Aurora Province Destinations: Mother Falls of Ditumabo, San Luis

Ditumabo Mother Falls San Luis Aurora

Aurora offers a lot more than just beaches even though a coastal province bordered by the Pacific Ocean on the east. On its western border, rich green forests blanket rugged mountain ranges which stood as the province’s enormous walls. Beneath these “walls” lie natural wonders which bound spells to visitors by the mighty spectacle. From the salt waters of Sabang Beach, we head to the feet of the mountains in search of the powerful plunge of Ditumabo’s Mother Falls.

Neighboring the town of Baler is San Luis where most of the its lands are covered by rolling hills and gigantic mountains. Ditumabo, one of the baranggays in San Luis, serves as an entry and starting point of a back-breaking ascend to Mother Falls.

trail to ditumabo mother falls san luis auroraAscend on the first trail of rocks and pebbles of different sizes

hiking to ditumabo mother falls san luis auroraPassing by a wet trail.

this way to ditumabo fallsSome local woman posing in front of the “This way to Ditumabo Falls” signage.

Trekking towards the Mother Falls passes by different terrains beginning with an easy 30-45 minute hike on a wide rocky trail flanked by tall trees on both sides. Halfway to the Mother Falls is a registration center. No fees are required but registration is a must.

Beside the registration area the San Luis Mini-Hydro Power Plant which plays a major role in some towns of Aurora, and would also play a key role during the trek. Large pipes which comes from the Mother Falls to the power plant serve as a guide to the falls.

San Luis Minihydro power plant auroraThe basketball court in front of the registration area.

San Luis Minihydro power plant auroraSan Luis Mini-Hydro Power Plant

Running along the banks of the stream is a visible muddy trail which leads from the power plant to a stream. Strong currents and slippery rocks challenged our couch potato hiking skills , fortunately, we made it across unscathed, unbruised, and so far, dry. Bad news is, it was only the first.

The arduous trek led us to streams running on strong currents, large slippery boulders, and muddy trails until we made it on a gorge where the thundering roars of the falls can be heard and felt as well. A make-shift ladder will take you to a cemented path above the huge pipes. From here, it was an easy walk to the Mother Falls of San Luis Aurora.

Crossing streams to mother falls aurora provinceCrossing the first stream.

Power and might simply describe San Luis’ Ditumabo Falls, or Mother Falls as it plunges from 140 feet to a wide basin of clear cold water, an irresistible lure for our tired and exhausted bodies after the 4-kilometer hike.

Aside from being Ditumabo’s spectacle, the Mother Falls generates electricity more than the whole municipality needs. Even though its only 95% complete, it already decreased electric bills of local residents. Thus, the San Luis Hydro Power Plant is a major leap towards a green revolution and simply a budget solution rampant increases in electrical charges.

Mother Falls aurora provinceTHE Mother Falls of Ditumabo.

Tammy and Maiya aurora province ditumabo mother fallsTammy and Maiya at the fence of some sort of filter for the plant.

Never a visit to Baler would be complete without a trek to Ditumabo Falls. One does not need to be a well experienced climber to make it in the end, whereas, even couch potatoes like us can even do it. Yes, it may not be a walk in the park but the long haul is guaranteed to be rewarded by an awesome spectacle at the end. Ditumabo Falls is definitely a “must-add” to an Aurora Province trip itinerary.

Now, here are some fast facts that may help you on your trip:

1. Commuting To Brgy. Ditumabo: From Baler, you can hire tricycles to take you to Ditumabo in San Luis. It would be very much convenient to ask the tricycle driver to take you back in Baler instead of looking for another. Tricycle ride to and from Ditumabo may cost around P200.00-P300.00.

2. NO ENTRANCE FEE is required but registration is strictly observed. It would be nice to give them drinks or food.

3. Prepare to get wet. Bring extra clothes and put your electronic devices in a sealed plastic.

4. Wearing slippers, sandals, or hiking shoes are advisable.

5. Bringing of food and drinks to the falls is not allowed to prevent garbage within the area. There are picnic huts in the area where you can eat snacks and lunch after or before you hike. You could ask kind personel in the registration area to watch over your stuff as you get onto your hike.

6. Please observe cleanliness on the entire trip.

7. More destinations in Aurora.


Ditumabo Mother Falls Aurora


21 thoughts on “Aurora Province Destinations: Mother Falls of Ditumabo, San Luis

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    • Hello Francis,

      Yep, the trail for me was a bit hard actually, especially, when crossing the streams, but it was really rewarding in the end.

      Thanks for dropping by, Francis. Have a great day. =)

  8. Hi Mr. Byahero, You are very lucky to find such gem of Ditumabo. I am from there myself but I live now abroad and to tell you the truth there are more to see beyond the Mother Falls.

  9. Hi! I went to Baler this weekend and we also trekked the mother falls. Unfortunately, our pictures aren’t as good as yours. Can i use your photo for my blog (The first one) ? I will cite your blog of course. I want to blog my experience in Dimatubo as well and I want to give justice to its beauty. Mababa ksi megapixels ng camera na ginamit ko nung kinuhanan ko sya. I hope for your favorable response! Thanks!

  10. Thanks for the wonderful blog about this place. I will be there this week however Im not sure if 3 days will be enough. But anyway job well done sir. I relly like your blog. 🙂

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