottage para sa food and other things, tsaka po yung pwede sana magtent (for the bagets). Around 40 po kasi kami so masyadong mahal pag kumuha kami ng rooms para sa lahat samin. Possible kaya yun? 15K po budget namin for accomodation. Thank you sir!

    • Hello Joy,

      If you’re going this summer to Laiya, most resorts, as I’ve heard, were fully-booked.

      There’s this place in Real, Quezon where we go to most of the time because of its proximity and mura lang. Check out The PaRK, they have a house there, for only 7K, there’s a porch 3 bathrooms, 5 rooms (2 air-conditioned), kitchen complete with utensils, a dining area – basically, it’s complete. Lots of activities to do.

      You could also check out Cagbalete Island in Mauban Quezon, mura din po dun. Maganda yung island. You could camp, you could rent cheap cottages.

  27. Sir! Question lang po, mas mura po ba kung dun na mismi maghhnap ng place na mpg stayan? 2 lang po kasi kami, interested nga po ako sa tent lng e. kasi tight budget din, plan namin tomorrow e. slmat po.

    • Hi Jenn,

      May pros and cons din, e. Mas tipid din pag dun maghahanap kase may mga maliliit na homestays or small resorts na wala namang website, definitely mas mura dun. However, ‘di sure kung may bakante pa. Karamihan kase nung mga resort (yung mga kilala), fully-booked na ngayong summer.

  28. hi po,

    nagpalano po kami ng barkada kong mag out of town sa laiaya, wala naman po kaming malaking budget we’re students po kasi, i’m just asking if there is any vacation house for rent in laiya yung cheap but safe. we’re planning to stay for 2 nights. and 15 po kami. than you so much :*

  29. Hello! Ask ko lang po kung anu po ung mairerecommend nyong beach resort sa laiya or zambales na affordable para po sa 6 persons? 1 to 1.5 k po ung budget ksama na po ung transpo. Plan po namin kasi magovernight.. thank you!

  30. Hello po! Ask ko lang expert adivce mo where pwede mag swimming as a family this summer vacation na ok un beach pero ayaw nman nmin overnight stay and mgdadala dn kme ng food. Ok na yung tipong cottage lang. Entrance fee or even some activities sa lugar pro budget friendly naman. Sana you could help us po. Ty!

    • Hi Angela,

      Try niyo po siguro yung Les Caraibes Resort. ‘Di ko po kase kabisado yung gma resort dun, e. Iilan pa lang po napupuntahan namin. Pero marami pong mga resort dun na pwede pagpilian.

      Di po ako, expert. hehehe. just a regular traveler passing by. But thank you for the kind words. =) Have a nice day

  31. hi help me naman, want q sana d2 sa Laiya kaya lang marami kami kasama q family q and others un bang isang araw lang un bang bibiyahe kame ng 3am then by the evening/afternoon of that day uwi din kame pwede ba dun/ un bang one day swimming ba, magdadala kame ng lutuan and other stuff/tipong entrance and cottage lang kame dun/pwede ba d2 sa LAIYA? Sana me reply aq saiyo ASAP po sana. THANKS! 🙂

  32. help nmn gusto nmn pumunta ng laiya ksma ang utol ko 2 lng kmi sana mtulungan nyo kmi n mkapunta dun sa saktong budget lng ngayong myerkules santo ng gabi or huwebes santo ng umaga my no 09326440908

  33. Hi can you pls send me a copy of the accommodation and room friends and I want to go there..thanks await for ur reply

  34. gusto po nming mkpunta this holy week anung bus pdeng sakyan ppuntang laiya san juan batangas 2 lng kming mgutol at kya ba ng budget nmn 5k 1 nyt 2 days lng pls txt nyo nmn me kung may idea kayo my no 09326440908 salamat po ng marami God bless!!!

  35. Hi im traveling with my family.Can you recommend a place to stay in Laiya that’s good for 25people?Preferably a room that accomodates 10-12 people.Thanks 🙂

  36. sir pwede po bang malaman kung saan mura ang cottage at entrance fee? kasi balak po naming mag outing ngayong darating na friday, mga 20 katao po kami kasama mga bata, saan po ba maganda magpunta at mura,thanks

  37. i really like your website.. im planning to visit la luz this coming end of april.. and i want to join your calaguas team this may but still thinking..

    sa la lauz po ang hirap sa kanila magpa book as in.. pero thanks for blogging verfy helpful

    more travel pa sana..

    • Hi Shiena,

      Naku, oo, medyomahirap magpabook sa La Luz lalo na pag-summer. madalas fully-booked sila kaya dapat maaga talaga ang booking.

      Tara, sama ka Calaguas this May.

      Cheers to more travels. =)

  38. Good day,
    Inquire ko kung meron po kau cottage na kubo or nipa hut.(2,500)budgeted po kasi ang swimming namin..tnx

  39. Hi Im looking for help. My company dept is planning to have a team building this coming May 11-12 2013 (saturday and sunday), were approximately 35 person do you know a place in batangas were we can spend our weekend?

  40. WOW! this blog is amazing!! Thank you for all these help! i wish pwede ko gawing trabaho yang ginagawa mo. soooo coooool! i need your help please, i hope matulungan mo ako. uwi ako ng Pinas from Canada for a month but i only have 1 week for my beach escapade (my 3 weeks are already booked) at sooooobrang miss ko ang beach dahil sa looooong winter dito. please please please let me know saan yung hindi hassle yung travel and travel time. maybe 3days 2 nights package, but i dont know where. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! (your blog makes me wanna go home NOW!)

    • Hello Henny,

      I also hope I earn from this blog, but unfortunately, not. It’s just something I love to do. Anyway, when are you planning your beach vacation? I think Laiya’s weekends are fully booked, but they might have availability during weekdays.


  42. we are planning to celebrate my husband’s bday at laiya but we have limited budget any suggestions? we can bring our tent but where can we wash and rinse? is it safe ..for us senior ctizens?ty n Godbless.

      • Hi! Saan tong beach na to? Ilang oras travel time from MAnila? Can u provide me the rates pls. My friends and I are planning to visit this place, kaya lang gusto namin yung mura lang. hahah.. tnx a lot!

  43. Sir, we’re planning to go to Laiya having our own transpo. Ano po kaya dadatnan namin dun if ever we arrive there around 12-1am? Galing pa kasi party then roadtrip (less traffic) plan ko going to Laiya. Tent pitch lang din sana. 🙂

  44. Maraming lugar sa Laiya na mura lang wherein you can stay for a day for an entrance of 200 pesos. From Kabayan resort to White Cove Beach Resort, you can take advantage of their clean facilities. Bringing your food are not permitted in some resort, not because of profit but more of environmental issue. But you can also go out of the resort and eat at some Carinderia sa Hugom or along the way.

    Hope this info helps.

    • In addition the travel time varies from 2:45 minutes to 6 hours depending on the time of travel. My suggestion is get there and catch sunrise – that’s definitely 2:45 minutes ride. From 8am to 7pm – try to avoid Lipa City and go around Ibaan then catch the star expressway from there. A savings of an hour or 2.

      If you are going to visit during peak season March, April, May – try to make a reservation. (USA) / Trip Helpmate Travel and Tours FB (Philippines)

        • I have a small place after Laiya where the road is under construction, but expected to be fully constructed 2015. BB – I like your photos – I myself belong to a Photo Club – Pinoy Photo Buddies of New York New Jersey at FB and I am actually a native and most of the resort owners are friends. I also like your blog site very informative, it makes you want to travel.

          Pakiusap lang make our kababayan be aware of how to dispose their basuras properly.

    • I will ask my daughter in law how much are the friendly rates in Laiya. My place is still not open since it will take another two years to built the roads aside – wala din ako pera. I will post the rates of my friends – Kabayan is the cheapest / White Cove Beach Resort – they facilities. With air-condition rooms ba or non? I will post na lang.

      or go all the way to Hugom, after Laiya. cheap cheap one family house – ask for Kapitan Mayok and rent his house a few steps to the beach.

  45. Hi! 🙂 Ang ganda ng page nyo! Anyway, Im an explorer back packer type. Gusto ko pumunta ng Laiya beach. Saan ba mganda mag stay? ako lang kasi mag isa pupunta. Okay lang kahit anong type kahit nga tent okay lang basta may magamitan cr. San kaya mura? tsaka san ako makakabili ng lomi within san juan laiya? Mag commute lang kasi ako. Mang gagaling pala akong Manila. Thank you 🙂

  46. Good afternoon sir.. mag tatanong lang ako.. kc plano namn ng wife ko mag out of town.. nbsa ko ung mga post dto intersting sya ung sa the park.. ang tanong ko lng.. magkano ang total expense namin pag commute from quezon city to the park.. meron po ba dun room for rent magkano po… then sa foods as in lhat lahat po.. reply ka po please thank you

  47. hi,

    sa les caraibes ba merong room na good for two lang po? dalawa lang po kasi kami ng girlfriend ko and plano namin na mag laiya this last week of november? may maissugest po kayo kayong cheapest resort, pero safe and malinis, na good for two?? Thanks in advance.. and salamat din sa very informational nyong blog, more power.. 😀

  48. hi!biyaherong barat!!

    Nagplaplano po kmi ng barkda kong mag-outing at gusto po nmin ay beach type..ask ko po kung how much po ung dormitory type sa picture n post nio po.
    salamat po!!

    chele here

  49. Hi, ang ganda naman po ng page nyo. May tanong din po ako. Balak po namin mag out of town ng family ko, saan po ba may murang cottage na pwedeng tuluyan and tulugan narin for 3 days for a big family (23 persons) .. Kung saan free mag-luto, ? a private one would be nice pero gusto po namin yung free kami mag-luto. at yung may palengke na mabibilan ng food. Thanks ASAP pls..

  50. hello,

    May aattendan kasi kaming kasalan sa February 08, 2014 sa La Luz Beach Resort.
    Problem namin fully booked na sa La Luz.
    Mga 8-10 kami overnight sana.
    May suggestion ka ba na matutuluyan na malapit or katabi ng La Luz mismo?
    Thanks in advance.

  51. May iba po ba kayong ma-susuggest na resorts around Nasugbu, Batangas. We’re some college friends and want to have a really cheap beach outing this summer. Hope you can help us.

  52. Hi, ang ganda naman po ng page nyo. May tanong din po ako. Balak po namin mag out of town ng family ko, saan po ba may murang cottage na pwedeng tuluyan and tulugan narin for 3 days for a big family (23 persons) .. Kung saan free mag-luto, ? a private one would be nice pero gusto po namin yung free kami mag-luto. at yung may palengke na mabibilan ng food. Thanks ASAP pls.. paki-PM nalang po ako..

    • This link will help you get to Laiya and find your resort and make a direct inquiry. For cheap cheap rentals Contact Mamay Justino Sulit or Kapitan Mayok (Brgy Captain) (sorry I do not have their Phone number) they are all located in Hugom, very near La Luz beach resort. The local Jeep from San Juan will take you directly to Brgy. Hugom.

      There is a bus that goes direct to San Juan at the Buendia/Taft Terminal at around 5-6 am, when you reach San Juan get the local Jeep at the Laiya Jeep stop near the Public Market. Or if you miss this – try to get the express bus to Lipa City and from there get the Van or express to San Juan located at the bus terminal between Robinson and SM. (note: not directly in SM or Robinson those ride do local stops and it will take forever to reach San Juan )

  53. hello Byaherong barat: just want to ask a permission to post this blog in our facebook account. Thanks.

    jOel Of les Caraibes Beach Resort.

  54. I would love to see more cheap places to go. I will have some friends coming, so I hope I can see more. Congrats guys.


    Looking for cheapest accomodations in Laiya, Batangas?

    We have cheap rates for big groups and family accomodation.

    Executive Room – good for 4-6 pax at P4,500 per night
    Cottage Vans – good for 8 to 12 pax at P5,000 to P5,500 per night
    Private Villa – max of 15 pax at P10,000
    Family Suite – good for 6 pax at P6,500

    You may bring and cook your own food NO CORKAGE or ENTRANCE FEEs.

    Call or text us at 0915-7459396 look for Grace

  56. We’re planning on a team building with my office mates. mga 20 pax siguro kami.. Gusto naman namin ng beach kasi usually pool lang, nakakasawa.. Nice post! Alam mo ba yung prices ng rooms nila? The cheaper the better. hihi
    Iniisip nga namin mag tent.. Kasi overnight stay lng naman and kami na bahala sa food. Sana yung mga 5k budget lang.. May mairerecommend ka ba na magandang beach and mura ung accommodation?

  57. Ask ko lang po. nag babalak po kasi kami ng mga friends ko this summer mag swimming 4 po kami. sa Laiya po ba ano po sasakyan namin na bus from quezon city kami.magkano din po entrance? and balak po kasi namin mag kubo lang kami or kaya table then mag tayo nlng ng tent. or may alam po ba kayo na ibang beach sa san juan na katabi ng Laiya na mura lang din po? hanggang mga cheap deals lang po kasi kami. Salamat po.

  58. hi, me and my friends are planning to go to laiya this march 28 and 29.may packages ba kayo for five persons and ano po yung mga beach resorts na mura pero meron ding pool?thanks

  59. Sir Magandang araw po,
    Balak po naming magtotropa na pumunta sa Laiya pero gusto sana namin eh yung tents pitching lang sana(para swak sa budget). Overnight lang po ang balak namin. Saang resort po ba yung pwede at magkano ang budget?
    btw dito po kami manggagaling sa Calamba Laguna.

  60. In barangay hugom, are there any place that can be rented for overnight stays? that is near by the beach. We are planning on going there on monday, and we have a tight budget. what can you recommend and do you know any contact numbers that we can call? THANKS!

    • Normally a day tour in a resort (Laiya, San Juan Batangas) is around 200pesos/person and cottage like a pergola/cabana/kubo cabana ranges from free to php2,000 depending on the resort. Must of the quality resort does not allow you to bring food or they will charge you for bringing food/drinks. There are places specially in Brgy Hugom wherein you can go to the beach shore without any fee, but you must rent out a pala pala or kubo to change at the same time use of bathroom and comfort room.

      Since you can use the internet, please do search the internet and Google Laiya, San Juan Batangas, you will get different research results and directions too. Then you can make your choices. Just make use of your internet capability.

    • Again:

      Since you can use the internet, please do search the internet and Google Laiya, San Juan Batangas, you will get different research results and directions too. Then you can make your choices. Just make use of your internet capability.

      I am not a resort owner but you can create a check list based on your needs, like;

      1. Choice of resort. with or without swimming pool
      2. With security or none
      3. Can bring foods and drinks or pay corkage fee
      4. How many person’s in a cottage
      5. Type of facilities do they have pictures of bathroom / comfort room.

      Take note:
      I am shocked to see the town asking you to pay environmental fee or other fees for using the beach.

      If you are driving to Laiya – you will see peddlers on the street renting out cottage once you reach the place.

      Note: weekends are packed.

      Remember to create your check list/do you research diligently…there’s no backing out once you are there.

      Have a pleasant Summer!!

    • Once you read the thread it will always boil into

      Since you can use the internet, please do search the internet and Google Laiya, San Juan Batangas, you will get different research results and directions too. Then you can make your choices. Just make use of your internet capability. Mahal na araw means mahal na cottage baka wala pa makuha at ubos na.

      check the internet and email or make a call.

  61. I’m looking for a summer destination near Manila to spend my weekend with my mom but not too pricey. Just to unwind lang. Beach sana? Kahit overnight lang. And then I saw this. Okay na ba yung 3k?

  62. Hi Good morning ask ko lang po kung magkano entrance overnightsa laiya resort at magkano po ang cottage, wala din kame budget for rooms kahit sa cottages na lang kame mag stay mga nasa 30 person kame.. salamat

  63. Tanong ko lang po kung mga buwan ng Mayo gaaano po katotoo na Fully Book ang mga Hotel kasi bale mga kaibigan at family namin gustong gumawi dyan sa san Juan Bantangas kasi marami ang nag recommend sa amin na maganda ang lugar at beach…

  64. Hi, Meron po ba kayong barkada package na for 1 day lang? Kasama na island hoping, & activities? Wala po kasi kaming balak mag stay hanggang kinabukasan, isang araw lang kasi available samen. Sana masagot po agad. thanks in advance.

  65. @byaherong barat

    ah, kuya, ask ko lang po sana kung magkano ang entrance fee po jan (overnight) .. since mejo low budget magbabaon nalang kame ng sarili naming tent / foods / drink ..

    may bayad din po ba ang pag tayo jan ng tent ?
    may libreng paliguan po ba na pedeng magamit ?

    from calamba laguna po ako ..mejo alam ko po papunta jan ..pero wala lang talagang time bumeyahe ..


    nagbabalak po kameng magttropa na mag beach sa batangas e 😀

    • I don’t think you’ll need a tent if you want to enjoy the beach this time of the year. Laiya is no longer a freebie place. Everything now is for rent, environmental fee is required. If you want to go to a resort – most of them does not allow you to bring your own foods and drinks however, others will do if, you pay for a corkage fee and rent a room.

      Upon reaching Laiya there are hawkers for cottage. Those are not the one you’ll find in the internet. If you go there it is a hit or miss most especially during weekends. Best bet is arrive in Laiya like 6:30 to 7:00 am – You will find something there. Or call Kapitan Mayok and see if he still have a vacant house for rent by the beach or a very short walk to the beach 0919-895-8076.

      There are beaches at other Barangay’s (Calubcub, Subukin, etc) prior to reaching Laiya which can accommodate your plan. But incomparable to Laiya.

      Good luck and enjoy!!

  66. Hello po 🙂 we are on a tight budget.. me and my bf are planning for an overnight stay in San Juan. may makukuha kya dun na 2,000/night?! Thanks.

  67. Plese help me me and my other office mates plan to go to san juan pero less budget ang din po basta malinis san po best suggestion nyo good for max 20 persons?

  68. Ano pong rate nung rooms sa La Luz na pang couple , sir? May contact pa din po kayo don? Nice blog! 2015 na pero ngayon ko lang nakita.

  69. Hi. Nakita ko to n’ napaka ganda. May inu-organize po kse akong hs outing para sa big reuion namin ng mga classmate ko non hs. Gusto ko po sana malaman kung magkano ang pdeng abutin ng pagstayan. Tapos kung magkno exactly ang bayad sa resort?

    • hi! You can try visiting Playa Laiya. It’s a private beach resort, members and their guests are the only allowed to visit the place. I’m a lot owner kaya I can help you. Also, you can bring foods, no corkage fee. My # is 0905.227.1000 in case you’re interested. God bless!

      • Hi, ask ko sana magkano overnight stay for 30-45 pax. Yung room na kailangan namin good for 15-20 pax lang kasi hindi naman lahat matutulog coz we will enjoy the beach. Do you also have videoke for rent? How much na rin pls. Our preferred date is Apr.18-19.

  70. Hello po, magkakatropa po kmi, anim po kmi sa grupo, from laguna. gusto po sana nmin dito sa laiya magbonding. kakasya po ba yung budget nmin na 1000pesos each kmi ? yun yung ambagan nmin. sa tingin nyo kung pwede na yan, ano pong mairerecommend nyo samin dyan sa mga pinost nyo ? sana makareply po kayo. first time nmin mag-out-of-town e. maraming salamat, here’s my fb account

  71. Hi! just want to ask about this Resort because our company is looking for .a resort with white sand for our company outing .. Do you have any contact details i just want to ask if you have any available packages for 100 pax ..

      • TO THOSE WHO WANT TO GO TO LAIYA, BATANGAS – I would recommend that you Google LAIYA BATANGAS and surf all the resort site. And pick the one that suite your needs. Just a suggestion. Or talk directly to

        FB and contact – trip helpmate travel and tours – or call/text 0998-977-4930 – It is a local licensed Travel Agency. Ask for the owner Sheryl Aguila better yet email details at

  72. Hi po i just want to know kung ano magandang resort na may nightlife as if like galera. sa laiya? suggestrf na resort po?

    • For professional help from a local Travel Agency – Please call Trip Helpmate Travel and Tours (FB) – Owner / Manager Sheryl Aguila – Globe 917-883-9378 / Smart 998-977-4930 / pm at FB trip helpmate travel and tours.

  73. Hi po, magtatanong lang kung saan maganda mag-unwind or magrelax. maganda po sana kung beach para medyo tahimik and relaxing kaso wala akong makita na mura pang 1 person lang. Wala kase akong maaya kaya baka ako nalang. Nasa magkano po kaya magagastos pag 2days? Thankyou.

  74. Hi! Need your help 🙂 were planning to go to the nearest beach from Manila- yung pwedeng walk in lang kasi we’ll just have a shoot there kasi.. walk in lang or where we can rent a cottage na good for 4-5person lang na mura, balikan lang kami eh.. appreciate your feedback!

  75. Helo.. ganda ng beach..
    May package din ba kayo for 2 and for 2 nights.. plan kasi namin ng husband ko pumunta dito this nov. Thanks.. hoping for your reply.. Godbless.. 😉

  76. Pingback: Boracay or Subic Bay ? - Page 4 - - The Thailand Forum

  77. Hi! Would u recommend, villa sulit resort for a company outing. Mostly men who prefer camping but we also have children/toddlers… thanks.

  78. Hi gud afternoon Howmuch if magstay ng 2 days and 1 night for 2 persons lang.and may entrance fee dn ba on 13february sna yung date thank u

  79. HI,balak po namin mag outing this february .ask ko lng po sana tatlo po kme and two kids 1yr old and 3yrs old as ko lng po kung may bayad din po ang bata ..

  80. Good day po!

    Plan po namin magswimming sa beach this coming month March 2016, while searching in the internet nakita ko site niyo. How much po entrance? Cottage? mga five (5 ) po kami and pede din po ba magbring ng food? Pls. Po need sagot.


  81. balak ko sanang pumunta dyan sa laiya kasama asawa kong senior at 2 apo ko kaso wala kaming sasakyan pano ba papunta dyan!bale 4 kami itong april sna

  82. punta sana kami ng asawa kong senior at dalawang apo ko bale apat kmi san po ba way papunta dyan kc mag commute lng kmi wala kming sasakyan!may alam po ba kayo na pwede naming sakyan ng deretso na dyan sa laiya..

  83. I hope you can recommend a place in Laiya beach in San Juan Batangas that can accommodate at least 9 adults and 2 small kids, but looking for a very reasonable rate per night. And also a place were we can bring our own food. Hope to hear from you soon because my family are planning to go to the beach this coming April 17th and they might stay for two nights depending on rate per night. Looking for very affordable rate. Thank you.

  84. How much room for 7pax on sat apr 23-24? What is the exact name of the resort. Even a dorm type room is ok. Basta affordable po.

  85. pwede ba mahingi mga contact numbers ng mga affordable beaches sa laiya? mag iinquire aq ng rates and mag papareserve. I called One Laiya Beach Resort pero full na sila this coming Saturday. Thanks

  86. ask ko lang po.. pwede po ba mag camping jan? i mean hnd n kami mag rerent ng room or cottage? may sarili po kasi kaming mga tent

  87. Good day!
    We are planning to have an overnight trip at Laiya beach and I have few questions:
    1. May overnight fee ba if we set up just tents and not rent any hotel/dorm accommodation?
    2. May I have a breakdown of your expenses for the overnight stay?

    I hope to hear from you soon! Maraming salamat po! 🙂

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