Mauban, Quezon: Bad Weather On Our First Cagbalete Island Vacation

Cagbalete Island Quezon province mauban

Laguna was the farthest Luzon province I’ve reached down South until my eagerness and curiosity of the Quezon Province became a reality. Maps are marked, bags are packed, and we’re off to a small coastal town situated East of the province known as Mauban where we will leave the vehicles before we set our sights and sail (in our case, a big bangka with katigs) towards Island of Cagbalete. (You may skip this boring part if you like and read more about the place)

Our Stormy First Visit To Cagbalete Island

Occassional drizzles sprayed the windshields of our vehicles as we passed by towns of Laguna around 5:00 AM. Rain poured, and it poured hard, when we arrived at Mauban indicating a “no go” signal for sea travelling. Lech Gau, a small eatery of the Pansacola’s located on the main road of the town, was our last stop where we waited for the rain to subside, but it never did. Ferry trips to and from the island were cancelled, and the Mauban coast guard forbids anyone to voyage to sea for boats had capsized earlier.

Mauban Quezon ProvinceRainy morning in Mauban.

My hopes sank as we discussed postponing the Cagbalete trip and begin looking for alternatives. On the contrary, we just had a long journey and it would be wasted if we cancel the whole trip. Nope, there’s no turning back now.

Adventurous, young, and stupid, my friends and I went by the docks looking for someone to take us to the island, but even the big boats turned us down. A man approached us and offered us a ride to the island for a larger price, but we had no choice. Rumors, according to locals, our boatmen were smugglers who brave the seas amidst  huge waves, and unforgiving rains, and we just stepped into their world.

Visibility was still low, and waves rose higher as our the boat’s engined roared surpassing the surf. The supposedly 45-minute boat ride turned to hours and the horror that happened to the travelers earlier started to take over my imagination. Waves were wild, and we felt the boat rise with the wave and drop back to the sea. Rain drops seemed like needles piercing a thousand stings every second. My imagination created pictures of horror, and my heart started beating faster for the boat felt like it’s about to follow the footsteps of the earlier vessels.

Mauban Port Quezon ProvinceNon-operational  part of the Mauban Port (different day)

All of a sudden, the mist cleared revealing the silhouette of the island from the horizon, and sooner than we expected, the boat touched the fine white sand. But our endeavor was far from over. Since the tide was low, we walked our way towards the beach about a quarter kilometer carrying heavy packs and supplies, and finally after a few round trips to the boat, everyone was ashore. The trip was finally over. Luckily, we did not have to undergo the same unpleasant situation.

Owner, Mr. Rommel Pansacola, greeted us upon arrival, toured us around the resort, and showed us the cottage we requested. While the rain was at its calm, we took advantage to pitch our tents, and cook food. The weather, though not that sunny, suddenly became pretty fair during that time so we had some good time playing football in the soft white sand, and swam in the clear blue waters.

CG Guerta and Malai Cadimas in Cagbalete IslandStormy day waves in Cagbalete Island in front of Pansacola Resort.

playing beach football in Cagbalete Island QuezonWarming up.

beach football in Quezon ProvinceRugby match between La Salle Canlubang and Marist boys.

Fine Weather On Our Second Visit

On another occasion, luck was on my side and I experienced Cagbalete during the summer where the water is as clear as crystal, as blue as the sea of Boracay, and the sand is as white as snow (no, that was exaggeration but sand is somehow white). Early in the morning, and about 4:00 in the afternoon, the tides drop down creating a sand bar up to approximately a kilometer.

Cagbalete Island Mauban QuezonEarly morning in Cagbalete Island

Sand bar in Cagbalete Island Mauban QuezonSand bar stretching a kilometer.

sunset in Mauban Quezon Province PhilippinesLow tide in Cagbalete Island

Cagbalete Island Quezon Province MaubanTide beginning to rise.

Though Mr. Pansacola was not around during our second visit, people were still hospitable and whole-heartedly welcomed us to the resort. Rooms, nipa huts, and a tree house which can accommodate up to 1-20 persons per room are available for a low price ranging from P1,000.00-P4,000.00. Every room comes with beds, pillows, blankets, mattresses, and electric fans. Meals upon arrangements can be served for a minimum price. All you have to do is to relax, enjoy the view, and have fun.

Huts in Pansacola Resort Cagbalete Island Quezon ProvincePansacola Resort’s hut in Cagbalete Island.

Camping in Pansacola Beach Resort tents Quezon ProvinceTents for rent.

Cagbalete Island Pansacola Beach ResortTables and chairs made from wood.

Mauban, Quezon, now, is more accessibles since Jac Liner Buses have direct trips to the town on board their wifi buses. Unlike before, travelers have to go to Lucena and ride a van or shuttle going to Mauban. On the other hand, if your bringing your own vehicle, you can use the National Highway route, the Los Banos-San Pablo-Lucena route, or the Rizal area route. Upon reaching Mauban, there are ferry boats going to and from the island twice a day, or you can make arrangements with Pansacola Resort to provide a boat which can accommodate 10-20 persons.

White sand and clear water in Cagbalete Island QuezonWater so clear.

boating in Cagbalete IslandBoating in Cagbalete Island.

boat sunset in Cagbalete IslandA beam of light peep through the thick clouds.

If you are a traveler looking for an overnight weekend getaway, Cagbalete Island makes it to the “A” list since the place is only a few hours drive from Manila, and boasts of a beach comparable to those well-known beaches in the country. Unlike Boracay, the place is serene, and quiet, a perfect place where you can relax and escape from the busy environment in Manila without going far from home.


Now here are some fast facts which may be of help on your trip:

1.Go during the summer months. It is not advisable to go during the rainy season unless you want to face 5-10 feet waves and zero visibility.

2. I haven’t tried the Jac Liner bus to Mauban but it would probably cost you around P200.00-P300.00 or as usual better call the terminal for updated rate. And by the way, Jac Liner is one of my favorite buses because it has clean and comfortable 2-seater per side coach, on board movie, cool air-conditioning, and WIFI ON BOARD!
Buendia Terminal – (02) 4042073

3. Routes going to Cagbalete if you’re bringing a private vehicle.
a. SLEX – Sto. Tomas – San Pablo – Sariaya – Tayabas – Mauban
b. SLEX – Calamba Exit – Los Banos – San Pablo – Sariaya – Tayabas – Mauban
c. Antipolo – Teresa – Morong – Sta. Maria – Fami – Siniloan – Paete – Lumban – Pagsanjan – Cavinti – Lusiana – Lucban –             Sampaloc – Mauban (passing by these route offers a scenic view of Rizal and Laguna’s rural area)

4. Ferry Schedule: P40.00 per head
Mauban Port – Cagbalete Island: 10:00 AM and 3:30 PM
Cagbalete Island – Mauban Port: 7:30 AM and 1:00 PM

Be there an hour before just to make sure the boat won’t leave you or you’re gonna wait 5 long hours or probably the next     day for the next boat.

5. Pansacola offers private boats to take you to and from the island

P4,000.00/ two-way and maximum capacity of 20 persons
P 3,500.00/ two way and maximum capacity of 10 persons

6. Pansacola Resort room rates.

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22 thoughts on “Mauban, Quezon: Bad Weather On Our First Cagbalete Island Vacation

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  2. hi these travel review was very helpful and awesome. im from laguna and i’ve just heard cagbalete island from a friend. so yeah.. i love travelling too. im planning to go there this coming summer. i’ve been browsing travel maps and reviews about cagbalete and i dig this blog post of yours, as a very helpful write up! im very excited to see the island!

    p.s. nice pictures anyway!

    • Hi Oren. Thank you very much Oren. I am so glad I was able to help. I used to live in Laguna when I was studying. Yes, ummer is the best time to visit. Where in Cagbalete Island are you planning to stay?

  3. Ok, orayt, ok, orayt. This is a must-see island. Akala ko ang Mauban is only Mauban. And I used to think of it as “nice people”-infested-town. But that was then I believe. So may hidden beauty pala dito — right in the Pacific! Excited na ko. This is well informative.

    • Thank you, Mr. Elmer. I’m glad I was able to help and entice you of visiting to Cagbalete Island. It is one of my favorite beach destinations near Manila.

      Enjoy and have a safe trip. Kuwentuhan niyo po kami ng biyahe niyo. Thank you once again. =)

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