Baler, Aurora: Day Trip In Digisit Beach

Digisit Beac Baler

Travelers visiting Baler frequent Sabang Beach more often than the town’s other beaches. Sabang bustles with activity since most hotels, inns, guesthouses, and restaurants can be found within the area, in addition, local residents hangout in the area enjoying the cool breeze of the Pacific. To detach themselves from the regular hustle and bustle of Sabang, visitors seek respite in an isolated beach called Digisit.

A quaint village neighboring Poblacion is Baranggay Zabali where many parts sat by the edge of cliffs facing the Pacific Ocean. Along the road are evidences of eroded earth leaving landslide paths, huge boulders, and derbris. Amidst the devastating sight, the opposite side offered a breath-taking view of the open ocean, the mountains, and the long stretch of Sabang Beach. We took our time  as our eyes feast upon the magnificent view.

Tricycle to Digisit Beach BalerTricycle on roadside. Notice the rocks and debris at the mountainside

Road to digisit Beach baler auroraRocks from the mountain side.

Baler Aurora PhilippinesA quick stop to appreciate the beauty. 

 We descended the mountain side and landed on the beach. We saw small cogon huts which can be our temporary shelter from the unfriendly weather. A small sari-sari store stands across the road opposite the beach, and we asked permission if we can stay there for a fee, of course. On the other hand, if the sun was up and shining brightly, we’d probably parked on the roadside and stayed on a free spot. Anyway, just as we settled in our small refuge, the rain started to fall. There were several huts in the area and the caretaker told us just choose whatever, wherever since we were the only occupants during that time.

rock formations digisit beach baler auroraSharp corals and huge rock formations off shore Digisit.

rock formations digisit beach balerRoad running beside the mountains.

rock formations digisit beach baler auroraA small hut built at the edge of the rocks.

Digisit Beach Baler AUrora philippinesDigisit Beach.

Digisit Beach welcomed us with its huge rock formations sculpted by Pacific Ocean for many years. These rock formations tower over of reefs which are home to small fishes, a few meters off-shore. Snorkelling may reveal a small community of marine life but be wary of sharp rocks and the strong forces of waves. Making up the kilometer stretch of beach are white sands, crushed corals, and various sizes of rocks.

Digisit Beach Baler Aurora PhilippinesMore huts in Digisit Beach.

Digisit Beach Baler Aurora PhilippinesSmall shelter from the rain.

Further off the coral beach is a campsite covered with bermuda grass where there were small open huts perfect for day trippers and picnickers. Campers would love to pitch their tents in its soft grass where coconut trees stood us umbrellas providing shade from the scorching heat. For us, it was our refuge from the gentle rains which kept pouring all day.

Digisit Beach Baler Aurora PhilippinesRocky obstacle towards the small hut standing atop the rocks.

Digisit Beach Baler Aurora PhilippinesA shallow swimming area in Digisit Beach.

Digisit Beach holds a serene ambiance a soul searcher would love to let time fly by. Unlike the busy Sabang Beach, Digisit is quiet since few people visit the place. On the contrary, others  may not enjoy swimming in the white coral beach due to rocks and sharp corals offshore, and needs to walk a little further to look for a spot to swim. Nevertheless, swimmable or non-swimmable, visiting the silent side of Baler gives everyone a break from the daily grind. Our short trip in Digisit was worth the experience, what more if spending a night.


Now here are some fast facts which may help on your trip:

1. Tricycles from Baler town proper will take you to Digisit, however, going back might be a problem. Try to make arrangements with the driver, but try to haggle down to a reasonable rate if you think it’s too expensive.

2. Hut rentals cost P150/all day. There are spots where you can park … and they are FREE. The beach is a public place, you don’t have to pay anything if you’re not using their property.

3. Wear sandals or foot wear if exploring the rock formations. Rocks are sometimes slippery, and corals are sharp.

3. Read more Baler destinations in Biyaheng Aurora Province.

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5. Enjoy and have a safe trip.

Vacation at digisit beac baler


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  7. Hi I’m a majoring tourism in UP and My partner and I had to report Region 3 and I discovered your blog and grabbed some pictures and I quoted your experience and some of the things you wrote here on your blog. I sourced the pictures and statements to your blog. Thank you!!! 😃

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