The Pacific Recreation Kamp in Real, Quezon

The Pacific Recreation Kamp The Park Real Quezon

Holy Week is one of the most observed holiday among the many Christian Holidays in the Philippines where Catholicism is the major religion. Non-working day starts on a Maundy Thursday until the Easter Sunday. Some prefer to stay at home, rest, and reflect while others take advantage of the 4-day long weekend to go out of town, escape from their usual routines and spend time with family and friends.

We have yet to recover from the budget spent from our recent Boracay trip so we have to resort to a minimal expense getaway but still have a taste of salt water on our lips and feel the warmth of the sunny day on our skin. To cut expenses from the North and South Luzon Toll fees, lessen gas budget, and shorten the travel time to and from the destination, we headed East towards the Pacific Coast in a small town called Real, Quezon.

Situated at the far Eastern end of the Greater Manila Area, the scenic journey will pass by several towns of Rizal Province and Laguna, through the sharp turns and blind curves at the Sierra Madre mountain range. At cruising speed, the trip from, let’s say, Ortigas Center will take approximately 3 hours if departure time is 5:00 A.M. But if you drive like the devil, the trip would take 30 minutes… before you reach hell. So drive safe and carefully, especially for those driving in these areas for the first time for the zigzag rights may be tricky and you might end up on tomorrow’s front page. Anyway, 5:00 in the morning might be the best time to leave so by the time you reach curves and corners in Teresa, Rizal and Sierra Madre area, the road is well lit and safer. In addition, the morning light striking the mountains and morning rural scenes create a breath taking vista a few thousand feet above sea level.

jeepney to Real QuezonThe boys (and girl) inside the rented jeepney to Real, Quezon all the way from Marikina. It’s actually the group’s first time to travel on a hired jeep. The trip was fun, spacious and lots of activities.

On the other hand, a non-air conditioned bus with direct routes from Sampaloc, Manila to Infanta and Real Quezon via Manila East Road. This is a preferable option if you don’t have a private vehicle or if you’re traveling in a small group. And besides, it’s cheaper.

The descent from the mountain ends on a semi-fork road (semi because it’s obvious that you should follow the paved road) – the rough road to the right leads to Mauban, and the paved road leads to the town of Real, Infanta., and General Nakar. Not far from the fork is a bridge which is probably the best marker that you’re now in Tignoan. Approximately a kilometer from the bridge is The Pacific Recreation Kamp or The PaRK which is on the right side of the road so better slow down and watch out for The PaRK’s signage.

Upon arrival, owner, Teody Villaflor warmly welcomed the group and showed us around The PaRK, from the in-house store, huts, and tent pitching sites. The group was gathered for a short briefing regarding house rules, and safety  precautions in the area. The PaRK’s grounds and tent pitching sites were covered by green grass and coconut trees provide shade and protection from the hot summer sun. If you’re not the tent type of person, huts are also available. Bathrooms for men and women stand behind the store where visitors can clean up after swimming. Grills are also provided for those who prefer to cook their own meals. A few steps outside The PaRK (which is also accessible from The PaRK) is a local sari-sari store wherein you can also ask to cook food for you. If you’re bringing a rice cooker, you can ask personnel if you can plug the appliance at the store.

Camping in Real Quezon, Tignoan BeachAfter pitching the tents, the group took a short break before they start the day filled with activities.

huts at the park real quezon tignoanHuts for rent at the PaRK.

Gateway to the Tignoan Beach from The PaRK.

After a short rest under the shade, lying on soft grass,  we got back on our feet and headed for the beach. Real may not be as popular as other Luzon surf spots like San Juan, La Union and Baler, Aurora Province, but the place has a definition on its own. I’m actually not a surfer but according to locals and some blogs, waves are friendly and perfect for beginners like us. During our stay, surfers from all levels indulge themselves with 2-4 feet of waves not far from shore. On the other hand, Swimming alone, as Mr. Teody emphasized, should be avoided especially when the tides are changing. Sudden shifts may cause drowning due to the strong current. Thus, a buddy-buddy system (even if you’re as good as Michael Phelps) is strongly advised.

Tignoan Beach Real QuezonThe huge rock on the Southern side of the beach about 250 meters from the PaRK.

Real Quezon Tignoan BeachTwo men sat by the edge fishing for a fresh catch of the day.

Real Quezon Tignoan Beach brown sandLow tide late in the afternoon.

Tignoan Beach Real QuezonVarious sizes of rocks revealed as the tides changed.

skimboarding in real quezon tignoanSkim boarding in Tignoan’s smooth shores

tignoan beach real quezonBrown sand stretching all over Tignoan Beach.

The long stretch of Tignoan Beach is composed of rocks with varying sizes, while some areas have smooth and fine brown sand. Due to the brown sand, some may think the beach is dirty but it’s actually clear, and the water is also cool. About 250 meters from The PaRK, on the southern side of the beach is a huge piece of rock molded by natural elements. Many surfing beginners try to catch waves on that part since it’s shallow and there are no rocks. The smooth shores on that certain part of the beach makes it an ideal spot for skim boarding especially for beginners, like me.

When waves become agitated, the cool fresh water at the river beside The PaRK is a good alternative. The current on the estuary is quite strong so be careful. It’s so strong that the current will push you towards the sea. Depth reaches about 7 feet on high tide so better stay at the bank if you don’t know how to swim on deep waters with strong current.


carabao in tignoan real quezonA carabao beside the river.

boat river in tignoan real quezonA boat docked in freshwater beside The PaRK.

If you’re looking for a solemn place to reflect where you can reflect while watching the sunrise, just cross the road from The PaRK’s gate and you will see a staircase which leads to the “The Prayer Mountain”. Life size images of saints painted in white sits the garden on the hill. However, the garden needs much maintenance to avoid that jungle feel, and going around especially for children would be a lot easier. Benches under a shade are installed so if ever you feel tired (it’s definitely not tiring since it’s a few steps up, but just in case you are), one can rest and have a snack while watching the majestic view of the open ocean.

prayer mountain real quezonThe Prayer Mountain.

If you want a taste of nature, a good side trip not far from the beach would be Balagbag Falls which is  situated along the Mauban-Real Road. From The Park, head South on the highway, and make a left after passing the bridge. The Mauban-Real Road is unpaved so it may slow down the trip. On the other hand, passing by this road is quite scenic as it runs along the coast where rock formations are molded by the Pacific waves crashing on the coastal rocks. After passing by a small bridge, there is a parking lot where you can leave your vehicles and hike towards the falls.

Going to Balagbag Falls Real quezonRough road to Balagbag Falls

real-mauban road balagbag fallsWaves crashing on rocks along the Real-Mauban Road.

real-mauban road balagbag fallsCorals along side the road to Balagbag Falls.

Balagbag Falls drops on two cascades. The first drop flows through several rocks while the second cascade, about 22-24 feet drops on a catch basin about 10 feet deep.  Jumping on the falls was like shooting adrenalin through your veins. Just be sure you fall on the deepest part of the basin or doctors would be shooting anesthesia when they operate on your broken bones.

Balagbag Falls real quezonFirst cascade of Balagbag Falls

Balagbag Falls Real QuezonSecond cascade of the falls.

jumping Balagbag Falls real quezonJumping from 20-22 feet.

Real, Quezon is a good option especially when you lack the budget to finance long trips and far destinations.  The journey itself is actually rewarding where there are lots of picturesque views waiting to be captured on your digital camera (or film, on other cases). Wide variety of activities await the weekend traveler in Real, so I say it’s worth the visit. I’ve been there 4 times just this year, and I never get tired of going back. First of all, it’s near. If it’s near, it means less budget, and that’s the second reason. Third, there’s a lot in store for travelers in that area, and I haven’t really explored the place because once you’re at the PaRK, all you want to do is relax. Last but not the least, the best thing about the PaRK is I can go there on a day visit since I’m from Rizal, so it’s a one bus ride away.


Now here are some fast facts that may help you in your trip:

1. The drive to Real, Quezon gives you more control on time, and one can stopover anytime especially on those beautiful scenery along the highway. On the other hand, public transport like Raymond Transit has routes from Sampaloc, Manila to Infanta, General Nakar, and Real Quezon. A bus leave every hour which passes by Ortigas Extension. And as usual, call the terminals regarding the schedule. The trip cost Php 158.00 on ordinary buses, and Php 195 .00 for air-conditioned.
Raymond Transit Nos.
Cubao – 492 6994
Sampaloc – 7339380

2. Rates and Fees at The PaRK:
Entrance Fees
Php 50.00/person – overnight
Php 35.00/person – day trips

Php 20.00/person – day trip
Php 35.00/person – overnight

Tent Fees
Php 50.00 – Pitching fee per tent if you’re bringing your own.
Php 300.00 – Tent rentals (2-3 persons)

Beach House (The Red House) Rental
Php 1,500.00 – Porch with Sink and Toilet
Php 5,000 .00- Whole house excluding air-con room (4)
Php 7,000 .00- Whole house including air-con room (5)
Php 200.00 – Extra Mattress (single)
Php 300.00 – Extra Mattress (twin)

Teody Villaflor – 0920 924 61 02
Ate Chloe – 0921 312 48 92

3. There are eateries and carinderias along the highway about 5 minutes from The Park or you can ask if they can cook food for you.

4. Be safe and enjoy your trip.

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109 thoughts on “The Pacific Recreation Kamp in Real, Quezon

  1. Hi! i love ur post! by the way, do u know if The PaRK have surfing lessons? if yes, how much per session or per hour? i would love to hear from u! 🙂

    • Hi rhona! Thank you very much. Yes, they conduct surfing lessons there, but I don’t know the price because I haven’t tried but I think it’s cheaper than those in La Union and Zambales. =) Hope this helps. Be safe on your trip. =)

    • Hi Frank. Thank you for dropping by my humble page. Yes, sir. It’s safe. The PaRK is fenced and secured. Pero para sigurado, mas ok po kung may small padlock kayo for tents, o kaya lagi nating dalhin yung mga valuables. Thanks, Frank. Hope, I was able to help.

      Enjoy and have a safe trip. =D

  2. im newbie in surfing and my first surfing adventure was in Real Quezon, i was able to ride the board many times, hehe…pero madaming beses dn akong bumagsak..hahahah..hope to surf next week……SURFING IS MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES……..TRY IT…..

  3. Hahaha. Hi Nemar. Nasubukan ko na rin mag-surf kung san san pero parang ayaw talaga ng surfing sa akin. Kaya I watch surfers na lang and clap. Hahaha. Kaya mo yan, who knows diba, you might be the next pro surfing icon. Good luck and thank you for visiting my blog. Have a great day, and may you ride the best surf the Philippines has to offer.

  4. ang saya naman.. pupunta po kami sa real this may 1.. i am just wondering panu pumunta sa balagbag falls nang pa commute lang.. i heard kasi ng may dyip na byahe don..

    • Hi Levi,

      May mga tricycle at jeep nga na pumupunta dun. Try niyo tanungin yung mga dumadaan na tricycle kung magkano. Pero meron din dun sa may kanto ng Real-Mauban Road na parang terminal.

      Ingat sa biyahe. Enjoy!

  5. mga Sirs and Madams of Biyaherong barat is it posible to join ur “Tropa”? hehe… it seems you guys are fun to be with! tama na english, hehe! gusto pa kasi naming tropa na maka punta sa iba’t ibang lugar. salamat and more power sa Biyaherong Barat!

    • Hi Mary Ann,

      Nag-o-offer po kami ng mga package trips to Real, Quezon for 1,900 per person (minimum of 10 in a group). Kasama na po dun transportation, food, tents, tent pitching fee, entrance fees, at side trip to Balagbag Falls. Yung surfing po di kasama pero nagpapa-rent po sila ng surf boards and paddle boards pati lessons, I think nasa P300-P500 yun. =)

  6. hello! ask ko lang kung marami naman ba doon mga kainan? or dapat magbaon kami? at iyon CR nila ay public ba? malinis naman?

    • Hi Galen,

      May malapit ng palengke dun sa The PaRK, pero for me, mas ok din magbaon na lang para hindi na aalis. Pero I’m not sure, a, pero try niyo i-contact yung owner maybe he can prepare food for you. May store kase sila sa loob, e. Baka nagseserve din sila ng food. Just to make sure, contactin niyo na lang.

      0920 9246102 – Mr Teody Villaflor.

      Kung gusto niyo din, nag-o-organize kami ng mga trip to Real, 1900 per person including van, entrance fees, food (3 meals), tents, pitching fees, at side trip na din to Balagbag Falls.

      And yes, the CR is clean.

  7. Sir, is there any cottages or room for overnight stay and how much the rate for the rooms…

  8. Nice Pics bro, very informative, naks barat din ako, mukhang kaya na ng budget ko… more power sa tropa nyo…

  9. Hi, i love this page! Thank you, it made my “job” a lot easier. do you have any packages for 20 persons? 😀

    • Hi Ms. Rochelle,

      Thank you, Rochelle. Are you referring to the Biyahe Lokal package for The PaRK? If you are, yes, we can accommodate 20 persons. Package includes meals, entrance fees, transportation, gas, your choice if you want to use the Red House or tents. Just let me know, we arrange trips to the PaRK, and we handle everything to ensure your hassle-free vacation. =)

  10. hi sir,

    i like to bring my kids at The Park in Real, Quezon. aging 8 to 13. is it advisable? and some of the members of the family are not good swimmers. safe ba ang trekking trail going to the falls. sana masagot mo tanong q. thank you


    • Hi Ms. Elaine,

      I was there last weekend lang. May kasama kaming mga kids, isang 3 years old at isang baby, ok naman dun. Siyempre adult supervision lang lagi.

      Papunta sa falls sasakay muna kayo to Balagbag tapos short trek na lang yun.

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  16. Hello sir,

    My boyfriend and I are planning to go for a climb this 15th. But I had an immediate change of plans. Instead of going back to the highlands of Famy Laguna, I thought of visiting Balagbag Falls since my boyfriend and his friends have already been there. Not sure if the beach you promoted was the same beach they’d been to before. But just in case, is the beach a private beach? Or it’s a public beach? If it is private, how much would it cost us? Thanks! And this page was the one I was really looking for.


    • Hi Jane,

      Thank you for visiting my blog, Jane. Well, The entire coast in Tignoan is actually public. There are several beach resorts in Real, but I’m not sure if one owns a private beach. Beaches near in Balagbag, however, are kind of isolated you might want to see it.

      Are you going for an overnight trip in Real?

  17. Yes. We’ll be leaving Manila at 7pm on the 15th and be back on Sunday (June 17) (as per my initial plan). So it’s really going to be – probably – 2 nights and 2 days stay there. Overnight stay fee is still the same amount you posted, isn’t it? How long is the trip from Manila to Real, sir? And is it safe to go there during the time I mentioned? We’d really consume the time we’d spent there exploring the paradise of Real and those beaches in Balagbag. 😉

    P. S.: Like you, barat din ako. 🙂 hehehehe! So we’re after less cost adventures! Hahaha! Thanks for replying master. 😉

    • Hi MgJane,

      Thank you for reminding me to update my blog. I got in touch with the owner a few months ago and sent me the rates. Here are the following:

      Entrance Fees
      Php 50.00/person – overnight
      Php 35.00/person – day trips

      Php 20.00/person – day trip
      Php 35.00/person – overnight

      Tent Fees
      Php 50.00 – Pitching fee per tent if you’re bringing your own.
      Php 300.00 – Tent rentals (2-3 persons)

      Beach House (The Red House) Rental
      Php 1,500.00 – Porch with Sink and Toilet
      Php 5,000 .00- Whole house excluding air-con room (4)
      Php 7,000 .00- Whole house including air-con room (5)
      Php 200.00 – Extra Mattress (single)
      Php 300.00 – Extra Mattress (twin)

      CONTACT Teody Villaflor – 0920 924 6102

      Real is one of my favorite destinations since it’s cheap, and if you’re looking for a small getaway not far from Manila, this coastal town in the east could be a weekend warrior’s “barat” adventure.

      I was there recently and drove from Cainta to Real for approximately 2.5 hours on an easy drive without stopover. Where are you coming from? If you’re coming from Manila, it would probably take you 4 hours including the traffic if you’re traveling in midday and commuting.

      Personally, The Pacific Recreation Kamp (PaRK) is the best place to stay if you’re looking for an outdoor experience which is safe. You can set base camp there and just take tricycles to your destination, or maybe you can ask the owner if he can arrange a tricycle to Balagbag. By the way, I included the owner’s number, Sir Teody Villaflor, he’s a nice guy and would give you more information about his place. If ever you get in touch with him, tell him you got his number from my blog, Biyaherong Barat, or Jed Rosell, and say “hi” na din.

      They have surf boards for rent, however, the last time I was in Real, there were no waves, I was eager to learn pa naman. You might want to try their stand up paddle boards. There are lots of activities in Real, and I hope you enjoy your trip.

      Share us your experience when you get back. Have a nice trip and be safe.

  18. Thank you. 🙂 Will surely update you how was our stay there as soon as I got back in Manila. Anyways, still waiting for the 15th though. 😀 With all those exciting information you fed my li’l curious brain, I now couldn’t wait for that day to come! Ahahaha! Last question, can we camp by the beach? And should we expect loads of campers/guests at The PaRK or in those beaches we talked about? Big, big thanks!!!

    • Camp at the beach? Hmmm. I haven’t tried. I think it’s ok since nobody owns it, but there are no trees or shade by the beach so it could get quite hot during the day.

      The only time I saw Real crowded was during the Holy Week last 2011, but most of the time (I’ve been there), there were only few people.

      No problem. I’m really glad to help. Have a great day. =)

  19. “This is my calling. I am born to move.” – i super like this…the pics look really great, how much more if i see the place myself…i agree , if ur after the fun & good view it doesn’t have to be somewhere far or via air…i hope to visit the PaRk real soon, it’s a budget escapade no reason it cannot be in the list of my destinations. Any idea how much is rent for a jeep coming from MArikina?

    • Hi Chi,

      Thank you very much for visiting my blog. Real is a very beautiful place and deserves a spot in the must-visit list, and yes, going thee is really cheap, especially if you’re the outdoors type of person.

      I think we got the jeep for P6,000.00 for an overnight trip to Real. You could probably get a much cheaper deal, I think 6,000 is too expensive because a van’s rate cost P7,000.00 including gas. But it ups to you. When are you planning to visit Real?

      Share with us some stories when you visit the place. Once again, thank you very much. Have a great day and be safe on your journeys.

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  22. Hi!

    The pictures and description in this blog are great. I’m visiting in December from California. I saw in your comments that there were no waves during your visit. Do you know when the ideal season is to surf here? I like smaller 2-4 foot waves the best. This will be the closest place for me to surf from Manila, but I was also considering La Union if December is not an ideal time for me to go to the Park.


    • Hello Altara,

      You’re in luck, because the surf season is coming. It usually starts from October until February, and occasional swells the rest of the year. I’m not a surfer, though, but I still try to learn every time I go there.

      I think calling them days before your visit would keep you posted with the waves.

      Thanks for dropping by, Altara. Just message me here if you need help. Have a great day.

      You might want to check out my other post about Real, Quezon.

      • Just keep surfing as often as possible, but as long as you have fun while you’re out there…that’s all that matters. Awesome, thank you for your info. Surfing in the Philippines is on my bucket list and I’m so looking forward to it.

  23. nice pics naghahanap po ako beach resort na matatravel lang by land this holy week lagi kasi kami sa laiya, batangas gusto ko sana sa iba nman we’re living here at paranaque how many hours po travel to the park? madali lang ba mahanap place? would you recommend the place may mga kids kami kasama ages 4-7y.o? both kids and adults ba mageenjoy? planning to stay 3D/2N…may activities ba pwede gawin like island hopping? thank you much hoping for your help Mr. Biyahero…

    • Hi Maricel,

      Thank you very much.

      From Paranaque, siguro nasa 3 hours po ang travel time yata, kase I’m from Cainta, nakukuha namin less than 3, umaalis kami ng mga 4 kadalasan. Pumunta na kami dun before with kids and babies, ok naman po, pero sa shore lang. You could go surfing, stand up paddle board, or you could go to Balagbag Falls.

      Siguro po best na matawagan niyo sila to make reservations dun sa rooms kase medyo marami ding pumupunta pag Holy Week.

      Thank you po and have fun. =)

  24. Whoa. This looks awesome!! I’ve always wondered what significant places can be reached on Luzon’s eastern coast.

    Btw, to return to Manila, where are the Raymond- and other bus lines’ terminals located in Quezon? Are there stations or stopovers in Infanta and Real? How long will it take if we ride a bus? 😀

  25. ask qho lang p0h pwde p0h bng mgpareserve ng tent blak kc naming pumunta this hollyweek,actually 2nd time n naming ppunta dyan,last year kc medyo hussle nagkaubsan ng tent eh may mga bta p naman kming ksama tska overnight p, i hope you reply this message thank you and m0re p0wer…

  26. i have been in the park maybe around 3 to 4 times na. that was when it was not yet destroyed by typhoon that caused many people died esp. in tignoan. nung bumalik kami para magswimming nawala ang ganda niya lalo na ung ilog. buti na lang may biyaherong barat nakita kong mas gumanda pa ito lalo. planong mag-overnight swimming ng clan namin this last week of april. ang worry ko lang baka hindi kami maaccomodate dahil almost 50 kami katao. payag kaya sila kung walk in lang kami at wala nang reservation?

    • Hi Bianang,

      Siguro best option po if you could give them a heads up since big group po kayo. And baka you want tomake reservations dun sa isang bahay nila, pwede rin yun for big groups =)

  27. Before reaching the fork road or the kamp, if you have extra day to spare, visit Real’s own version of hidden falls, the Tipuan Falls! The jumpoff point to this majestic falls is at Km. 21, Brgy Llavac, Real. A day hike and a couple of hours of visit to this beautiful gift of nature will surely feed your hunger for everything natural. Trivia: there was a sighting of iguana around the area, which will make the visit more exciting! Real, Quezon surely is one of the best and nearest destinations for the urban dwellers!

  28. Before reaching the fork road or the Kamp, if you have extra day to spare, visit Real’s own version of hidden falls, the Tipuan Falls! The jumpoff point to this majestic falls is at Km. 21, Brgy Llavac, Real. A day hike and a couple of hours of visit to this beautiful gift of nature will surely feed your hunger for everything natural. Trivia: there was a sighting of iguana around the area, which will make the visit more exciting! Real, Quezon surely is one of the best and nearest destinations for the urban dwellers!

  29. CONTACT Teody Villaflor – 0920 924 6102. NUmber of Mr. Teody still updated? Thanks. Planning to go to Real this coming November. Salamat!

  30. so excited.. 🙂 will be going there tomoro with my co-mountaineers. ‘Beacheneering’ naman muna ngayon.. thanks for sharing this Mr. Blogger … surfing boooard just wait for meeee em comin’ !!!! 😀

  31. Hello! Will check out Real this weekend thanks to your great blog post! Wondering if you arrange travel packages for other people to join in as well? Thanks!

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  33. Hi sir good day..
    Ask kolang if mag oovernigth kme wla kame tent pwede ba dun lang sa cottage mag stay pag wlang tent at nd nman kame kukuha ng pwede rin ba magluto sa park like sinaing inihaw at ulam bsta foods thanks…

  34. Masyado namang processed yung mga picture.. Hindi mo alam kung ano talaga itsura kung totoong maganda o hindi..

  35. Sir ask ko lng po if ever n magluto kme dun meron bng rentahan ng utensils like Kaldero, Ask ko lng dn po overnight stay is 50 tpos s umga 35 so total nun po b is 85 pesos the whole day? At tska po alam nyo po b pde sakyan from siniloan famy to real? Tga antipolo kc kme ggawin namen is TANAY JEEP TO SINILOAN JEEP tpos after po nun anu ng sasakyan namen? Kaya bang lakarin ang palengke or real fish port to the KAMP… Dami ko tanung kc po ako magoorganize this holyweek n eh…Nkaka pag message lng me ke sir teody thru mail eh.. Mas ok parin mag tanung s eskpertong kagaya mu na….. Active pb ung number ni sir teody thanks a lot please help

  36. I’m glad to see Real, Quezon (a town I frequented as a kid back in the late 1990s and early 2000s thanks to a fishpond my family used to own there) is getting recognition. I just hope it doesn’t become a Boracay (or Kuta or Patong) type of tourist trap – leave those traits to those places if you ask me. I would hope the area would be more like San Juan, La Union or Palawan in terms of the way it’s managed if/when it gets more popular. 🙂

  37. hello po, i love your blog! isang sahm (stay-at-home mom) po ako with 2 girls aged 4 and 6 yrs old. do u think it’s safe for me to stay overnight there with my kids on our own without their dad? are the comfort rooms clean enough? thanks!

  38. Sa tingin nyo operational pa ang The PaRK? We’re trying to set an outing kasi ng tropa.. And this caught my attention. Nice blog :]

  39. ask ko lang po may bus station ba malapit sa realor ungos port? planning to go to jomalig din kasi after mag punta sa The park and balgbag falls. by the way mag bike lang po ako papuntang The PaRK and balagbag falls and going to ungos port tapos pauwi po sana isasakay ko na lang sa bus yung bike. maraming salamat po.

  40. Hello,
    I really like your blog and i am very excited to get to the park the next days, but i am a bit worried about the recent typhoon, because i don’t know hard it hit real and i can not reach someone from the park to make sure its still possible to go there. I hope you can get some more information for me… thanks

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