Mauban, Quezon: MVT Sto. Niño In Cagbalete Island

Cagbalete Island Mauban Quezon MVT Sto Nino

The rainy season is on its heydays and definitely far from over but no idiots like us love the beach, sand, and salt water (no sun) on stormy days. We simply can’t wait for the sun to be up and smiling back on us. No more introductions needed. We’ve been here before and back. This is our third time on the island, the second under bad weather conditions, and my first time on the eastern side. This is Cagbalete Island.

Taking on the open ocean with rain pouring all morning may be idiotic but we’ve learned our lesson from our first attempt to the island. The group’s safety  was the primary concern so we took precautions to avoid accidents. After checking the weather forecast, we also consulted the local coast guard advise if it’s safe to travel.

Tayabas Quezon tricyclesTricycles rule the roads of Tayabas.

Mauban Port QuezonCloudy morning in Mauban Port.

Mauban Port QuezonMauban Port.

Thick clouds towered over the Mauban Port, and occasional drizzles made us think of alternatives on these trip. But since everyone agreed and with the go signal of the coast guard, we decided to push through anyway. The wind started to pick up and waves slightly rose, fortunately we made it to the eastern beach of Cagbalete Island safely after a little less than an hour on a splashy journey in open sea.

boat to cagbalete island quezonEnjoying the trip amidst the splashy boat ride.

boat to cagbalete island quezonSkilled boatman maneuvers the vessel on shallow waters.

The low tide forced us to walk about 200 meters to the beach carrying our packs, supplies, and equipment, and another 100 meters to MVT Sto. Nino Resort. Mangrove forest covered the beach in front of the resort so docking was quite impossible for big boats (I’m not sure if docking on high tide is possible) – one has to walk one way or another. Fan and air conditioned rooms are installed in several rooms at the 2-storey main building which sat at the center of the resort grounds. A common hall on the first floor can be used as dining area by guests. If you’re on a tight budget, there are small huts surrounding the main building. Tent pitching is also allowed at the resort grounds. Guest can use a common kitchen to cook food and wash dishes. In addition, resort personnel are approachable and hospitable to assist on guest needs.

MVT Sto Nino Cagbalete Island Quezon

Resort’s electricity relied on diesel-powered generators though its activated when the sun is down since its quite dark at night. Makeshift street lamps guide guests from the beach to back to their respective rooms and huts. The quiet atmosphere adds serenity and soul to the place, but the poly-toned videoke machine doesn’t really suit the nice ambiance.

MVT Sto Nino Cagbalete Island QuezonA mangrove tree sits isolated on a high tide.

cagbalete island quezon mvt sto ninoRocks scattered all over the beach some few steps from the resort.

looking for shells and fisers cagbalete island quezon mvt sto ninoA kid wanders around the rocky coastline late in the afternoon.

Hungry stomachs began rumbling after the long boat ride so after everybody settled in, each one grabbed their plates and dug in. Thanks to precooked hefty lunch prepared by the Mailwas family, every body’s tummy are once again happy.

Later that afternoon, the sun was still blocked by thick dark clouds but it didn’t stopped us from getting our feet wet on that salty sea water and lie our backs on the sand. However, scattered around the beach are small branches, twigs, leaves, and even an uprooted mangrove tree caused by recent storms.

floating house in cagbalete island mvt sto nino quezonNewly purchased floating house.

floating house in cagbalete island quezon mvt sto ninoSmall puka shells hung inside the floating house to give it a tropical feel.

On the farther side of the beach is an estuary connecting a small river to the open sea. Along the beach are huts with tables and benches where guest can have lunch and snacks while enjoying the fresh sea breeze. Fresh off the box was the newly installed floating house feature of the resort. The house has benches, a bamboo bed, and even a toilet seat (but it’s probably better left alone).

Cagbalete Island QuezonThe beach on low tide under the cloudy sky.

boat in MVT Sto Nino cagbalete island quezonBoat can be used by guest to transport their packs, supplies, etc from the boat to the shore when the water is shallow.

Not far from the resort is a small sari-sari store (Filipino style grocery) selling goods but limited to chips, alcoholic drinks, cigarettes, etc. Most supplies can be found in town with seaside fish market, lots of sari-sari stores, and even a bakery. However, getting there requires stretching your legs, and lots of sweat dripping, in short, it’s a  long 1.5 kilometer hike to town on a trail surrounded by tall grasses, through open fields, and under tall trees. One and a half kilometer doesn’t sound too far but try carrying a cooler filled with fresh seafood, another cooler packed with ice, and 5 gallons of mineral water, under the rain, through muddy terrain – it seems forever. There are options, though, (1) you can hire a boat to take you to MVT Sto. Nino, (2) carry loads on horse for P100.00/horse, (3) bring enough supplies so you don’t have to hike your way to town.

hiking to town cagbalete island quezonHiking to town with other travelers.

Cagbalete Island Quezon pier portStranded passengers eager to ride the public boat to Mauban which was previously halt due to the huge waves.

I’ve been to Cagbalete Island three times on two different resorts, Pansacola Resort, and MVT Sto. Nino. Both have their own features and amenities, but they share the same serenity and good beach vibes a weekend warrior is looking for. My previous Cagbalete Island trip blog already has the public boat schedule, and how to get there. Before I end this blog, I just want to share how I enjoyed the place even though it’s raining (what more if it’s a fair sunny day), “I enjoyed the place even though it’s raining”. There.

tired from Cagbalete Island VacationTired on the way home


Now here are some fast facts which may be of help on your trip:

1. Getting to Cagbalete Island (just click the link which leads to the previous Cagbalete Island trip)

2. MVT Sto. Nino rates and charges:
(a) Fan room for 4 persons cost P1,500.00/night
(b) Air-conditioned room for 2 persons cost P2,000.00/night
(c) Air-conditioned room for 4 persons cost P2,500.00/night
(d) Bahay Kubo (Nipa Hut) good for 2-4 persons cost P1,000.00/night
(e) Day trip cost P100.00/head

3. Renting a small boat from Sabang Port (if you’re taking the public vehicle) cost around P300.00

4. Renting a horse to carry your packs for you from Sabang Port (if you’re going to and from town or Sabang Port) cost P100/horse.

5. There are kids who can guide you to MVT Sto Nino, you can just give them money for helping you out.

6. See their website

7. Make sure you review weather forecast and listen to the coast guard’s advise before setting off.Be safe always

8. Check Biyaherong Barat Multiply for more pictures.

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26 thoughts on “Mauban, Quezon: MVT Sto. Niño In Cagbalete Island

  1. Looks like a great place to spend the weekend. Thank you for sharing, I haven’t heard of Cagbalete yet, dito lang sa blog mo. Will check this place when I’m in Luzon.

    Anyway, if you and your buddies are still up for adventure, I hope you can also visit us in Northern Samar, especially the rock formations in Biri 🙂 I am in no way connected to the tourism industry but in my own little way I want to help promote the tourism spots here, because I know a boost in tourism can mean better lives for my fellow Nortehanons.

    You can check out the photos of the rock formations at my blog 😉 Maraming salamat!

    • Thank you po. Cagbalete Island is really a nice place and it’s cheap also.=)

      Great pictures, ma’am. I saw your blog. I’d love to see the rock formations and take pictures as well. ‘Pag nakapunta po kami ng Samar gusto ko po mapuntahan yan. Thanks for sharing. =) Have a nice day.

    • Hi Aysha. That I’m not sure. When we stayed there, we brought cooking materials and stoves, but I saw there was a kitchen in MVT Sto. Nino. Maybe you can ask them to cook for you or rent.

      Try this number, maybe you can ask them. 09277774828, 09217275398

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  7. Hi! Plano naming pumunta sa Cagbalete this coming August. Do you have itinerary (back&forth to manila-alabang) and with cost? Balak lang namin mag tent pagnagpunta kami para makatipid.

    • Hi Julianne,

      Hindi ko pa nasusubukan magcommute to Mauban from Alabang. Ang alam kong direct bus to Mauban is from Buendia (Jac Liner), but if you’re coming from Alabang, pwede kayong mag-Lucena then sakay ng shuttle/van papuntang Mauban. The van schedule, unfortunately, I’m not sure. But you have to be in Mauban Port before 10AM. ‘Yun ang alam kong first trip ng public transport to Cagbalete Island, then pagkadating sa port you either rent a boat to MVT or hike. May mga bata dun pa-guide na lang kayo tapos bigyan niyo na lang kahit magkano. But if you’re taking a private boat, it will take you directly to MVT. Nasa 3,000 – 3,500 siguro ang balikan.

      Bukod sa boat fare, nung huli kong punta may mga environmental fee at port fee na.

      ‘Yung mga rates sa MVT, nakasulat na in my blog, or you can check their website.

      And, check niyo yung weather din. Kase minsan hinihinto ng coast guard ang biyahe pag alanganin talaga yung panahon. Medyo delikado yung nangyare sa amin nun nung bumiyahe kami nung bumabagyo.

      You might want to read additional information about Cagbalete Island from my previous trips. It might help.

      • i should take note of this place. baka mskapaayal din ako after 20 years. hehe. ganda naman ng mga pics. actually, napanood ko yung PASYAL sa studio 23 last saturday. they featured hundred islands. ganda pala talaga jan kuya.

    • The itinerary… hmmmm.. Ang importante lang namn yung schedule ng van, yun ang di ko sure kase kaya ‘di ako makabigay ng schedule. Pero kung ok lang sa inyo mag-Buendia (isang sakay lang naman from Metropolis), yung JAC Liner may regular trip na sakto ding aabot kayo sa 1st trip ng Mauban to Cagbalete. Ito number ng JAC Liner, tawagan niyo na lang for the schedule. (02) 4042073

      Sana nakatulong kahit konti. Anyway, ingat sa biyahe. Again, check with the weather and coordinate with MVT para lang safe. Ingat and have fun.

  8. Hello Sir.

    Thanks for posting such informative blog regarding this trip. Planning a trip next week – March 29-31, 2013 and booked with MVT Sto. Nino.

    A couply of questions of sir..

    1.) Planning to bring our own car from Manila. Would you know what land marks I can help search location and way in the internet?
    2.) Parking lot from Mauban Port safe?
    3.) How is MVT Sto. Nino’s beach front?

  9. Nice shots. Share nyo naman po photography tips nyo.pano nagiging ganyan katingkad at glowy ung skin nila? 😀

    we’ll visit Cagbalete/Mauban on Dec2013. Do you have any info about Hagdan hagdan Falls in Brgy Balay-balay Mauban Quezon?

    • Thanks Zildjian,

      Lagyan mo lang ng blurred layer yung faces, pero super baba lang ng opacity para ‘di gaanong soft.

      Naku ‘di pa ko nakapunta dun sa falls sa Mauban. Contactin niyo na lang yung resort maybe they could assist you. =)

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