The Coffee Shop’s Jumbo Taco in Subic, Zambales

The Coffee Shop Subic Jumbo Taco Zambales

Food blogging isn’t really my thing, but dropping by this local restaurant has always took part on my Zambales trips. Many may have wrote about this Mexican delight, but maybe none has told you how you eat it. Never have I tried a taco this big, a taco this cheap, a taco this good. With no further ado,  I bring to you The Coffee Shop Restaurant’s Jumbo Taco.

Finding The Coffee Shop Restaurant is the first challenge. The joint simply looks just like a regular place, not so flashy, not so fancy. But if you’re coming from Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority, you might want to slow down when you reach the bars and entertainment establishments, maybe a red light district then look at your right side, it sits on the corners of the National Highway and Rizal Street.

Coffee Shop's Rooftop Hotel Subic Olongapo ZambalesThe Coffee Shop Restaurant  entrance. View from the National Highway.

The Coffee Shop Home of Jumbo Taco Subic Olongapo ZambalesInside the restaurant.

Now, let’s get to the eating part. I’m a messy eater of tacos – meat’s juice dripping, vegetables and cheese popping out of the shell, and I hate it like that. What more if it’s huge? So here’s how I devour with my favorite dish:

Jumbo Taco Subic ZambalesFirst, separate the shell from the beef, cheese, and vegetables.

hot sauce on jumbo taco subic zambalesThen add hot sauce to kick some spice to a notch.

Jumbo Taco Subic ZambalesMix.

Everything’s prepared. As you eat break the shell like chips then get a spoonful of the tacos. You might as well order an extra soft shell for a full heavy meal. Now that’s how you eat jumbo tacos without making a mess. The entire meal cost a little less that a P130.00 only. Cheap and reasonable if you’re searching for a meal you don’t get everyday.

dining are in the coffee shop subic zambalesA classic design of checkered floor and the window.
(I don’t know how to call it, but it has vintage feel to it)

Still standing since 1984, The Coffee Shop is one of the well known local restaurants in the area. Made it more popular because of their home made jumbo tacos, even the shell is home made. Not only they make this Jumbo Tacos, but there’s a lot more to be tried in the menu.

It’s really a good place to drop by if you’re looking for a cheap but good food. Some may say it’s not as good as a real taco but for it’s simply a taco I’m looking for. Usually, I look for more meat than vegetables, the Jumbo Tacos have more than what I need. So when I go to Zambales, I think of it before even arriving to the destination. Tasting it before even seeing it.


Now, here are some fast facts that may help you on your trip:

1. The Coffee Shop Restaurant is located at #2-3 Rizal Street, Barrio Barretto, corner Nat’l Highway, Olongapo City, Philippines. Aside from restaurant, it also has rooms for rent (I haven’t tried though).

2. Jumbo Taco cost P90.00

3. Have a nice meal. Enjoy.


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      • Fascinating pictures indeed. Are you a graduate of FPPF? What’s your current photography club? I was really surprised that it’s a Canon you’re using. I’m using a Canon 1100D and I can’t produce a picture that is even half the beauty of yours 😦

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