Star City, Pasay: Theme Park For Families And Friends

Star City theme park pasay

Back in ’91, before the stars landed in Ayala Triangle, one star came shooting down from the night sky and descended beside on of the iconic places in the Metro. Families and friends gathered and flocked to see what the fuzz was all about.Vibrant colorful lights, countless motions, and beautiful smiles where all over the place. This heavenly body became one of the most famous tourist spots in Pasay City, welcome to Star City.

When I spend few of my college years in Taft Avenue, my classmates have been longing to visit Star City but the planning never made to execution. After eight years in the making, I had another opportunity to make it happen. Morning after Christmas Eve, and there was nothing to do. Tracy and I were planned to watch Asiong Salonga (an MMFF 2012 Entry), when we saw the winding and zigzagging lines for tickets, we decided to see the amusement park instead.

tracy dela cruz and i going to star cityOn our way to Star City.

asiong salong manila kingpinTracy’s Going-to-watch-Asiong-Salonga-Manila-Kingpin Artsy Shot.

cultural center of the philippines pasayCultural Center of the Philippines

It’s the first time for both of us to see Star City so we do not know what to expect. As we took a turn to Cultural Center of Philippines from Roxas Boulevard, we saw a huge number of people in Star City’s entrance area, but, “what the hell? We’re here. Let’s just get through with this.” It’s Christmas Day, what were we thinking?

We parked the car in Harbour Square and walked towards Star City. Hundreds of people flocked on the main entrance, while we asked around if there’s another entry point and the kind officer showed us to the other ticket booth.We purchased 2 Ride-All-You-Can and Snow World package for P430.00 and we made it passed the lines. Our eyes opened wide and jaws dropped when we saw people crawling like ants all over the place, but again, we’re here.

People waited for their turn to experience the ride. We’re not VIP’s so there’s no need to be ahead of somebody else, we just waited for our turn like everybody else. Keep in mind that patience is a virtue. In between rides, Tracy played gallery games hoping to win a prize, unfortunately she did not succeeded.

Star city theme park rides pasayPeople wait in long lines for their turn to ride the Ferris Wheel.

colorful ferris wheel in star city pasay theme parkMoving in circles.

tracy dela cruz lost in duck gameDisappointed with the duck she can never fish.

tracy dela cruz rides in star city theme park pasayMixed emotions in Tornado.

After 2 rides, we had enough and can’t wait in line much longer. To end our Star City experience, we went to Snow World and had cool stroll inside. Management provides a jacket but you’d rather bring your own. Cameras and gadgets are not allowed inside and there is no deposit booth in the area. They packed your gadgets with plastics before you go inside. I wrapped my camera and lens with my extra shirt and sealed it with 2 plastics just to make sure.

star city pasay theme parkStar City main entrance and car park.

Amusement parks are not really my style but there are lots of subjects to photograph especially if you want to play around with lights and motion

To sum it all up, we purchased the Ride-All-You-Can Package but we only rode the Tornado and the Ferris Wheel ONLY, and ended our trip with the freezing Snow World experience. It was just too tiring to stand in long cues, we could come back again anytime. Rides may only last for minutes but the experience was a hell of a ride which we can treasure for the rest of our lives.


Now here are some fast facts which may help on your trip:

1. How to get there:
Star City is within the CCP Complex. If you’re driving from Makati, take Buendia and turn left to Roxas Boulevard. When you see the CCP, look for a U-Turn then head back. Turn right at the CCP Complex.

If you’re commuting, you may take the old LRT (runs along Taft Avenue), alight at Vito Cruz Station,and take the orange jeep in front of Rizal Memorial Coliseum.

2. Fees & Rates
Entrance Fee – P60.00 (no rides)
Ride All You Can – P350.00
3 Cheers – P300.00 (3 rides only, ride restrictions apply)

Laser Blaster – P100.00
Snow World – P120.00
4D Theater Max Rider – P120.00
Animal Wonderland – P90.00

See Star City Website for details.

3. If you want to maximize your stay and to ride everything, better go there on off peak days.

4. Secure your belongings, be safe, and have fun.

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Me and Tracy Dela Cruz Star City PasayTracy and I


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