San Antonio, Zambales’ Hidden Beaches: Silanguin Cove

Silanguin Cove San Antonio Zambales

Situated facing the vast South China Sea, Zambales boasts of numerous beaches every nature lover, intrepid travelers, and thrill seekers would love to visit. Being within a three-hour-travel proximity from Manila made the coastal province a weekend warrior’s favorite escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. Our weekend escape warped us to an isolated paradise in one of San Antonio’s well-kept coves called Silanguin.

Leaving Manila early in the morning rewards travelers with a light traffic and, as you enter San Antonio, a glimpse of the magnificent Zambales mountain range touched by morning light. Necessary arrangements were already made with Kulot, our regular boatman and a good friend in Pundaquit, San Antonio, so everything was about prepared when we arrived in Ferriols, the meeting place and the parking area.

With the winds blowing and current running on our direction, we sailed smoothly along San Antonio’s coast and set our sights for Silanguin Cove. An hour and a half past when we arrived finally in our base camp, Puerto Silanguin.

boat in silanguin cove san antonio zambalesBoat touched the beach of Silanguin.

Tall pine trees bedded in soft grey sand campgrounds made Puerto Silanguin an ideal spot for pitching tents. Fences surround the big lot to ensure security of its guest and visitors. Surprisingly, installed in Puerto Silanguin was a clean comfort room painted in carribean orange which was least of our expectations. A viewing deck and veranda was the centerpiece of the campsite and under the wooden structure we pitched our tents to seek refuge from the scorching heat. During our first visit, we were the only occupants and we had Puerto Silanguin all for ourselves.

Puerto Silanguin Cove Zambales San AntonioPuerto Silanguin’s campsite main entrance.

Safe in Puerto Silanguin Cove San Antonio ZambalesFenced camping grounds ensure the safety of guest.

Puerto Silanguin Cove campsiteCamping grounds under pine trees.

CR in Puerto Silanguin Cove Sa Antonio ZambalesClean and cozy comfort room.

Puerto Silanguin Campsite cove san antonio zambalesOur tents under the viewing deck to avoid the wind blowing our tents.

While we watch the setting sun, tunes of calm waves sweeping the Silanguin Cove’s shores and the brushing of pine tree leaves harmoniously sang us the music of serenity and isolation as our wonderful first day came to an end.

Silanguin Cove beach San Antonio ZambalesWatch the beautiful sunset from Puerto Silanguin’s beachfront huts.

sunset in silanguin Cove beach zambales san antonioWatching the sunset from a small cogon hut in front of Puerto Silanguin

sunset in silanguin Cove beach zambales san antonioSun setting behind the small island at the Southern tip of the cove.

To discover the secrets of Silanguin, my legs got an early morning stretch as I hike towards the northern part of the cove. Starting my pleasant day began with a pleasant walk along the grey sanded beach.

store in puerto silanguin cove zambalesA few meters from Puerto Silanguin is a small sari-sari store.

Silanguin Cove was kept from creeping urbanization by huge mountains of the Zambales Mountain Range making outrigger boats the fastest way to get access to the cove. Another way to reach Silanguin was 5 hour descent from Mount Cinco Picos through luscious forest and cool streams  (I haven’t tried this one).

Low tide revealed beds of rocks covering a large part of the northern Silanguin beach. A dry river mouth at the end temporarily disconnected the stream coming from the forest. Eventually, as the tide rose, the cool flowing fresh water runs freely towards the sea.

Silanguin Cove Beach San Antonio ZambalesAt the northern part of the cove near the semi-dry river bed.

san antonio zambales silanguin coveA part of the river mouth.

Silanguin Cove beach San Antonio ZambalesDriftwood sitting on the rocky shoreline.

Walking a few meters south from Puerto Silanguin was an isolated beach of soft grey sand. Calm waves swept the shores smooth which was ideal for skimboarding. Under the blue sky and surrounded by beautiful mountains, we spent our remaining hours delighted by another beautiful place we visited.  Silanguin Cove is really a good alternative if you want to get away from the growing number of crowd in either Anawangin or Nagsasa Cove.

Maru Sarmiento and Jamjam in Silanguin Cove ZambalesThe boys enjoying the marvelous view.

Silanguin Cove Beach San Antonio ZambalesWalking along Silanguin’s southern beach.

Silanguin Cove Beach Zambales San Antonio Rocky northern beach.

Silanguin Cove San Antonio Zambales BeachVolcanic grey sand of Silanguin Cove.

San Antonio Zambales Silanguin Cove beachLavishing in the grey washed sands of Silanguin Cove.

Our Silanguin Cove experience came from spontaneity. A small random thought brought us far away, and “warped” us to another dimension. Having no plan doesn’t necessarily turn out to be a disaster, just follow your heart and “let your spirits, fly so free” (Above The Bones by Mishka). All the randomness got together and became one heck of a plan. Who knows, another random thought might bring us to Maldives, Santorini, or anywhere at the farthest corner of this planet. Until next time my friends.


Now here are some fast facts that may help you in your trip:

1. Read San Antonio, Zambales’ Hidden Beaches: Nagsasa & Anawangin Coves for directions, toll fees, and gas approximates to Zambales.

2. Silanguin Cove is 1.5-2 hours away from from Baranggay Pundaquit.

3. Boat rentals – P800.00/per person
Contact Reynald “Kulot” Liwarin 0910 816 2974 or 0906 944 4388

4. Puerto Silanguin entrance fee – P150.00/per person

5. Anawangin, Nagsasa, and Capones Island are good alternative destinations or side trips if you’re going to Silanguin.

6. Like BIYAHERONG BARAT on Facebook.

7. Follow @BiyaherongBarat on Twitter

8. Enjoy and have a safe trip.

9. If you’re looking for the cheapest and complete travel packages to Zambales, see Biyahe Lokal.

vacation in san antonio zambales beach


54 thoughts on “San Antonio, Zambales’ Hidden Beaches: Silanguin Cove

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  2. Hi! Nice review and entry blog about the palce… ganda pa ng mga pics.
    Can I ask if how were you able to get to Silanguin Cove? commute or private vehicle?

    If your group commuted, can you teach/share me how to get there by bus/jeep/etc. from North Edsa or Monumento/MCU?

    If not, maybe somebody you know knows how to and can share some tips..

    Sana maturuan nyo ako/kami paano makarating dyan kahit mamasahe lang kami.

    Thanks in advance! Thanks!

    • Hi Flora,

      Thank you very much. Nagdala kami ng auto to Pundaquit but if you’re commuting, you can take a Victory Liner Bus going to Iba or Sta Cruz from their terminal in Monumento. Get off at San Antonio then you may take a tricycle and ask them to tell you to go Pundaquit. Link to Victory Liner Schedule and Terminal page

      May number ako ng nagbabangka dun sa Pundaquit, you might want to ask them for a a boat ride to Silanguin. Mabait sila and maasikaso sa guest.

      Look for Kulot, 09108162974. Kung may kailangan kayo baka may pwede silang ipa-rent sa inyo. Sabihin niyo na rin na ni-refer kayo ni Jed Rosell. Mura lang naman sila and reasonable price maningil.

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  6. These are marvelous shots. When went to Nagsasa in 2011,we were told that some “buildings” were being installed at Silanguin. Is this base camp the same as El Paradise Resort? Would love to go back to San Antonion to see this place. BTW, is there also a falls in Silanguin?

    • Hi Filipina Explorer,

      Thank you very much. I was there January of this year. I didn’t saw any buildings but probably constructions for C.R.’s or beach houses. Today, I’m not sure. Falls? We didn’t explored that much all we did was sat at the beach and enjoyed its peacefulness. But there’s a river that would probably lead to a falls.

      Hey, I saw your blog. Looks really great and really inspiring.

    • we stayed at el paradise resort and place is nice the toilet is clean and big 🙂 and also the food is good..especially the owner she’s friendly and accomodating.

  7. maganda din sa el paradise sa silanguin,maganda yung place,yung cr malinis tyaka d mo na kailangan mag dala ng utensils meron na sila at kasama na rin sa entrance fee un..150 per head with tent.. if gusto nyo magpa luto pwede din masarap magluto yung may ari at maganda pa 🙂 may fb wedsite din sila

    • Uy, ayos yung spot niyo Jacob. Thanks sa tip. Sa susunod na Silanguin ko, diyan ako pupunta. Mas convenient talaga ‘pag may mga lutuan na magagamit dun or paluto. Maganda pa kamo, ay lalo tayong gaganahan niyan. Hahahaha.

      Thanks, Jacob.

        • Sobrang nag enjoyed kami sa silanguin cove 🙂 super thanks sa pag share Jacob, we also stay at el paradise resort 🙂 sobrang maalaga yung may ari ng resort if d kami marunong mag luto sya Mismo magluluto for us…super sarap mag luto especially yung kilawin Nya, grabe super sarap!!! Thanks mam Jen Ganda 🙂 Wala kaming naging problema,yung CR Malinis and also the place.. Thanks thanks ng madami

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  9. ngpapalano kc ako ng prenup pictorial ko sa silanguin eh.(witwiw) shashare ko lng s magiging misis ko, s photographer, stylist, tska s make up artist nmin.para meron clang backgrounder.ang gaganda kc ng mga pics. tsaka ung mga info.very useful.maraming salamat po.

  10. is it safe for couples… its my first time to travel with my girlfriend…. kaya kaya nmin mag survive kht dalwa lng kme >?? ty

  11. Hi Sir,

    Very helpful blog :). First time kasi namin mag DIY tour kaya so happy to read your blog. Few questions lang po

    -yung boat rental, balikan na po yun? Or one way lang?
    -may mga tents ba na for rent?

    Thank you thank you so much and God blrss you more ;).

  12. Hi, me and my friends are planning to enjoy the summer while it lasts and to do that we are planning to go there… can you help me with the following:

    Boat Ride –
    Entrance Fees –
    Rest Room & Shower Room Fees –
    Cottage Fee / Pitching of Tent –

    We are only D.I.Y planning and we need your comments and suggestions…We’ll greatly appreciate it..Thanks…

  13. Hi, thank you for sharing your Silanguin Cove experience with us.

    We are planning to go to Silanguin this coming June 7-8. Sana hindi pa maulan . ..

  14. Hi!! just want to know what is the contct number of this resort because our company is looking for some resort with white sand and we want to know all about the resort and if you have some package for accomodation for 100 pax.

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